Belated "Hey, This Was My Favorite Announcement From Comic Con" Post

With various caveats*, sure, but still; there's finally going to be a Scott Pilgrim video game! That took long enough.

*A lot of them were articulated in Kotaku's comment section, but I'll list them anyway:

1. It could be generic crap.2. It may be more like the movie than the comic. As cool as that potentially sounds, I'd prefer something more like source material than the adaptation. If only because an adaptation of an adaptation is like a xerox of xerox, you know? Speaking of which there's: 2a. Most video games based on movies suck.2b. What? Most video games based on movies suck.3. On the flip side, it could be so awesome that my head will explode.

Hopefully it will wind up somewhere in the middle. Although really, as long as it's playable and features some call backs to the comics, I'll buy it. I mean, I purchased this, which is both pretty mediocre and means Alan Moore will probably murder me should we ever meet, and that will be considered justifiable homicide.

Batman Annual #3

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