Bendis: Marvel Has "Officially Greenlit" "Spider-Men" Sequel

Answering a question that has been bouncing around fans' minds since the first miniseries concluded, Brian Michael Bendis has announced on his Tumblr that the universe-spanning sequel for "Spider-Men" has been "officially greenlit" by Marvel Comics.

Bendis Teases "Spider-Men" 2

Debuting in June 2012, Bendis and Sara Pichelli's "Spider-Men" was the writer's first time writing the 616 Peter Parker in a full-on Spider-Man story. The first crossover between the Marvel Universe-proper and the Ultimate Universe was both a sales and critical hit, with each issue of the mini garnering no less than 4.5 stars from the CBR Reviews staff.

When reached for further information about the series, scheduling or artist, Marvel Comics had no comment.

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