Bendis Gives "Scarlet" Update, Promises Conclusion Is On The Way

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev have teamed up on a number of high-profile Marvel books, including "Moon Knight," "Spider-Woman" and a long-running stint on "Daredevil." The pair will soon team up again for "International Iron Man," the second all-new, all-different ongoing series starring Tony Stark. But Bendis has a message for fans worried that working on "International Iron Man" will delay Bendis and Maleev's creator-owned book "Scarlet."

In an interview with CBR News, the writer spoke about "Scarlet's" status. "Alex is wrapping up issue #10 right now," said Bendis. "Issues #8-9 are completely drawn and painted. #10 is the end of book two. When #10 is done, I will solicit #8-10. While that's happening, 'Iron Man' will be in production.

"He's almost done, and he loves the book," continued Bendis, speaking of Maleev. "It's a very personal book to us, and it's also very hard to do. It's more close to the real world than the other stuff we do. So to get in there is a little harder for him. I completely understand that. I know some people are like, 'It's a comic book -- just draw the thing.' No, it's art, and art can take it's toll on people."

Bendis also spoke about the desire to finish "Scarlet" and not let down fans, and how "International Iron Man" motivated them to make it happen.

"I told [Alex], 'We have to finish the second book of 'Scarlet' before we do 'Iron Man.' We cannot work on anything else together until you finish 'Scarlet.' Yeah, of course you can do your 'Star Wars' book and your 'Hellboy' book and people won't be as mad, but if you and I worked on something that isn't 'Scarlet' after promising 'Scarlet,' we'll get the shit kicked out of us. And they would be right!'

"I would be mad at us. As a fan, I'd be like, 'What the hell?' You're talking to a guy who every time I see Jim Lee, I'm like, 'You mean we're not getting a second issue of 'Wildcats' By Grant Morrison? That's not happening?' So I told Alex, let's get back on it. We've got a lot of very good news surrounding 'Scarlet' that will be coming soon. Like, really good news!"

Stay tuned to CBR for the full interview with Brian Michael Bendis, arriving later today. "International Iron Man" from Bendis and Maleev debuts in March 2016.

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