Bendis and Maleev Go Global With "International Iron Man"

Frequent collaborators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev will re-team for "International Iron Man," a globetrotting new Marvel Comics series that will be translated and published in more than 20 countries.

"Quite a few things have happened to him in his life over the last few years that are prime, choice cuts of yummy story to look into Tony's character in ways we haven't before," Bendis, who worked with Maleev on "Daredevil," "Spider-Woman" and "Moon Knight, " tells Entertainment Weekly, "including the fact that Tony was adopted, and we don't know who his biological parents are. He's going to find out this year, and in this brand new book, the quest for who he is and why he's wired the way he is - which is very unique and different - is something he's gonna face. We have some really great stories to tell about Tony."

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Bendis, who launched "Invincible Iron Man" in July with artist David Marquez, says that while the two series will share connective tissue, and one will be enhanced by the other, "I will not punish you for reading the one you want to read."

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"I think what people are gonna like and hopefully be surprised by is how different the Tony flavors can be, even coming out the same month," Bendis says.

He also teases that Doctor Doom, who already plays a role in "Invincible Iron Man," will continue to be "a big part of Tony's life."

"You never know where Dr. Doom's gonna show up," he says. "That's one of the best parts of Dr. Doom, especially a repentant, but still crazy arrogant, Dr. Doom."

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