Bendis Says Writing the DC Universe Is 'Completely Different' From Marvel


Writer Brian Michael Bendis worked for more than 18 years at Marvel Comics, where he co-created such characters as Miles Morales and Jessica Jones and penned lengthy runs of Ultimate Spider-Man and the Avengers titles. After all of that time, one would expect his big move to DC requires a period of adjustment. But surely the two superhero universes must share similarities, right?

"Not many," he admitted in a lengthy interview with CBR. "I gotta tell you."

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"I’m six months deep into it now," continued DC's new Superman writer. "As a co-author, I can tell you, DC the company does everything differently than Marvel does, including pay vouchers, to produce the same, final product. As a craft junkie, I’m obsessed with this. I love it. And there are some things that Marvel did that were a little better, and some things DC does a little better. It’s not a critique or a criticism, it’s just, they do things differently. How they all relate to each other is different. And I’m fascinated by it."

However, Bendis noted the differences aren't restricted to matters of process

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"From that, all the way to the energy of the shared universe — working on the Marvel shared universe is completely different than working in the shared universe at DC, and you’ll have to ask me a year from now how, because I can’t even wrap my head around what’s different," he added. "I was thinking, if I was writing the Star Wars universe or the Westworld universe, it would feel as different to me, I guess. The story and the characters demand a different type of different energy and a different type of mindset from me, and that is fascinating."

Bendis made his DC debut with a story in Action Comics #1000, to be followed next week with the launch of the Man of Steel six-issue weekly miniseries, and then in July with runs on Action Comics and Superman.

Bendis is working on a host of Superman stories for DC, including Man of Steel, a six issue weekly miniseries.

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