Behold: The <i>Rubicon</i> Trailer

AMC has developed a very strong television slate thanks to the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The network will continue to explore new endeavors over the summer and the fall with Rubicon and The Walking Dead, and while comic book fans are certainly excited over the zombie-centric show's arrival, few people have had any clue whatsoever as for what to expect from Rubicon, a purported political conspiracy thriller starring James Badge Dale.

Dale has certainly come a long way from his early 24 days thanks to starring roles in The Departed and The Pacific, but without knowing anything concrete about Rubicon, it's been difficult (for me at least) to get excited about the show. Thankfully, this trailer fixed that problem right up:

I don't know about you, but I was sold the second I saw Harris Yulin. He gets me every time.

AMC's Rubicon, starring James Badge Dale and Miranda Richardson, premieres on August 1 with a special two-hour episode starting at 8:00 PM eastern time.

Source: The Live Feed

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