"Heroes" is back tonight on NBC, and with it comes another installment of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with series producers/writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski. Every week, CBR's staff combs through the mountains of missives sent in by you, the "Heroes" fans, to bring you answers directly from the show's creators.

Before we plunge in to this installment of BTE, we look back at last week;s episode of "Heroes," entitled "Shades Of Grey." Eric Doyle, the villainous puppet master, claimed he had repented his ways as Rebel sent him to get help from "comes-back-to-life Barbie." Sylar finally tracked down his father, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the father of Superman's arch nemesis. Matt found out that just because you're in the bomb squad doesn't mean you're thinking of which wire to cut. Danko discovered Nathan's gift of flight as he set him up for a fall. And Hiro and Ando found at that much like the Skywalker clan, there is another Matt Parkman.

Before fans can catch tonight's episode, "Cold Snap," CBR takes you BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski!

CBR: John from Michigan wants to know about one of my favorite characters from Season One: 

"Will we be seeing Clea DuVall's character Audrey Hanson again?  She was a great guest star.  Will we be seeing her again in 'Fugitives' or later volumes hunting our Heroes?" 

Joe Pokaski & Aron Coliete: We actually talked a lot about Audrey Hanson and bringing back Clea DuVall.  It seemed like a natural fit for the "Fugitives" storyline.  But, I'm sorry to say you won't be seeing Clea during this arc and the reason for that will be revealed tonight in "Cold Snap."   

Chris wants to know more about the life of Samson Grey: 

"Did Martin and Virginia Grey find out that Samson had killed his wife? What happened after he dumped her body out of the car right outside the diner? Since Samson owned his own taxidermy business, he obviously wasn't a fugitive." 

Samson was a fugitive.  He knew about the agents, and they laid a trap for Sylar at Samson's house (all the way back in episode 314, "A Clear and Present Danger.")  He was just hiding out in his cabin in the woods.   

As far as what Virginia Gray knows and doesn't know about Sylar's real mommy - well we'd have to hear it from her mouth.  Unfortunately, she's dead as well.  So there's no way possible to find out what Virginia knows.  Is there? 

"Will we ever find out more about Samson and Luke's relationship, and why Samson was (apparently) so nice to Luke? "

Not during this volume.  No.  But it's a story waiting to be told.  We haven't seen the last of Luke in the "Heroes" Universe.   

Nonredhead has a question about socks: 

"Okay, Angela and the socks in her purse cracked me up. But please say this is going to be explained and not just leave it at this with the assumption Angela has a fetish for mens's socks, which she steals from random high end department stores - for I will be very disappointed.  Seems out of character. But great on the call back - it cracked me up."

Nonredhead.  All I can say is you will not be disappointed.  Four numbers for you.  1. 9. 6. 1.  

Kate wants to know a bit more about the latest bad girl: 

"You hinted that there will be a female baddie introduced, is it a new character or a character already on the show that turns into a femme fatale?" 

Returning.  You'll understand more tonight.     

Joshua is curious about an ETA on some returning characters: 

"You've stated Micah is returning and Monica may be returning this volume. Which episode can we Micah/Monica fans look to seeing these two characters again?" 

Dude.  Josh.  A question like that is like asking what's inside the present before opening it.  Just open the present and enjoy.  Tonight's episode is gonna blow your socks off.   

Rachel G wants to know if it was all caught on film: 

"In last week's episode, Nathan was pushed out a window and his secret was blown. This is big news and helps move the story along. There is one thing that I did notice, about halfway through the discussion between the 'Hunter' and Nathan, the camera in the background stopped blinking. Was this done for filming purposes (a flashing light can be pretty distracting) or was the last half of that conversation never recorded?" 

Good eagle eye there Rachel.  Maybe our good friend Rebel was at work trying to save Nathan from getting caught on tape.  Rebel's gonna need to up his game with Nathan out of Building 26.   

Anna wonders if Mohinder may have an Inigo Montoya moment: 

"The storyline that originally drew me into 'Heroes' was Mohinder's quest to avenge his father. The first two seasons built a fantastic and complex relationship between him and his nemesis Sylar, which had developed beyond a simple vengeance by the end of 'Powerless.' And I don't need to tell you that Sendhil Ramamurthy and Zachary Quinto have delivered some of their finest work when they have shared scenes. Will Mohinder come face to face with Sylar again, and confront him about all the pain that he has caused him (and Molly)?"

No plans yet for a Sylindar reunion.  Mo has his own issues to deal with.  He's been a very conflicted character.   

Andrew is curious about the elder Grey's treasure trove of powers: 

"After enduring a long journey, Sylar has finally met his father and it was revealed he has the same ability as Sylar, and he too was a serial killer that obtained and possessed multiple abilities. What are some of the abilities he obtained? And what was the deal with that weird whistling thing he was doing to Sylar before it cut to commercial, what ability was that?"

The whistle is the same ability he used to stun the rabbit.  Kind of like a Siren's Song.  Lulling their prey into a hypnotic state.  As far as Samson Grey's other abilities, well - let's just say we haven't seen the last of him just yet.  There's more to be learned about the Sylar's father.   

Sam McKenzie has a question about "Heroes'" own puppet master: 

"Has Doyle really changed his ways? He seemed really sincere when he talked with Claire in her house, but when she asked him in the park, he gave that little smirk.  Will we see the Puppet Master again to check in on his 'new life?'" 

We will.  Keep checking NBC.com for the exciting further adventures of Doyle.  Can he really change his ways?  Or is he evil at his core.   

Jamie Kirkland wants to learn more about Sylar's new goals: 

"Samson told Sylar that if he were immortal, and had a second chance at life, he'd 'try to change the world.' After Sylar's talk with him about leading an unfulfilled life, would Sylar perhaps see that as a challenge, a new goal?" 

Interesting point.  And he did go directly to Danko?  Presenting him with the stuffed Rabbit?  Is Danko his new target?  Is Sylar plotting something grander.  What would happen with Sylar and Danko working together?"   

Andrew Valner is hunting for an answer: 

"Now that the Hunter knows that Nathan has abilities, will he try to kill Nathan or hunt him down?" 

He will try.  Nathan is one of them.  That puts him on the list.   

Dianelyn wants to see more of Sylar's father: 

"I loved Mr. Glover as Sylar's bio-dad!  Are we going to see him again in this volume or maybe the next? (I could see a possible storyline of him hunting down Claire for her power.)"

We're not going to see Mr. Glover again this volume.  But there are big plans for him.  Stay tuned.    

Spivey thinks Noah should have given Danko a little push: 

"Why wouldn't HRG just shove Danko out the window to neutralize the threat he posed to Claire by learning about Nathan's ability?  If anyone is capable of that kind of decision, it's him." 

Uhhhm - and risk being caught?  Not very HRG-esque.  HRG was caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place.   

Caleb is looking towards the past with his questions: 

"I know it's a little early, but in 1961, will we find out who Elle's mother is?" 

No.  Sorry.   

"What exactly happened with the Hunter in Angola in 1979? What was it that he survived?" 

Scary.  Right.  To see more of the Hunter's backstory.  Stay tuned.  And always.  Check out NBC.com for the awesome webcomics.  More on Danko will be revealed.  And soon.   

Saviin wants to know more about clan Petrelli: 

"In the last issue, you mentioned that we'll see Nathan's sons again. Is it safe to assume that Heidi will be making a reappearance as well?" 

No plans for Heidi at the moment.  And due to the constant rewriting of the series,  as things are always in flux, we won't be seeing Simon and Monty this volume.  But that doesn't change the plans that we have for them.  There's more to the young Petrelli brothers.     

Jackie Petrelli claims he is the third Petrelli brother and has a few questions: 

"Considering that there is wide diversity (in race/ethnicity) of the characters on Heroes, will we ever see an actual gay or lesbian character on Heroes? Would you ever consider making a main character bisexual or having a fling with a same-gendered character?"

Yes.  And we will.   

"Will we see the idea of Sylar's family expand beyond his daddy issues? A mom, brother (*cough* Luke), or sister maybe?" 

Who are you thinking about?  There's a lot of Sylar left to be explored.  A lot of it is going to be happening in the upcoming episode simply titled, "I AM SYLAR!"  I'll give you a hint.  It's about Sylar.   

Helix-Man has an "incredible" question: 

"At the end of 'Shades of Gray,' Hiro and Ando are sent to save Matt Parkman only to find out this Matt Parkman is actually an infant. This scene reminds me of the ending of the Incredibles short film 'Jack-Jack Attacks.' Has Matt Jr. already manifested at an early age, and is that why the babysitter is so eager to leave?" 

We referenced "Jack-Jack Attack" a lot in the room when we were breaking this story.  As well as "Three Men and a Baby."  As well as "Baby Boom."  As well as "Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein."  You'll see what happens tonight.   

Caleb Warren is showing his eagle eyed skills: 

"Elizabeth Axelson and Curtis Hovsepian were mentioned both on Danko's database in 'Exposed,' and on Elle's phone in 'Our Father.' Are there any plans for them? 

Not on screen.  Not yet.  But good eye skills Caleb.  We're layering a lot of our background to present future stories.   More to come... 

Mastokes would like to see more "quality time" being shared: 

"It seems Claire and Nathan will be spending some together. Will there be some development in their relationship in this volume and/or the next? I've always felt like the exploration of their relationship was small compared to other parent-child ones." 

Yes.  More on Claire and Nathan in the amazing episode "Into Asylum."  Written by your very own Joe Pokaski.   

Tarot thinks Danko might have a secret of his own: 

"Between the re-airing of 'Clear and Present Danger' as well as having just re-watched 'Cold wars,' 'Exposed' and 'Shades of Gray,'  I noticed something that is really bugging me that I hope you can clear up.  In 'Clear and Present Danger,' Danko recovers very quickly from Tracy trying to freeze him.  Later, near the end of 'Cold Wars,' Peter shoots Danko in the arm, but by the middle of 'Exposed,' Danko has full use of the arm and is able to shoot Peter using both hands and arms. In 'Shades of Gray,' he shows no impairment at all.  While I know he is a trained solider, that doesn't account for the quick recovery for all that.  So what is up with him?" 

If you're looking for us to say "Claire's Blood" healed him.  Well then... we're not gonna say it.  It wasn't Claire's blood.  The answer production has given us is that they wanted to play him as a tough soldier - accounting for the recovery from the gun shot.  As far as the freezing - Danko was ready for Tracy's ability as his suit was lined with asbestos to keep out the cold.  He was Tracy-proof. 

Moocow is looking to draft Rachel Mills from the minors: 

"From what I've seen of the 'Heroes' online content, Rachel Mills seems to be a very interesting character. And as she has been cameo-ing in a large chunk of the 'Fugitives' episodes, I've been wondering if her story is solely part of the online universe, or if she would make the jump to the majors at any point in the story?" 

Rachel's been cameo'd in the majors, but that's about it for now.  Tons more of her story will be found online.  We really dig Rachel, but with so many characters to service, we've decided to focus her stories in the digital realm.

Thanks as always to Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "Cold Snap," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, March 26.

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