Behold this amazing Millennium Falcon coffee table you can't have

With everyone currently and collectively losing their minds over the amazing adorableness of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" BB-8 droid toy, a lot of other cool "Star Wars" merchandise might get overlooked. However, after io9 discovered this breath-taking coffee table modeled after the famous asteroid scene from "The Empire Strikes Back," we needed to make sure you all saw it -- so you could share in our awe and jealousy.

A custom-made creation by Tom Spina Designs for Richard Riley, this table comes complete with an asteroid modeled directly after the one from the film, a painted Hasbro Millennium Falcon and even a TIE Fighter directly on its tail. We want it. We know you want it but as it was custom-made creation we can never have it. Check out beyond the jump for more images and join us in our sadness and envy.

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