Ben Kingsley Wants to Execute a New Mandarin Twist

Following his turns in Iron Man 3 and the Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King, Ben Kingsley wants one more run at Trevor Slattery, the alcoholic actor once believed to be the villainous Mandarin. In fact, he even has a twist in mind should the studio knock on his door again: Trevor actually is the Mandarin.

"Has the Mandarin invented Trevor, or has Trevor invented the Mandarin? Which is which?" Kingsley proposed in an interview with IGN. "The Mandarin could be so supremely intelligent that he could have said, 'You know what? I'll invent this actor, and he will be my mask.' You know, which is which? Who's pulling the strings."

"Now, this is me just free-thinking here, but I would love to revisit that world," he continued. "But Trev, bless him, may have made an indelible mark on that world. So everyone might say, 'Is it Trev under there?' So they'd have to approach it quite carefully, and so would I, but I would love to go back to that world, yeah."

Kingsley's idea is an interesting one, but is it likely to transpire on the big screen? Even the Oscar winner knows the choice is entirely out of his hands, and "up to the powers that be to decide whether or not they'd want to introduce Trevor, whether or not they'd want to reintroduce the Mandarin."

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