Ben Templesmith's clothing line will reach out and grab you

If your sense of style lurks somewhere near the intersection of contemporary streetwear and deep-sea dread, Ben Templesmith's new Tentacle Rising collection may be just what you're looking for.

The artist's new clothing line has debuted with five pieces -- three dresses, leggings, and a T-shirt for women and men -- all featuring tentacle designs that have become Templesmith's signature.

"Have always wanted to do a bit of fashion stuff," he explained on Facebook. "I've seen some leggings for years and always thought most of the art tacked onto them was treated as non dedicated clip art. I wanted to finally make some tentacle leggings I'm not pained to see myself! And yup, next to tattoos, and buying original art, there's no higher compliment I take than someone wearing some of my art."


The clothes, which range in price from $48 to $80, can be preordered through Jan. 9 at 78Squid.com. They'll ship next month with an exclusive signed mini print from Templesmith.

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