Welcome back, “Heroes” fans, for Week Two of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! As always, we are joined by the dynamic duo of writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete. In this installment, the guys answer all of your burning questions in regard to last week’s episode One Of Us, One Of Them.

Written by BEHIND THE ECLIPSE’s own Joe Pokaski, “One Of Us, One Of Them” saw the action in “Heroes” kicked up to eleven, with some of the Level 5 escapees taking over a bank -- only to be stopped by Noah Bennet and his newest partner, Gabriel Gray. Peter was rescued from the sonic-manipulating villain by none other than himself, before being taken into the future to see just how bad things can get. Hiro and Ando ended up at Level 5, a fate only slightly worse than being referred to as “Pikachu” by Hiro's self-proclaimed nemesis, Daphne. Tracy discovered that she wasn't Barbara or Niki or Jessica when she met her maker —or was he? Claire was forced by her biological mother to face her fears, and Parkman's eyes went white as he went on a spirit walk with the help of someone who painted his life since he was a child.

Yes, that was all in just one episode!

The staff here at BEHIND THE ECLIPSE -- our own dynamic duo of CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland and CBR Staff Writer Remy Minnick -- scoured through the mounds of missives to find the best of the best of your “Heroes” inquiries to submit to the guys for their perusal. Now, we bring to you the answers you've been waiting for, filled with insights, spoilers, teases and a healthy dose of snark. We bring to you this week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE!

CBR: This week we start with Nonredhead who asked:

“Will we ever find out the details of the arrangements Arthur and Angela made for Claire and the aftermath? Ever since it was revealed Angela and Kaito had an affair, I wondered if he was in on the whole thing when he handed off Claire to HRG? And any chance we will get more info on the whole Kaito/Angela relationships? In their brief scenes you felt they both really cared for each other, despite their differences.”

Aron Coleite & Joe Pokaski: Stay tuned for episode #12, “Our Father,” in which two of our characters will journey back to that very moment on the roof — and see a little more of what was going on. Not everything you’re looking for, Nonreadhead, but quite a bit.

Allison asked:

“So, Traci's story line is reminding me a lot of a movie I used to watch as a kid, based on a sci-fi novel, called ‘Anna to the Infinite Power.’ Anna was a little girl who discovered she had many clones, and based on growing up in different environments and being reared by different parents, all the clones had slightly different personalities - one was shy, one was girly, one was bookish. I could see this in the ‘Heroes’ world fitting into the clones all having different powers, but really being the same person. Am I getting warm?”

You’re close, Allison to the Infinite Power, but we’re trying to do the real world here on “Heroes” (as best we can), so stay tuned tonight and you’ll get a slightly less infinite answer with no clones involved whatsoever.

Benjamin Spears has two questions this week:

“What happened to Maury Parkman? Angela's dream (filmed during the second season) features 'The Nightmare Man' amongst other villains, but in episode #3, Maury is nowhere to be found! Will he be returning?”

We could tell you, but than we’d have to trap you in a dream. Maury was in level five. Now everyone is out. Stay tuned, true believer. We haven’t dreamed the last of him.

Mr. Spears continues:

“Is Suresh transforming into the Uluru creature hinted at through season one? Could **he** be the cause of the mass destruction seen when Hiro visited the future?”

What are you doing tonight? Because you’ll see a little of where Suresh is heading.

The entirety of the Heroes Wiki wants to know:

“Does Peter's ability allow him to mimic the individual abilities his future self has learned or does encountering his future self only actually expose him to his own mimicry ability?”

The second one. A truly excellent question, which we argued about for a week. If only we had the entire of Heroes Wiki there to mediate and explain it so clearly, we could have seen our kids that week.

James has a question, and gives a detailed explanation as to how he got there:

“So now that we have the third Petrelli boy - that brings up a interesting thought - Do Nathan, Peter, and Sylar all have the same powers?”


“I was talking with some friends about this after last weeks episode and here is the thought process that got us there - Sylar and Peter have very similar powers, Sylar is just a little more destructive. Maybe it’s just his psychopathic nature that has him ripping peoples heads off and if he wanted to he could just get the powers the same as Peter. Nathan on the other hand is the most self-controlled of the brothers - he never wanted the powers and flying is arguably the most basic (least strange) power. He has also had a pretty good history of coming back from injury with (or without) help. Now maybe his mind has either channeled or absorbed an aspect of Linderman.”

Part of your answer is right on, other parts, right off. By episode #9, you’ll be vindicated in a big way, though.

Well done, James. Keep at it.

Barak asked:

“My question is whether or not this means Sylar will be able to use Bob's full range of powers? Does this mean that Sylar will also be more than just an alchemist even though all of Bob's powers weren't displayed in season 2?”

Sylar hasn’t had reason to use Bob’s power — but we have it on tap and really want to use it this season. So stay tuned.

Regular reader Eric Luong asked a question we all want to know the answer to:

“In ‘One of Us, One of Them,’ Sylar asked a question right before a commercial break. That little cliffhanger was never resolved, however. Please, please tell me - does Noah Bennett drink decaf?” He best not be drinking Sanka.

Of course he drinks Decaf. Sylar understands how things work, remember. He’s just F&%$king with his new partner.

Karen Miller asked:

“In last week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, you said that the three timelines we've seen so far -- the one Future Peter came from, the one Hiro went to, and the one that lies ahead now -- are all the same. How is that consistent with what Angela and Future Peter said about everything being different now that Peter has come back and changed things?”

You will see tonight exactly what we mean — small changes have occurred but one fundamental problem remains the same in the future no matter which way you cut it.

Riddler --SubPsych on YouTube-- of Long Island, NY asked:

“During the ‘Countdown to the Premiere’ event, Ali Larter introduced ‘Some of the greatest fans in the world,’ in which two of the clips were mine (snapping fingers to flame and walking through the wall) How were the winners and those featured during the montage chosen?”

We have no idea. We’ll have to get back to you on that one, Katie Couric.

Obi Dan Kenobi asked:

“All the Company Founders have been identified, yet one of them, Carlos Mendez, keeps me wondering - is he related to Isaac? If he is, does that mean that all of the Founders' kids are related? Peter, Nathan, Hiro, Sylar, Matt, Elle, Isaac, Simone?”

He is Isaac’s dad. Nope — not all the kids are related (for example Victoria Pratt never had any kids), but there is a genetic trend certainly. And thank heavens, since our show is a lot about family.

Peter Terry has a number of questions for you this week:

“Gabriel Gray can intuitively understand complex systems and see how they work, would he be able to pick up a textbook on economics and figure out how to solve the current economic crisis? It seems tragic that if he did not have his ‘hunger’ issues, he could use his gift to be one of the greatest historic figures of the Century.”

You know, I think it would give him a working knowledge of what to do — but that’s not the complex part — I think he’s going have to have at least a couple weeks in the senate to understand the complex nature of their relationships.

Peter continued:

“Will we ever see how Lyle (Claire's adoptive brother) turns out in the future? Are Waffles involved? (What is it with the waffle motif?)”

Three words: “Is Lyle Uluru?”

Okay, more serious questions from Peter:

“Was ‘Going Postal’ enough of a success to have more Webisodes in the future?

Absolutely. We love our fans so much and want to give them ‘round the calendar entertainment. The next round of webisodes are planned for the break as well as a set of minisodes produced with the help of some of our partners from SPRINT.

Back to more questions from Peter:

“Will Peter be able to use Jesse's power?”

Good Question. We think so. Whether he knows it or not is a better question.

Thanks Peter.

Joe wants to know about the reasons behind the change to Ali Larter’s characters:

“Was Nikki/Jessica removed to allow Ali to play a different role, or was it more story and character-based, in a realization that perhaps you couldn't find a way to redeem the character, or go anywhere further with her?”

A little of both. But most importantly, it also allowed us to tell an origin story again. To play the human confusion of a rug being pulled form us. The “what’s happening to me?” of it all.

Daniel Bowen asked:

“In ‘One of Them, One of Us,’ when Meredith and Claire entered the lock up, Meredith was testing her by burning the oxygen so Claire would think she's drowning/suffocating. How come she wasn't affected by the lack of oxygen? I know she's immune to her fire powers, but I don't get how that'd protect her from the lack of oxygen.”

It has to do with the chemistry of combustion — but the general “rule of Ted” is that the oven can’t be hurt by the heat. So Meredith is relatively immune to all effects of fire.

'ROESian (HERO at 9thWonders!) has a rather lengthy question, so prepare yourself. Here we go:

“You can see in the Linderman archives at NBC a bunch of Isaac's (Tim Sale's) paintings that have been precognitive in nature. Three (so far) are the exceptions - Uluru - which only has a story in the 9thWonders! Comics (according to Kring), Tim Sale's Kitty painting (which wasn't painted for ‘Heroes,’ although, in the series pilot, there is a painting of Simone carrying the Kitty painting in a portfolio which you see after Simone walks in with it), and the one with three of the ‘Heroes’ Symbol with backgrounds of yellow, red and blue, entitled ‘Godsend.’”

Uluru we actually saw in a webcomic already, as Tim has noted. The kitty picture is actually from the Catwoman book “When in Rome” (by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale — on sale now). And the final one will be revealed, but none too soon.

“Well, I happened to notice, in ‘The Second Coming,’ that in Mohinder's lab before Mo decides to give himself the shot which gives him a special ability, you can see three containers of liquids in front of him, which, if you account for the lighting, are yellow, red and blue in color.

So, I was thinking that maybe the placement of those three colored liquids before Mo gained a special ability may have fulfilled the imagery of that painting, as if what's in those three liquids is found in a ‘Godsend’ ability.”

Nope. That was just to make the picture pretty.

“So my question is, was the placement of those three colored liquids in the lab before Mo gained a special ability intentional, to relate to the Godsend painting?”

Nope. Pretty.

Sasha asked about the Web comics:

“In graphic novel 66, ‘The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei,’ we learned that Adam once went by the name Richard Sanders and that he has a wife out there. Will any of this come to light on the show?”

Probably not. But we may explore it in the webcomic.

Chuck wants to know what’s up with Claire:

“During Angela's dream, Knox kills Claire. Claire is in her Odessa cheerleading uniform. What's up with that?”

Good question. She seems to pop up in dreams in her Odessa cheerleading uniform a lot, doesn’t she? Hmm…

Cael had two questions this week:

“A Dr. Henry Strauss appeared in a graphic vovel doing some mutation experiments. Is it possible that he could have helped Dr. Zimmerman create Tracy Strauss?”

It’s totally possible.

Cael, you’re on to something. Next question:

“Hiro and Ando are locked up in Level 5. Flint used his fire in his cell and Peter phased through his cell. Assuming that the Haitian will not stay on Level 5 forever, can't Hiro just teleport him and Ando out or does the Company have some ability stopping technology in the cells?”

The company definitely has some ability-stopping “technology” in Level 5.

Steve Marshall also has a question about the Webisodes:

“Are we going to see any more of Echo DeMille, the protagonist of this summer’s Webisodes?”

Yes — Echo will show up in episode #13, the finale of “Villians.” Entitled: “War.”

Stephen David Warked wants to know:

“If Sylar's slate is wiped clean the way you describe in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE #1, then his only power should be the ability to read brains, right?”

You’d think — but for some reason, he was able to hang on to telekenisis. We’ll learn a little more about the effect of his first murder in chapter #8 of this volume — “Villains” (yes, it’s the chapter and volume title — like “new Shimmer”)

False Phoenix wants to know:

“Angela Petrelli said that with Bob dead the chain of command falls to her. So if Angela Petrelli died who takes command then?”

God, let’s hope it never comes to that…

“Also, I'm wondering if Mohinder’s power-giving formula was used by an evolved human what would happen? Would it enhance their current abilities or what?”

Wow. We don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe it’s like crossing your fingers twice and it all cancels out. Then again, it might make our heads explode.

The Sharpness says:

“MORE TURTLE! Turtle cameos. Turtle graphic novels. Save the turtle, save the world -- run with it!”

We agree, The Sharpness. The Turtle is quite awesome and you haven’t seen the last of him. In fact, he’s got a great scene with Hiro in episode #10 — “The Eclipse, Part I.”

Kevin C has one extremely important question, one just very important. We’ll let you figure out which one is more important:

“Since Adam Monroe manifested an ability 400 years ago, is it safe to assume there have been others throughout history with abilities and will anyone make an appearance?”

It is safe to assume — and while we have no immediate plans for such a character, I can’t imagine we can stay away from that tasty well forever.

“Also, when will Mr. Muggles manifest his ability?”

You mean “spontaneous adorableness.” You’ve already seen it.

Prander asked:

“Now that Daphne has been introduced, and she can still move about when Hiro ‘stops time,’ she states that he must not be fully stopping time. Does this mean that he doesn't fully stop time, but just slows it way down to ‘appears to be stopping time?’”

Yes. Exactly. Whatever a nano of a nano second is, that’s where they live.

Siv Chan asked:

“Will you guys ever reveal Kaito's powers? You told us to examine his death scene, but I still cannot figure it out. Any hints or should I just stop trying?”

It’s there, we swear, but don’t kill yourself. On the positive side — we will be showing Hiro’s mother’s ability by the end of this volume.

Matt L. from Massachusetts finishes things out this week with two questions:

“In last week's edition of BTE, you said Sylar lost all of his acquired abilities when he contracted the virus. We hadn't really seen him use any of them other than the telekinesis, and it really stood out when he had to take the folder from the Bennet house instead of just scanning each file. However, that begs the question: why does he still have the telekinesis? Is it because it was the first ability he acquired and the bond has become permanent? Does it have to do with it being the only ability the Company could detect when they were studying his DNA during his initial ‘stay’ with them?”

Massachusetts, huh? How about them Red Sox, Matt? Seriously. Isn’t it so fun to have a winning team in those uniforms? Tough game last night — but I think they can correct tonight. (And please see above answer)

“And if you can't answer those questions, how about this one: how did he get from an alley in NY to Costa Verde, CA in only a few hours (since it was daylight in both locations)?”

Terry Francona has done a pretty amazing job, and I think he’s pretty underrated as a skipper. All these trades, injuries, and they still chug right along and really seem to gel in the post-season. Not to mention the pitching and Batting coaches — who we consider as the unsung heroes of the club.

But seriously, sometimes these issues are raised in the room and then they are let go for the sake of telling a more compelling story.

Thanks as always to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski. Tune in to NBC tonight for the latest Heroes episode, I Am Become Death, and then e-mail your questions to heroes@comicbookresources.com for the chance at seeing your query answered right here, in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday October 9, 2008 to be taken under consideration for next week's column.

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