Bendis, Deodato Launch "Guardians Of Knowhere" During "Secret Wars"

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the latest series set to launch during Marvel's upcoming massive "Secret Wars" event. "Guardians of Knowhere," the new series from current "Guardians of the Galaxy" writer Brian Michael Bendis and "Avengers" artist Mike Deodato, won't take place on Battleworld like the rest of the newly announced series. Instead, the new series will take place on the moon orbiting the patchwork planet -- a little place called Knowhere.

The location, an outpost for intergalactic criminals and rabble-rousers nestled in the head of a dead Celestial being, made a big splash last summer when it hosted the second act of Marvel's blockbuster "Guardians of the Galaxy" film. The Marvel Comics version of the Guardians will be heading there once again after the inciting incident of "Secret Wars" robs the ragtag team of a galaxy to guard. Once on Knowere, the team will have to unravel the mystery surrounding a dangerous new foe.

"We're gonna open up on a mystery in Knowhere," Bendis told EW in the announcement interview. "And that mystery is going to open up a lot of stuff -- including a new villain. Characters a lot of people have been asking for will show up, and by the end of the series, you're going to see a status quo change that I think people are going to be very excited about." Bendis noted that Gamora and Drax, two characters familiar with danger, will play a key role in the series.

The writer also spoke to his decision to set the new series on Knowhere. "When I hear my kids or my kids' friends talk about it, they talk about it the way we used to talk about Mos Eisley," said Bendis, referencing the seedy "Star Wars" locale. "Remember, before the special edition, you didn't really see any Mos Eisley, you heard them talking about the scum and villainy [and you thought], 'I want to go where the scum and villainy is!' And it's the same mindset, and very exciting to present a modern version of that to all the people that love the Guardians so much."

Bendis also spoke to the risky nature of "Secret Wars" and the fears fans feel for their favorite characters as they head into this uncertain event. "Yes, it's very scary -- what will the Marvel Universe be when this is all done?" said Bendis. "The best series that are being done during this -- and all the ones that I'm attempting -- are going to bring something into the Marvel Universe that wasn't there before. And this one will absolutely be doing that. There will be a fundamental change in the Guardians coming out of 'Secret Wars' that I think is going to [lead to] a nice conversation for people to have afterwards."

"Guardians of Knowhere" hits stands on June 17.

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