It's Monday, and that means it's time for BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who may just be tuning in, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE is Comic Book Resources' exclusive question-and-answer session with Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski, two writers and producers of the NBC television show, "Heroes." Every week, when there is a new episode, Aron and Joe take the time out to answer the most important questions... yours!

Last week, viewers took a "Turn To Face The Strange," though sadly there was no Bowie evident. What was evident was Sylar's hatred for Noah, as he turned his sights on the man with the horn rimmed glasses and began to slowly destroy his life; starting with his marriage. Matt's hatred of Danko led to him discovering Danko's own double life as "Jakob Pradasa," leading to a face off where we found out who the real monster was. Ando and Hiro continued their cross-country trek to reunite Matt Parkman, Jr. with his father, saving the day in the nick of time. Mohinder found evidence of his father working at Coyote Sands in the '60s and the Petrelli family had a reunion of their own in Coyote Sands where they dug up the past and a few skeletons.

But before Aron Coliete rewinds the clock in tonight's episode, "1961," he and Joe Pokaski take us on a journey BEHIND THE ECLIPSE!

CBR: When Baby Touch-N-Go is unhappy, he "off thinks." Can he off think the powers he gave Hiro or all of Sylar's abilities?

Aron Coliete & Joe Pokaski: I'd be worried about getting that Baby too close too Sylar. Why would you want to do that to that child? Let's hope we never find out.

Night Wing thinks 1977 might end up in 1961:

"In Season 2, you were planning to do an episode called '1977' which shed light on the original heroes in the past and how they dealt with their powers. Is the episode '1961' at all inspired by this, or will the idea of '1977' be revisited deeper any time in the future?"

A&J: "1977" is still "1977." "1961" is going to be "1961." Totally different stage in the lives of our Heroes. Hopefully, we can revisit that "1977" story in the future. Get it. Past in the future?

Thomas Larson wants to see Mr. Muggles get lucky:

"I was wondering whether Mr. Muggles still is still on the ball for getting a girlfriend in Season Four, 'Redemption?'"

Maybe a Mrs. Muggles? We'll see. No plans yet.

Brainlock also has a question about the animal kingdom:

"What happened to Matt's turtle (Elvis) and Mohinder II when the Feds cleaned out the apartment? Are they in custody? Taken to the local pound? Did HRG take them in? What happened to them?"

Good question. Maybe Danko's put them in a special animal coma room. Hopefully we can discover their fate in the not too distant future.

Cory Bolding is on a gene hunt:

"How did the company get DNA samples from all of these people in order to find out whether they have powers? DNA testing is expensive and takes awhile. Testing the entire world would be expensive and time consuming."

Remember Cory, it's not the company - but rather the U.S. Government who has access CODIS as well as other databases. Expensive and time consuming, yes - that's the definition of U.S. Government.

Alex, or maybe it's just a shapeshifter that looks like Alex, has a question about shapeshifting:

"What if Sylar encountered another shapeshifter who had shapeshifted? Would Sylar take the other shapeshifter's true form or the one they shapeshifted into?"

I'm sorry. My brain just melted. What?

Maggie wants in on a secret:

"What did Angela whisper to Nathan after Peter flew away in Exposed? Or will we be finding this out in the next three episodes?"

You'll find out a little of it tonight in "1961." Not the year, but the episode.

Trekkie in Texas has a Star Trek question, big surprise huh?

"Will we get to see 'President Worf' again anytime soon? I love the appearance of all the Star Trek actors on the show, and would love to see Michael Dorn on the show more."

Yes. Soon. Although no plans for other Star Trek actors, unless you count Zach Quinto, who you may've heard is playing Spock in the upcoming "Star Trek" film. May 8.

Rob Salisbury is curious about Baby Touch-N-Go's range:

"How far does Baby Touch-N-Go's power reach? He was touching the TV in order to turn it on, but he was able to disable two vehicles while being near to (but not touching) their engines."

It's a proximity effect. He's gotta be close. But he's just baby. Who knows what this kid is capable of? Blacking out a nation? I guess we're gonna see in the future.

Jackie Petrelli writes back in with a follow up:

"A few weeks ago you commented on having a gay/lesbian/bisexual character on 'Heroes.' Who is this character? Is this a character we already know? Is it a recurring or old character? If it's a new character, what can you tell us about this character? When will we see this storyline appear? Will they find love on 'Heroes?'"

As we speak the writers are reconvening to get started on Season 4 and this is one of the very issues we will be discussing. Answers to this question coming in the not too distant future.

Light Yagami has a few questions for the guys:

"Looks like Chandra had been involved in the Company's dirty actions before he began his research. 1961 - that's thirteen years before Mohinder's birth and Shanti's death! Since there was more about Papa Suresh than meets the eye, my question is: did he have anything to do with the creation of that devilish powers-giving flammable potion, known simply as 'the formula?'"

Perhaps... "1961" is going to give a lot of answers, but it's also going to raise a lot of questions. Funny how we do that. But, I can tell you this much - there will be no talk of formula in tonight's episode.

"Will Claire ever get herself a permanent boyfriend? Cause you screwed up with Alex. A good-looking boy, yet present only in one episode. What a shame."

Alex was actually in two episodes. No plans for a permanent boyfriend this season, but as we get started on Season 4 - Claire's love life is definitely of interest to us.

"When do you have Mr. Muggles fighting bad guys at last? That would make him somewhat badass, not only cute."

How do you know he isn't? The crime rate in Los Angeles has gone down again this year. Mr. Muggles? I hope so.

DC is curious what power Peter is currently on:

"In this week's episode, we see Claire and Peter together for the first time in a long time. Peter embraced her and touched her when they reunited. Does this mean that Peter is now immortal again like Claire and Sylar? Are Peter and Sylar destined to battle each other for the rest of eternity?"

Peter still has flying. As they are all still fugitives, he thinks it's probably best for him to be able to make a quick exit. But, I can tell you this - it won't be the last power he has before the end of the season.

Lauren has a rather monstrous question:

"Hey there! I just thought up a question after reading you comments last week on Lycanthropy. Do you think we might ever see a character with any classic 'monster abilities?' I think a werewolf might be interesting..."

We were just talking about this. Not werewolf's specifically. But, you know - monsters. You might see more on this in season 4. Maybe.

Sam Mckenzie is curious about Sylar's quick change ability:

"When Sylar transformed back from being Sandra, he was shown to still be wearing the 'Sandra clothes,' which makes sense. So, did James Martin have a 'Sylar disguise' in that club? Because when he transformed into Sylar, he had the exact outfit."

You might wanna go back to the tape on this one, Sam. He was actually wearing something similar, but different. The clothing rule was very important to us.

ReyMatt wants to know more about life in the Petrelli home:

"Will there be a flashback episode featuring the childhood of the Petrelli brothers? Why are their personalities very different from each other? Did Arthur & Angela constantly had high expectations much from Nathan? Was Peter neglected as a child? Who among them was the sports jock and who was the geek? Who was the ladies man and who was the introvert? Does Peter have an unconscious need to impress others, hence driving him to perpetually be the hero of the story? Did Nathan's upbringing what drove him to believe that others will naturally follow his lead?"


Traverse Town takes his question online:

"How will the upcoming web-series 'Nowhere Man' and summer graphic novels influence the upcoming season of Heroes. Last summer's graphic novels with Evsdropper had little affect on the show. Would you like that to change, or would you like to keep the online experience confined to only on-line?"

In a perfect world, there would be a lot more continuity like it was in Season 1 and Hana Gitelman. However, the demands of the show move so quickly that it becomes difficult to have perfect synergy. We're going to try and have more cross-over in the future.

Teorwyn can not tell a lie:

"My question is about something that's been bugging me since I first started actually thinking about Sylar's lie detection ability. What are the limits? Does he have to be in the presence of the person who's lying, or can he detect lies from, say, over the phone? And what about written and recorded lies? Also, if someone believes that something is true, though it isn't, would he detect what they say as false, or does that not count enough?"

Looks like it's science experiment time. We'll try to test the limits of Sylar's lying power. But, we think it mostly has to do with hearing a person tell a lie. The variations in their voice. Sweat. Like that dude in that show that can tell when people are lying... Matlock.

Zebrahiim is interested in mythology:

"I understand that the writers had wanted to eventually delve into the more 'mythological' world of 'Heroes' and I was wondering if that was still planned on happening? Perhaps bringing up the '9 Unknown Men' or the items in the vault that we saw back in Season 2?"

There are still plans to get into the more mythological aspects of the show. Especially the items in that vault. What were those three cards? And that Trojan horse? Are there little men in there?

Oli Stead wants to make Samson Grey famous:

"Why hasn't Samson Grey been as much of a (known) menace as Sylar. Is it just that he didn't have the luck to meet Mohinder and get a 'catalogue?'"

He already did his killing spree. Then he got bored of it. And wound up as the shell of the man you met.

Syn wants you to name that tune:

"Between Del Shannon and The Animals, the episode 'Into Asylum' featured a fair bit of 60s music. Does this have any sort of foreshadowy connection to the mood of this week's episode '1961' (particularly with 'Runaway' having been recorded in 1961), or how was the unusual musical selection determined?"

We were going to use "Runaway" in "1961," but it just didn't fit. There are going to be some other great songs of the time period in the episode, so yes - it was going to have foreshadowing, but it didn't exactly work out. You can thank Joe Pokaski for the awesome song selection.

Daniel Smith wants to know the limits of Sylar's shappeshifting:

"I think Sylar's new shapeshifting ability is pretty cool, but I was wondering is it limited to only humans? Could we have a little Sylar bunny hopping around? or better yet a Mr. Muggles-Sylar dude?"

How do you know that Sylar didn't get time travel ability and go into the past as Mr. Muggles, only to torment Claire and H.R.G. by pissing on their carpets.

Skullman1392 wants a glimpse at the list:

"Last week, you guys mentioned a 'list of people [you're] looking for organic reasons to bring back.' Who is on this list?"

That would be telling Skullman... but this summer, please check out the webcomic for the amazing return of some of our old favorites.

Sazor thinks there may have been things unseen, besides Claude:

"With Noah's comment about the particular team Sylar was 'on assignment' with (disguised as an agent) being successful lately bringing in specials I can't help but wonder if Sylar is collecting abilities as Heroes are captured. Is it possible Sylar has acquired abilities we don't know about?"

That's the idea - you'll learn a lot more about our favorite killer Sylar in the aptly titled episode, "I AM SYLAR." Coming next week. But tonight, enjoy "1961."

Thanks as always to Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "1961," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, April 16.

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