Bendis Hints at OMAC, Legion of Super-Heroes & More in 2019

DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has released images teasing significant things that will be released in 2019.

Although the writer’s tradition of tantalizing images of upcoming projects promises the teasers "are meant to delight and frustrate," there is more than enough to dissect and analyze. Among the images, we see a Bruce Timm-style Batman Beyond, a Gal Gadot-esque Wonder Woman, an abandoned Superman outfit, a Superman under examination and a Batman standing next to the Bat-Signal in Gotham. Considering Batman’s relationship with Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD is non-existent now, this may suggest that long-standing partnership is repaired and put back in action. The other Superman appears to be Superman’s son Jonathan Kent, who returned to Earth after time spent with his mother Lois Lane and his grandfather Mr. Oz, older and with a possible new costume. Whether this is Jonathan Kent or the possible return of Conner Kent, who will appear in the upcoming Young Justice, has yet to be confirmed.

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Also included in the images are the Thorn, the superhero OMAC, the future hero Kamandi and the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 31st Century. Thorn appeared in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #105, the image featured in the slideshow, as Rhosyn “Rose” Forrest. The daughter of a murdered Metropolis policeman, Rose suffers from multiple personality disorder, which manifested in her Thorn persona, a skilled vigilante who occasionally worked with such DC heroes as Superman or Green Arrow when her brutal methods allowed such collaboration. OMAC, also known as the One-Man Army Corps, was created by Jack Kirby to be the alter-ego of Buddy Blank, who transforms into the superhero by remote control initiated by an A.I satellite called Brother Eye. OMAC uses his super-strength, speed, durability and energy powers in the employ of the Global Peace Agency in a near future society.

The abandoned Superman suit is a close up image from Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29. Another character created by Jack Kirby, Kamandi is a young hero from a post-apocalyptic future where humans are a minority in a world ruled by evolved, highly intelligent animals. The helmeted reflection could be a reference to the containment suit worn by the superhero Wildfire, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who wore the suit to contain the unstable anti-energy that composed his body. The character reflected in the image may be his fellow Legionnaire Polar Boy, which suggests the long-awaited return of the famous super-team, especially with the outline of the black-and-yellow symbol of the Legion found on their famous flight rings. The second to last image may be a new character, but the use of the pen in his right hand has created speculation that it might have a connection to JSA heroes Johnny and Jakeem Thunder. Both heroes kept their mythical, wish-granting Thunderbolt in a pen. With the presence of Saturn Girl and Johnny Thunder in the current series Doomsday Clock, which concludes this year, the characters may be laying the groundwork for both teams' first proper appearance since the New 52.

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At this time, nothing has been confirmed, but one thing is certain: 2019 will be quite an exciting year for DC Comics.

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