Beland shares his feelings in pictures

For most of us the way we've found to deal with the tragedy of Tuesday's terrorist attacks is to watch the news, talk with friends and share our thoughts on message boards around the Internet. For cartoonist Tom Beland, creator of the e-mail strip "True Story Swear to God," drawing is an additional way he can express himself.

On Wednesday Beland distributed the image below to subscribers to his mailing list. It touched us here at CBR News and Beland agreed to let us share it with you.

"The feeling behind the piece is pretty much summed up in the...fact that I've flown that Dulles - San Francisco route to go from Puerto Rico to Napa Valley, California, and that at any moment, it could've been ME crashing into the tower or the Pentagon," Beland told CBR News.

"It just hit too close to home for me. That was the feeling behind the piece. Above all else, it was therapy."

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