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Thanks for joining us for this, the 22nd installment, of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive question-and-answer session with Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski, two writers and producers of the hit NBC television show, "Heroes." Every week, when there is a new episode, Aron and Joe take the time out to answer the most important questions... yours!

We hope everyone made it safely back from Coyote Sands circa "1961," where we found out the secret of the socks and were were introduced to Angela's little sister Alice. The founders of the Company met for the first time with a young Bob, Linderman and Charles Deveaux planning for the future. Nathan and Peter uncoveed the graves of those slain at Coyote Sands, and attempted to work through the issues that have divided the brothers Petrelli. Mohinder crossed paths with the Petrelli clan as he tried to find the secrets of his father's involvement with Coyote Sands. Alice showed her own abilities and proved Angela wrong when she turned up alive after all these years. The beginnings of a new Company were founded, thought this time it was more of a family. And finally, Sylar appeared on TV, using a face that no one expected.

And now, with the epic "I Am Sylar" by Adam Armus and Kay Foster hitting the airwaves in just a few hours, we go once again BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski!

CBR: With "1961," we were shown the roots behind Angela's habit of stealing socks. Did you pull on any real life anecdotes that inspired this peculiar attribute?

Aron Coliete & Joe Pokaski: We knew that this was going to be the Angela episode, and it seemed to us, the biggest question we all had about her was, "Why was that woman who had everything stealing socks in the pilot?" So, this was our opportunity to answer that. When I was growing up, one of my grandmothers' friends would eat an apple whole - she wouldn't leave an inch of it behind. She would even snipe at me when I left any of my core behind and she would finish it for me. I thought it was strange but I didn't ask her what it meant until much later in life. I learned that she was in a Concentration Camp in the Holocaust and her mother would steal apples for her. She never knew when she would get her next apple. I thought it was an appropriate story for Angela and her socks.

And where did Alice's nickname of "Banana" for Angela come from?

I just thought about what a little sister would say if she couldn't pronounce Angela - and tried to make my daughter Daniella say Angela. She said "Banana." So there it is.

We start this week's fan questions with Craig from HeroSite.net here (you're welcome for the plug) who is boldly going where no Hero has gone before:

"You guys said in this week's BTE that aside from Michael Dorn and Zachary Quinto, no 'Star Trek' actors are scheduled to appear anytime soon. But what about Clint Howard, who I hear on pretty good authority is in tonight's show, 'I Am Sylar?' He's most famous for playing Bolok in 'The Corbomite Maneuver' episode of the show but but he also did an 'Enterprise.' Do I get a No-Prize?"

We stand corrected. Enjoy your No-Prize, Craig.

We don't think our next question is from Noah Gray-Cabey, but it does say it's from Rebel:

"Last week it was mentioned that Sylar had been going on missions for the government off screen, are those missions now purely ones of assassination and not capture?"

Exactly. Danko and Sylar have the same agenda. At least for now. Things will change tonight during "I Am Sylar."

"Also, has Danko allowed Sylar to glut himself on those captured and sedated Specials already caught or did a good number of them escape when Matt, Tracy, Daphne and Mohinder made their break?"

Some escaped. But Sylar's been doing a good job of executing them in the field. But all this murder and shape-shifting might start having an effect on our favorite serial killer.

See Jay is wondering how Peter saw Charles and vice versa:

"It was great to finally see Charles Devaux's ability - though I have to say I was a little confused. I was under the impression that Peter's visions of Charles in Season 1 were clues of something more mystical and/or subtle than telepathy. Does this ability allow him to send visions into the future, like he seemed to do in 'How to Stop an Exploding Man?' Or was that something else completely?"

Let's just say something else completely. Telepathy is a very powerful ability. For those who have complete control of telepathy - death may never be as final as it may seem.

Joe Szpeegs thinks he might have figured out the origin to one of Arthur Petrelli's powers:

"Did Arthur get the power of Telepathy from Charles? If so, did Charles have his power when we first saw him in season one?"

Good catch, Szpeegs. It's definitely what we're hinting at. But - until you see it on screen - it's never the definitive answer. As you've seen - Angela held the affection of many members of the Company. So the arguments between them must've been epic.

Alexander Simon wants to know when Nathan and Sylar made first contact:

"Sylar and Nathan Petrelli have never shared any screen time to date, so how could Sylar be able to shapeshift into Nathan's form? Or does he just need to touch something like a strand of hair to be able to shapeshift into that person and not necessarily their body?"

All we have to say is - watch tonight's episode - all will be answered.

Ross has a question about Mohinder's father:

"In '1961,' Chandra was studying people with abilities (Angela, Bob, Linderman, etc.) Yet when we first met Chandra in Season 1, he was still looking for proof that Evolved Humans even existed. If Chandra Suresh knew people with abilities existed then why was he so desperate to find his subject zero?"

Angela talked about how the Company "Wiped memories." There was a scene where Charles put the whammy on Chandra, but it was cut from an early draft - I thought it was better to let the audience imagine what happened - they do a very good job of it.

Carl Rood wants to peak inside Peter's mind:

"Does Peter really believe it's possible to put the secret back and then keep it without resorting to Primatech's methods? Logically, there would still need to be some method of identifying and monitoring people with powers (e.g. some sort of 'bag and tag'), removing evidence and eye witness accounts (The Haitian), and dealing with the Knox's, Flints, and Sylars (imprisonment and/or death)."

Peter knows that Danko has to be stopped - and anything after that is up for negotiation. He also knows he doesn't want to repeat his parents mistakes.

Tarot has an interesting historical question and wants to know when it went all wrong:

"It seems the Company started with the goal of hiding and protecting specials from those who would harm, exploit, or kill them. I have to wonder how they went from 'never again' to doing the same kinds of things those they were so opposed to did. Will we be shown how the Company got corrupted? How did someone like Bob went from the shy quiet guy to someone who would push his own daughter, Elle, to and past her breaking point."

This seems to parallel numerous modern world examples of a company starting with one operating principle and letting that go once dollars comes in to play.

That's exactly right. Sometimes people can start with the best of intentions, but once money and power get involved - everything changes. The Company went from the most humble teenagers suffering a great tragedy to some of the most powerful people on the planet. We certainly have plans to show when and how that corruption began to seep in - one answer will definitely come in season 4.

Volts thinks there might be more to Charles then just telepathy:

"Charles Deveaux seemed to use a persuasive voice like Eden's to convince those in the restaurant to go about their business, yet he also knew things about Angela's life without asking her. Was that just for dramatic effect or did he have multiple powers?"

It was more like Matt than Eden. Telepathy. Not persuasion. I'm pretty sure we didn't use anything on his voice, just a cool camera move... courtesy of the director, Mr. Adam Kane.

For that matter, when can we expect to learn more about Charles and get answers to the mysteries that surround him?

There is a plan to see more of our young friends in Season 4 - so hopefully you'll find out more of the story very soon.

Nonredhead wants to know more about Angela's history:

"It would seem the timeline your showing us with the Elders is they formed the kernels of the ideas of the Company as teens, but didn't really become a cohesive group until Adam told them all they belonged together and became what we know today as the Company (30 years ago a group of like minded... etc), right? So, my question is what happened to Angela between then and marrying Arthur in 1965? Did she live on the road, so to speak, with Lindy, Charles, and Bobby? Did they destroy the records and go back to other family members? And did Lindy, Charles and Bob also lose their family there? I didn't get a feeling like they did. I assumed the killing, destroying records and making people forget happened over time. Any chance next stop 1965 or 1977. I'm very curious how Angela got from that Cafe to married to a military man in four years."

We have answers and if all goes well - you'll see exactly what happened to Angela - and how she met Arthur - and how it all went down. You saw the first formation of the company in 1961. But, it's going to be interesting to see how they became Primatech and how the Company became corrupt.

Amelia Ray has an idea for some graphic novels:

"Since Adam Monroe is dead in the present is there any chance of showing us some of his past via the Graphic Novels, like was done in 'Revolutionary War?' He's 400 years old...he must have quite a few interesting stories in him, having lived through some of the most pivotal events in human history."

Your request is noted Amelia. Done and done. More Adam Monroe stories.

For that matter, with flashbacks, would you be interested in exploring more of Adam Monroe's history? Might we see him again?

You hopefully will - depending on David Anders availability. It's definitely our objective to show him again. We love the Adam Monroe.

Matt wants to see more of the Founders:

"I think a lot of fans are interested to find out more about the founding of the Company. So far you have given us bits and pieces like Adam's involvement in Season 2 and now in '1961,' but will there be more episodes elaborating on the founding? It would be great to see Adam, Arthur, Maury, and Kaito, in particular, and how they joined the group."

We have a big plan of how the rest of the group formed and - if all things go according to plan - there will be a major story coming down the pipe.

Our final question comes from someone claiming to be Cookie Monster:

"What would you guys call the ability used by Angela's Father used and did Angela's mother have an ability as well?"

We called it a seismic burst. We'll let you think on it. And as for Mrs. Shaw. Well. That remains to be seen. But not all of the parents of people with powers have abilities themselves. (BTW - that's a major spoiler for season 4.)

Thanks as always to Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "I am Sylar," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, April 23.

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