Bendis and Quinones "Survive" For Marvel In March One-Shot

Marvel Comics' March 2014 Solicitations on-sale checklist for March 26, 2014 contained an entry for "Survive!" #1, though no solicitation information was initially available. CBR News has confirmed with Marvel that "Survive" #1 is a one-shot by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Joe Quinones and a cover by Olivier Coipel. While the publisher declined to provide further details about the comic, Bendis' involvement suggests the issue is either about the X-Men or (more likely given the secrecy) some kind of bookend or epilogue to current Ultimate Universe event "Cataclysm."

The title "Survive" could have any number of meanings, including that the Ultimate Universe as a whole survives "Cataclysm." However, with Miles Morales and Ultimate Reed Richards headed to the Marvel Universe to find a solution to stop Galactus, it's possible that -- should the Ultimate Universe fall -- some of the Ultimate characters could cross over into the 616. Should "Survive" prove to be an Ultimate Universe book, more will likely be revealed in the pages of "Cataclysm" and its tie-ins.

"Cataclysm" #3 hits stores January 8.

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