Welcome back to BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with "Heroes" writers/producers Joe Pokaski & Aron Coleite!

Since the last new "Heroes" episode, two of the series showrunners, Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, were let go by NBC. Both have been a part of "Heroes" since Season One, and BEHIND THE ECLIPSE would like to take a moment to wish both gentlemen the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Written by Alexander, "Eris Quod Sum" saw Sylar head to Pinehearst to save Peter, but ultimately chose to throw him out of a window instead. Daphne is ordered to kill Matt, and after some quick thinking tricks him into believing she is on his side. Maury Parkman, the nightmare man, meets his untimely end, while Noah goes on his first outing with his "hot" new partner. Elle's powers rage out of control as she and Claire team-up and head for Pinehearst in hopes of a cure. Mohinder turns to Arthur Petrelli for help stopping his startling transformation, and Hiro refuses to take the next step on his path before choice is made for him, as he gets a taste of Usutu's precognitive paste.

You've sent in loads of emails on this episode, so without further ado, here's Joe and Aron to answer your questions in this latest BEHIND THE ECLISPE.

CBR: Two weeks ago we saw Arthur Petrelli reading a book. What can you tell us about the book, and is it something BTE readers should do some research on?

Joe Pokaski & Aron Coleite: We thought he was reading "Saving Charlie" by Aury Wallington. No? Are we wrong? We'll look into it.

Daphne lying to Parkman, a telepath, might not be the best idea. Is Matt just being crafty and playing along or did he just honor her privacy and only read about his dad's death when he read her mind?

We're going with respecting her privacy. It's a new relationship. He didn't want to impose. He's a gentleman.

Is there any chance we will find out sometime soon what Arthur is holding above Daphne's head to get her to do his bidding?

Absolutely. You'll find out in Episode 10.

Is there going to be a chance, once this volume is over, for the cast to get some downtime to just be normal and catch up with their lives? Nathan's family and job in the Senate have been neglected along with Mr. Muggles' dog show career (even more so now that the Bennets don't have to hide from Primatech), so any chance we might see the cast take a break from saving the world?

Yes you will. Once "Villains" is over - there will be some downtime for dog dhows and family, but "Fugitives" has to live up to its name eventually.

The holidays are fast approaching. How many more new episodes will we get this year?

Episode 13 is the conclusion of "Volume Three: Villains." Then we're back seven short weeks later.

And finally, let's talk about depowering Peter - was this always a plan going back to the beginning of the show, or something that came up as Peter's powers grew?

A little of both, really. We're always interested in characters that are underdogs. So this was a good way of showing that being a hero has nothing to do with powers.

We start the fan questions this week with John Donado, who's wants to know the future of the apparently cancelled "Heroes" videogame:

"Has the project been canceled? If not, can you give us and update or a timeframe for the release?"

Canceled. But, like all things on "Heroes" - nothing stays dead forever.

Nonredhead wanted to know about offspring:

"I know the idea of Linderman's wife has been scrapped but did he have any kids? I know you said Victoria didn't have any, which totally works for her character. I can't see Linderman not having had a family, although he does seem the type to have lost them in some terrible innocent and got his kicks off of using other people's children as his chess pieces. No Linderman daughters looking for revenge? And will we ever meet the children of Harry, Paula or Susanne?"

There's no plans for Linderman's kids, and as far as we know he didn't have any. So, no little Malcolms to speak of. Sorry.

L.M. asked:

"Will we find out if Arthur was telling the truth about Angela and Baby Gabriel? Did she really try to drown him? As an Angela fan I think it's a great tragic, Greek, even in her life - it seems true."

You will find a good sense of true and what's not once Sylar acquires a unique power in Episode 12.

Laurlel is upset about a loss:

"Maury no! Went down trying to save Matt, ahh. Really, I'm upset he took his secrets with him. Will we ever find out what went down with Maury and Adam in season 2 and how Arthur fits in?"

You're going to find out a lot about Arthur in tonight's episode simply titled - "Villains."

Chris has discovered something interesting:

"Is there any reason for the names of the Petrelli family, or is it just coincidence that their initials spell 'pagan?'"

He's right!


Did you notice that it also spells "GANAP?" Huh? Think about that.

Diego de los Reyes asked:

"Is the substance that Usutu used to give (temporarily) Matt and Hiro the power of seeing the future something similar to the power-inducing formula?"

No. If you're looking for an analogy, it's probably closer to Isaac's heroin or Dumbo's magic feather.

Lauren's very much enjoyed the development of Sylar this season:

"Seeing Sylar struggle with morality and his need to be loved is epic in my book. Is this a theme that will be continued with this character for some time? I'm looking forward to seeing Gabriel interact with characters that he has tormented in the past. Please?"

Lauren, you are going to love "Fugitives." Love it!

"My second question has to do with Elle and Peter. I loved them together in the second season. Any chance they'll share more screentime?"

Nope. But, check out the Elle/Claude webcomic written by our own Oliver Grigsby. Online now at www.nbc.com/shamelesspromotion

We'll help you guys out - www.nbc.com/heroes.

Andres Garcias wanted to know:

"Is Meredith's 'hot-headed brother' by any chance Flint?"

What're you doing tonight, Andres?

Popkorn615 posits a theory that you guys probably can't answer, but we figured we'd throw it out there:

"It seems like Gabriel might be going down the same road that Nathan and HRG went down in Season 1, starting out as a 'villain,' then temporarily turning 'good,' then seemingly turning into the "villain" again, only to be redeemed as the sacrificed hero. Ffor HRG it meant taking a bullet for Claire, and for Nathan it meant saving NYC and flying Peter skyhigh. Could Gabriel be heading down this same path, and if so, could his 'sacrificed hero' moment be him sacrificing his own life to stop (and possibly kill) Arthur at the end of 'Villains?'"

No. Nice theory, but we've got something else in mind for Sylar.

Daniel McFadin wants some reading material:

"I was wondering if there are any plans for 'Heroes' novels like 'Saving Charlie' by Aury Wallington, which came out last year, and, if so, what they'll be about?"

No plans, currently. But you should pickup Aury Wallington's other novel. "POP!" Another shameless promotion.

Cathy asked:

"Does the fact that Peter, Hiro and Matt tell people about what they see in the future make it more likely or less likely to happen? It seems that by telling people what the future could be they kind of change it but at the same time some of the characters seem to want to make that future come true."

What? You just blew our minds, Cathy. Thanks. Seriously. We have no idea what you're talking about.

Chris in Australia asked:

"What's the deal with Angela's ability? In 'Eris Quod Sum' we saw her enter Sylar's dreams and wake him up and we know she can also see premonitions of the future. What exactly is her ability? And now that she's done that - is that the same ability Peter used to visit Charles in the past?"

Yes. Nailed it. The answer is Angela's powers. Good on you.

UK citizen Siobhan loves the behind-the-scenes footage they've been getting as part of "Heroes Unmasked" and wanted to know:

"Are there any plans to add them to the season 3 DVD set when it's released or released on DVD by itself? I'm sure even the US viewers and the viewers around the world would like this."

I'm sure they would. We're huge fans of "Heroes Unmasked." Huge!!! It's a great idea that we will pass on and take full credit for.

Cookie asked:

"Where is the Haitian right now? He has not been around since we last saw him trying to get the other 1/2 of the formula. Would he not be a better candidate to help Bennett recapture all these level 5 escapees?"

How do you know that's not what he's been doing. Perhaps he's doing it in Haiti. Where he's from. Hope we didn't spoil anything by telling you he's in Haiti. To be more blunt... Episode 10.

SacValleyDweller asked:

"At the tail end of the 'Company Arc' of GN's this summer, we had a couple of loose threads: Thompson Jr. left for dead, Sabine Hazel with a baby on the way that the company wants, and Sean Falon's team doing who-knows-what. What's the status of those storylines?"

The Kill Squad will be appearing on the Heroes Evolution site as a part of the [alternate reality game] through Primatech and Pinehearst. J.T. Krul will be doing an arc on the Kill Squad during the winter hiatus. Send more fan letters to Harrison Wilcox - creator of the Kill Squad.

General Zod asked:

"If someone were to perfect the power-giving formula and give it to those who have been depowered (Peter, Maya, etc.), would they manifest their original ability? Suresh's comments on how each person would manifest a different power based on their biology would make me think that is the case."

Don't know. We'd have to check it out and see.

Matthew Weimer wants more Elle!

"It was great to see Elle back this week and the Elle/Claire dynamic was and is a lot of fun. Kristen Bell is a talented actress and is very much in demand at the moment. I have heard that it's been difficult to accommodate her schedule in the past, but I still have to ask is there any chance we will see her in Volume 4?"

Is this Kristen? Nice name "Matthew Weimer." We told you - we'd see. Cheez. Enough with the harassment. "Kristen Bell is a talented actress." Could you be any more obvious? Now shouldn't you go to the "Veronica Mars" boards trying to get that FBI spinoff movie green lit?

Adam Amon wanted to know:

"Now we know that Peter's main ability is that of copying others' abilities without any physical contact necessary. Now, does that mean he absorbed Arthur's when he saw him before Arthur took all of Peter's?"

Nope. Just powerless.

Teebore wanted to know:

"It was clearly stated that Arthur Petrelli does not have the Hunger. Why not? If Peter has Sylar's power (and the accompanying Hunger), shouldn't Arthur? Will the reason why not be a plot point in the future, or should we just assume that since Peter needed Sylar's help in accessing the power, Arthur won't have the power or the Hunger unless he's made to understand how it works?"

Have you ever seen Arthur fix a watch? Nope. Unless he starts fixing watches it's safe to assume he hasn't accessed the Hunger.

Nic Sommaripa is interested in evolution of powers:

"Will Nathan's power ever evolve like Parkman's? If so, what would flight likely evolve into? It seems like with all these powers evolving and changing hands, flying only seems useful for smuggling contraband across borders."

Or for transportation. Or for just having fun. What's so wrong with having fun and flying? Also, you can drop things on people's heads from a great height or fly to Haiti.

RobyT wanted to know:

"Is there any chance we will find out where Molly was sent? Any clues we should be looking out for?"

Check out deleted scenes on the DVD for season 3, when it comes out next year. You'll find out exactly where Molly was sent.

Rose Delckum would like to see the return of a former writer to the show:

"While I love 'Pushing Daisies,' it appears to be doomed. If it does get the axe, is there any chance of Bryan Fuller returning to 'Heroes?'"

Our fingers are certainly crossed.

Shadowpsykie asked:

"I really like the idea of Claire being a cool, kick-ass, less hairy version of Wolverine. All we ever get are little teases of how cool a character she can be. Punching through the glass window to intimidate Elle, crashing the car to get even with her would-be rapist, and being all dark and kick-ass in the future, and, my personal favorite, doping a nuclear man and surviving. When is Claire going to step up and show how kick-ass she really is? I know she is still a neophyte, but she is not the same confused cheerleader of season one."

Claire's going to get some actual training from the master in Episode 10. Stay tuned.

Lots of graphic novel questions this week - wonder if that has something to do with the release of the second "Heroes" collected edition later this month? At any rate, Waseem asked:

"I just want to know if Howard Grigsby, the bioluminescent man from the graphic novels, is one of the escaped villains?"


Joseph asked:

"My question is concerning the future that Hiro went to, where he saw himself getting killed by Ando and the world ending. Are we ever going to get a hint as to what causes the world to end? In season 1, we knew that the explosion was more or less caused by Peter's radioactivity. In season 2, we knew that everyone would die because of the virus. But I'm having trouble connecting everyone having powers and the world ending."

Two words: Earthquake guy. But in all seriousness - the two words are... Red Lightning.

Erniewan wanted to know more about Arthur:

"Mr. Petrelli has all of Peter's powers, but does he have access to them all? Does he have to know about them before he can use them, much how Peter couldn't use some of Sylar's powers? If so, Mr. Petrelli should be virtually unstoppable, short of the Haitian blocking his powers."

Ah, so you're saying the Haitian's important. So important that maybe Nathan should fly to Haiti and get him. Good plan Erniewan. Thank you for helping us reveal major spoilage of where things are going. Now let's pray there isn't an eclipse.

Thanks as always to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski for taking the time out to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A with questions following tonight's episode, "Villains," email your queries to heroes@comicbookresources.com for the chance at seeing your query answered right here in next weeks BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, November 13.

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