Bendis Teases #DCMillennium with Batman Beyond

After teasing both the Legion of Super-Heroes and OMAC for the enigmatic #DCMillennium, writer Brian Michael Bendis showcases another popular DC hero for the upcoming event: Batman Beyond.

Uploaded to Bendis' Instagram, the teaser features a four-panel page where the Tomorrow Knight heads towards a mysterious woman, before she touches a metal orb to his chest. Batman Beyond then stops dead in his tracks and falls to the ground as two men in the background watch.

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While the page features no dialogue, it doesn't exactly bode good news for Batman Beyond, given how easily he was taken down. And much like the earlier OMAC tease, the upload features the cryptic date of June 13.

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Whatever the event's storyline is, it seems to be big enough to bring in the Legion of Super-Heroes, OMAC and Batman Beyond, indicating that the event may have something to do with the DC Universe's future and the heroes of those eras. If Batman Beyond's defeat is any indication, this fight may not be one to be taken lightly.

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Bendis' upcoming title, Event Leviathan # 1, with art from his Daredevil and Moon Knight collaborator Alex Maleev, is set to be released on Wednesday, June 12.

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