Behold The Power Of This Death Star Christmas Tree Topper


Star Wars and the holiday season go hand in hand. That might be surprising considering that Santa's sleigh isn't exactly equipped for intergalactic travel, but the fine folks at Lucasfilm have made sure that their sci-fi characters have crossed over with Christmas since pretty much day one. Remember concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's '70s Lucasfilm Christmas cards? And then there's the infamous "Christmas in the Stars" holiday album (featuring Jon Bon Jovi). And there's the even more infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special."

The fine tradition of mashing up Jedi and "Jingle Bells" continues with this new, officially-licensed Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper from Think Geek.


The ominous tree topper measures a spherical 6.5" and lights up in blue or red, either color paired with the green laser dish. It also comes with a remote -- emblazoned with the Imperial logo -- so that you can switch up the colors. Or you can use the included universal adapter, thus ensuring continuous lighting effects. The tree topper even plays a couple of Star Wars tunes (the Imperial March and the Star Wars theme)


You can purchase the Death Star Tree Topper for $99.95 at Think Geek. Just make sure you keep the topper away from your Rebel Alliance ornaments, as they might try to put an end to its reign atop your tree.

(via Nerd Approved)

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