Ben McKenzie Says "Gotham" Fans Should Prepare for a "Kick Ass" Season 2

While "Gotham" is a hit for Fox, as evidenced by the show's renewal for the upcoming Season 2, even most die hard fans of the pre-Batman series will admit that the show's first season was a bit uneven at times. Among those who believe that the series could -- and will -- do better is star Ben McKenzie, who portrays Detective Jim Gordon.

"I think we made a mistake relatively early on in trying to introduce a villain and take care of that villain in one episode: catch them, send them to Arkham, do whatever," McKenzie tells Entertainment Weekly. "That was just a mistake. We should've never done it."

"Gotham's" McKenzie Talks Jim Gordon's Dark Turn, Season 2 Shakeups

Pointing to the show's somewhat erratic airing schedule, which saw more than one mini-break from airing new episodes, as another issue, McKenzie is quick to add that he believes everyone involved has learned from the freshman season's rockiness. And because of that, the star feels the upcoming villain-centric season will outshine the first.

"The audience really wants to understand who these people are and live with them, sit with them and enjoy them," says McKenzie. "Whether they're evil or good, they are entertaining. So that's what we're doing in season 2. [It's] really kick ass. I think it's exactly what the fans want to see."

"Gotham" returns Monday, September 21 at 8PM ET on Fox.

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