Bendis & Maleev's "Moon Knight" Ends with Issue #12

Bad news for Moon Knight fans -- it looks like Marvel Comics' recently launched "Moon Knight" written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev is scheduled to end with Issue #12. According to the Official Moon Knight Thread on Bendis' Jinxworld Forum, the cancellation news came from an early look at Marvel's April solicitations. The news has been confirmed by Bendis in a post on the forum.

"I look at it as a 12 issue maxi series that kicked incredible ass!" Bendis said in his post. "Which was what me and Alex were hired to do. I do wish it had sold better and I do wish it was continuing with another team. But I wish that about every comic on Earth. But I am grateful we got to do our entire 12 issues. When you get to 12 you'll see we got to tell our entire story uninterrupted with is very nice. And for you guys that supported it, you'll have a nice whole thing. As for me and Alex, back to 'Scarlet!'"

"It was not a mini series. I was being coy. Alex and I signed on for the year," Bendis continued in a later post. "But what it costs to keep me and Alex on a book, it was clear that was all they would need from us. I hoped it would keep going with some new talent or something, but it isn't. Sad face. Very proud of the book. You're going to get a big story out of it."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more news on "Moon Knight's" cancellation.

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