Ben Kingsley Isn't Sure What Future Holds For His 'Iron Man 3' Character

Ben Kingsley's unusual take on The Mandarin lives on in the upcoming Marvel One-Shot "All Hail the King," which debuts later this month on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. The short follows Trevor Slattery after the events of Iron Man 3, featuring interviews with the eccentric actor as he serves out a prison sentence.

Will "All Hail the King" be the last time we see Kingsley in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? One way or the other, the actor can't say.

"I honestly don't know," Kingsley told The Huffington Post. "I know [Marvel is] keen to seeing how this film goes. They were all there at the screening that they kindly invited me to — all the guys, they love it. I honestly don't know. Trevor is so unpredictable anyway, I can't answer for him! He's mad — he's probably lying in a pool of blood and Guinness somewhere."

However Trevor's future shakes out, Kingsley credits the character's success to the fact that everyone surrounding Iron Man 3 was able to keep the "Mandarin reveal" a secret, including members of the press.

"It would have been a disaster," Kingsley said of an early revelation of Trevor's true identity. "Because the whole side of that film is that he is a real equal, opposite, formidable enemy to Tony. And you have to sustain that belief that that man could press a button and destroy the universe."

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