Bendis Hasn’t Given Up Hope on a DC/Marvel Crossover


At an Emerald City Comic Con spotlight panel for revered comics creator Brian Michael Bendis, the author addressed the possibility of a Marvel-DC crossover in the wake of his landmark move from Marvel to DC as a writer.

At the panel a fan asked if Bendis’ move from Marvel to DC has increased the chances of a new DC/Marvel crossover. “I’ve wanted to get a Batman/Daredevil crossover going since 2002,” Bendis replied. “If this massive move of my career was trying to get that to happen -- it’s pretty badass of me.” But he made it clear there was no crossover on the horizon.

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“Should there be one? Absolutely. Do I want to do it? Absolutely.” Bendis said he’d want it to span from “Hell’s Kitchen to Gotham to the Fourth World to the Guardians of the Galaxy.” The DC Universe and the Marvel Universe have “never been more different than right now,” Bendis said, making now an ideal time for such a story. But it comes down to Disney and Warner Bros., he explained, and right now there’s “nothing in it for them” -- but who knows what could happen in the future.

Get all the details from Bendis’ ECCC spotlight panel here.

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