RUMOR: Affleck Now Wants to Stay On As the DCEU's Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman

It's been almost a year since Justice League was released, and still we have no real confirmation about the status of Ben Affleck as Batman. Once DC's ensemble film failed to live up to expectations of both fans and critics, the future of the actor's tenure as the Dark Knight was cast in doubt.

It seems every other day following the release of Justice League, more and more reports were surfacing, claiming that Affleck was done with the role. Some reports said he was finished, others claimed that the actor was still considering starring in Matt Reeves' solo Batman film, while some would have us believe that Affleck's Batman would make a final appearance in the Flashpoint movie.

But as time went on, more and more fans subscribed to the notion that Affleck was done with the DC Extended Universe. Well, perhaps they spoke too soon, because now a new rumor has surfaced, one that might instill hope in the hearts of DCEU fans once more. This new rumor comes from Twitter user Daniel R, a writer based in Los Angeles. Even he warns that this is simply a "rumor for now" but that he hears "Ben Affleck now wants to stick around as the DCEU's Batman."

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It's hard to deduce where Daniel R might have learned of this news, but given his status and his whereabouts, it's not entirely impossible that such a bombshell reached the writer through the grapevines of his network. The fact that even he warns his followers to take this news with a grain of salt could mean that he speaks the truth.

Only time will tell if there is rumor is true or not, although there is no denying that it would be welcome news for the DCEU, which is still moving full steam ahead with such releases as Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2. After all, even though Affleck's original casting as Bruce Wayne was controversial at best, the actor managed to become a standout in his respective movies. Hopefully, this is the first sign that the actor isn't done with the franchise or the role, and that he will keep putting in appearances as the Dark Knight for a long time to come.

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Matt Reeves' solo Batman film does not yet have a release date. The next entry in the DCEU will be Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, which hits theaters Dec. 21.

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