Ben Explains What To Expect From "Lighthearted" Lost Epilogue

The epilogue may have leaked last week, but Lost's Michael Emerson - AKA Ben, maybe the best character in the show - is here to tell fans who haven't seen it what to expect.

Talking to New York magazine's Vulture blog, Emerson called the epilogue " a very small, sweet dessert at the end of a very long meal," and added,

I thought it was such fun and so tasty and such a change of tone... I think that it gives us a sense that everything was maybe more lighthearted once Hurley took over. The power of a single person’s personality can have this great ripple effect and then everything is sweeter, everyone behaves a little better and there is more light and happiness. It does contain some more practical answers: “How did all that food keep arriving?” or, “What happened to so-and-so?” or, “We never got to see so-and-so in the finale, so what happened to them?” Not big answers, but some little answers.


He also said that he thought the show's controversial finale "was really a fine solution" that humanized the series, and didn't necessarily understand why some didn't like it:

It surprised me a bit because a lot of people who were unhappy had been misunderstanding the show for a long time, so why were they still watching it if they’d mixed up what they were seeing? But I guess that’s the deal: It works magically for all sorts of people at all different levels of understanding.

The Lost final season DVD is out August 24th.

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