NYCC: DC Announces Bendis-Curated Imprint, Wonder Comics

After months of speculation, DC Comics has finally revealed the focus and name of Brian Michael Bendis' upcoming imprint at New York Comic Con.

Wonder Comics is the umbrella under which Bendis will oversee new comics starring some of DC's most popular young heroes, as well as a few new faces. Included in the image accompanying the announcement are the Wonder Twins, Impulse, Conner Kent/Superboy, Dial H for Hero and many more.

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“These characters mean a lot to each other personally. Some of them not in this continuity, so they’re gonna meet each other for the first time,” Bendis told the audience during Jim Lee and Dan DiDio's first DC panel at NYCC 2018. He then joked about how he’s been excited about bringing Conner Kent back for quite some time.

“People have been asking for them over and over again,” DiDio added. “But we don’t want to bring them back and have nothing to do with them. It wasn’t until Brian came back and said he wanted to do Young Justice that we decided it was time to bring them back.”

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The accompanying artwork indicates this is the original Young Justice team, so it remains unclear whether this is an in-continuity title, or an out of continuity story. While the former seems likely, it's possible the team will be reintroduced to the DC Universe via Rebirth's continuing shockwaves.

“These characters really love each other,” Bendis said. “We’re also introducing a new character named Ginny Hex, the great, great, great, great, granddaughter of Jonah Hex. She’ll debut in the next Wal-Mart Batman.”

Bendis also said he’d be introducing Teen Lantern as a part of the new Young Justice team's lineup. The series is slated to debut in January.

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