Bendis Shares First Look at Nick Derington's Art for 12-Part Batman Story

Brian Michael Bendis has shared a first look at Nick Derington's artwork for their 12-part Batman story in the DC Comics Walmart exclusive, Batman Giant.

In a post to his Twitter account, Bendis exclusively revealed Derington would be illustrating the year-long series, while also teasing guest stars including the Green Arrow. "The fact that @NickDerington is drawing the Batman story was accidentally omitted from the press release, so this is a @DCComics news exclusive!! Walmart! Batman: universe! 12 parts! Me and Derington! and tons of guest stars! including Green Arrow!"

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Batman Giant #3 will launch the “Universe” story arc, while also marking Bendis’ debut on the Caped Crusader as a run-in with the Riddler sends Batman on a mystery that spans the globe.

Beginning in July, at more than 3,000 participating Wal-Mart stores across the nation, readers will be able to pick up four “giant” monthly comics, including Superman Giant, Justice League of America Giant, Batman Giant and Teen Titans Giant. Then, starting in August, Superman and JLA will begin arriving in select Wal-Mart locations on a monthly basis, with Batman and Teen Titans following suit two weeks later. Also, the comics will be priced at $4.99 and clock in at 100 pages in length.

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