Ben Caldwell now has a Tumblr

I've been a fan of Ben Caldwell since coming across his Action! Cartooning tutorial book many moons (OK, nine years) ago. I don't think he's yet to produce that one killer piece of work that will win over critics of his Wonder Woman strip in DC's Wednesday Comics, but I don't doubt he'll get there. I really don't think there's an artist in comics anywhere that has so successfully synthesized so many influences from so far into such an identifiable style of their own as Caldwell. And now there's another place to see his work, as alongside his blog and his Twitter feed, he has a Tumblr, too.

He's been experimenting with a new brush pen lately, and posting the results. Yet another string to his bow. They're awesome, add a certain heft to his usual line, and are a happy reminder of the guy's talent.

He's also one of the first artists I've seen out there in the wild who's attempted to draw a likeness of freshly cast Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume. I'm sure there'll be plenty more in due course.

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