Legion of Super-Heroes Artwork May Reveal New Look at Mystery Woman

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed a new look at interior art by Jeff Dekal for the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium.

The artwork features a mysterious woman in a spacesuit flying away from a planet that could possibly be Earth. Roses can be seen stenciled on the woman's helmet, with rose petals caught in a stream of pinkish-red light. Dekal is slated to illustrate a DC “off-world” chapter of the miniseries.

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"For Legion of [Super-Heroes]: Millennium Very accomplished cover artist @jeffdekal graced us with his first interior work," Bendis wrote on Instagram. "He made something very special. Can’t wait for you to see what every artist did! #legionofsuperheroes #legionofsuperheroesmillennium #longlivethelegion #whoisthatspaceperson #preorder"

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Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium follows one main character, someone Bendis says is very familiar to DC fans who has found herself newly endowed with immortality. As the character learns to cope with her situation, she -- and readers -- will travel across a thousand years into the DC Universe's future, bringing what were once disparate continuities all into a single timeline that leads to the Legion's era and new title.

It certainly looks like the unnamed woman in the spacesuit is the main character of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium. However, she could also be the split personality character Rose and Thorn, given the rose on the helmet and the petals in the image.

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Bendis recently brought Rose and Thorn back in Action Comics #1013, and a woman who looks similar to her appeared in Dustin Nguyen's Batman Beyond preview art for Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 lands in stores Wednesday, Sept. 18; Issue #2 arrives on Oct. 2.

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