Bendis' Latest #DCMillennium Tease Involves Superman's Death

After some cryptic teases involving the Legion of Super-Heroes, OMAC and Batman Beyond, writer Brian Michael Bendis gives fans another hint about the mysterious #DCMillennium hashtag -- and this one involves the death of Superman.

Uploaded to Bendis' Instagram account, the tease, by artist Andrea Sorrentino, features two characters -- one of whom looks like a monkey, the other perhaps Lois Lane -- standing before a sea of smoking lava, the remains of a city in the background.

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But what really draws readers' eyes is Superman's famous costume, strung up like a macabre scarecrow, the cape flowing in the wind and the famous "S" logo front and center.

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Much like the Batman Beyond teaser, the image doesn't hint at good things for Superman. And while Superman is no stranger to death--having famously died and come back in the "Death of Superman" trilogy--, whatever caused the event may have been too much for even Superman himself to handle, leading to another death.

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Brian Michael Bendis' next major DC title, Event Leviathan # 1, with art from Alex Maleev, is set for release on Wednesday, June 12.

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