Ben Oliver and little Lobo respond to redesign uproar: 'Wah'

Just when it seemed the debate had cooled surrounding Lobo's "new look," Frank Cho stepped into the fray with a classic interpretation of the character, accompanied by a word balloon that read, "Who's the ass that changed the costume and made me look like a ponce?"

Now Ben Oliver, who drew Justice League #23.3: Lobo, has poked back with an illustration of his own, sporting just one word: "Wah."

"Poor controversial little Lobo again," the artist tweeted with the drawing of what's indeed a little Lobo, complete with towering pompadour; he even made the image his Twitter icon. (It's worth noting that Kenneth Rocafort actually created the new design, which Cho said is "solid," even if he's "not sure it’s the right look for LOBO.")

Lobo writer Marguerite Bennett, who fended off a barrage of criticism last month following the debut of the radical redesign, gave the illustration her stamp of approval. "Awwww, Ben, you brighten my day," she tweeted this morning.

"Thought it only right to respond," Oliver wrote in reply. "And it was f***ing fun to do - as the kids say, EPIC WIN."

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