Ben Affleck, David Fincher & Gillian Flynn to Remake 'Strangers on a Train

After making a killing with Gone Girl, David Fincher, Ben Affleck and Gillian Flynn will reunite to remake Strangers on a Train. Deadline reports Affleck will star and produce, Flynn will write the script and Fincher will direct.

The 1950 novel by Patricia Highsmith was adapted for film the following year by Alfred Hitchcock. Both stories revolve around two men who meet on a train and decide to swap potential murder victims in order to avoid suspicion.

In the new version, which will be called Strangers, Affleck will play a Hollywood star on the Oscar hunt whose plane breaks down. He's offered a ride on the private jet of "a wealthy socialite psycho," who pops the sinister question about exchanging victims.

The plan is to shoot Strangers between Affleck's existing projects, the Dennis Lehane adaptation Live by Night and Justice League, which open on Oct. 7, 2016, and Nov. 17, 2017, respectively.

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