It's Monday, and that means it's time to go BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with "Heroes" producers/writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski, where they answer the most important questions about the NBC television series, yours!

Last week in "Exposed," viewers found out that Sandra Bennett had talents beyond taking Lyle's driver license away. Alex and Claire shared a kiss that was more breath-giving then breathtaking. Peter and Nathan proved that two heads are better than one when they used Parkman's mind control to storm Building 26. Noah used his head, though, and found a way to weaken their control, ending in the capture of Matt Parkman. Peter exposed Nathan's operation to the world, but not before he finally used a hug to his own advantage. Sylar made a pit stop on his and Luke's road trip that led to some disturbing memories being brought to light. And Danko decided to make Parkman's painting come true as Matt truly became "da bomb."

Tonight, the explosive revelations will continue in "Shades of Gray," but not before we go once again BEHIND THE ECLIPSE!

CBR: The Los Angeles Times recently published an article about some of the cast of "Heroes" using Twitter while on set.  Wearing your producers' hats, what are your thoughts on Twitter and how has the internet/technology like this affected the way you make shows? 

Aron Coliete & Joe Pokaski: The internet is very much a friend of "Heroes." If you open the Guiness Book of World Records, you'll see Masi Oka's picture next to the category "Most Downloaded show."   So "Heroes" and technology seem to share a destiny.  

As for Twitter, we're pretty excited for what the technology can do in the sense of the fans getting an inside view of production.  There's so much that goes into each hour of television - and so many people that work so hard, like James in Props and  Wendy in Make-up. They're fun and fascinating people, and it's really great that the fans can connect with them.  

Claire obviously got a taste of the decisions her dad has had to make with respect to lying to the family to keep them safe.  Did she learn her lesson and does this make her see Noah in a different light? 

Absolutely.  What we try to do with the Claire/H.R.G relationship is have it be an allegory for any parent/child relationship.  One aspect of that relationship is for the child to learn the complexities of life as she grows older and to understand the parent more.  

Rebel seems quite powerful, being able to hack into the government installation and then shut the building down.  Why did Rebel need Peter and Matt to go there?  Why not just hack in and get the information sent directly to them? 

The initial intention was to shut down Building 26. We think Rebel was just calling audibles once things got hairy for Matt and Peter.  

What is it about Claire that Rebel continues to call on her for help?  Is it just down to the matter of location or is it something else? 

I think that free pass she got from Nathan puts her in a position of knowing the plight of our heroes and having some latitude to move about.  

Clarence Riley IV has quite the element-ary question: 

"I've noticed that Claire tends to have relationships based around the elements (Wes and Nathan and Flight/Air, Meredith and Fire, and now Alex and Water). Is this a coincidence or intentional? Will there be a character that has an Earth-related ability?" 

We're all about the elements, there's something spiritual about it.  But the appearance of that holy trinity may have been unintentional.  As for an earth character.  Yes.  Muddy.  He's going to be awesome. Awesome.  

Sonja Sheen is curious about Claire's heart to heart chat about immortality: 

"With Sylar and Claire's 'conversation' coming up, will they be finding themselves coming to a sort of understanding about one another? How she maybe has no more need to fear him given that they'll both live forever? Or will there just be more than them talking about living with immortality in general whether in 3x25 or next season/volume?" 

There will always be that elephant in the room. They are both going to live forever.  Just the two of them. So all of those things you put forward Sonja will be touched on. Heck, they have a lot of time.  

Rachel is worried about Sylar and Peter's relationship: 

"After a couple weeks of hearing that Peter and Sylar are going to duel, I'm getting a bit worried! Mostly because, after their volume three interactions, it appeared that they reached some sort of grudging respect for each other. Obviously they are still rivals, but it seems like at least Sylar understands the evolutionary need for evil and good. Plus, they did save each other a couple times...so will the boys ever seem to get along again?" 

I wouldn't look for them to make nice-nice in the "Fugitives" chapter.   At least not until the very end when, well... oh, we wouldn't want to give that away.   

One of our U.K. readers, Siobhan Grant, has two questions about the show: 

"In the episode just aired was Sylar remembering what happened in the past by himself, or was it the ability [to see the past through touching an object] he gained from The Company employee that Angela fed him at the beginning of Volume 3. Or just a mixture of both?"

That is an awesome question, Sioban - and one we talked about in the room at length. We wanted it to be one or the other. We were pulling for the power - but we lost out, and it's just a boring traditional flashback.  

"Any plans to give Lyle an ability so HRG can have the guilt of not noticing because he doesn't pay as much attention to Lyle as to Claire?"

No.  No ability for Lyle.  

Bernie is already looking forward to Volume 5: 

"When will we learn the name of Volume Five and what details can you give us about it?" 

It will be the fifth volume of the series.  We can tell you that. And currently, it is called "Redemption/" All we can tell you is that act five of our "Fugitives" finale will give you a look at what it will entail.  

Sasha knows he's just a pile of dust, but thinking she might have found a way to see the former Mr. Sark: 

"I really miss Adam so is there any chance that we will at least see him in the 1961 episode?"

We considered it, but it didn't fit into our timeline.  We love ourselves some Adam, so we could see him again.  

Danielle Roberts wants to learn more about Luke: 

"I really liked Luke, I thought he was one of the most interesting new characters we've seen introduced in the past couple seasons. A fanbase for Luke sprang up almost immediately after 'Trust and Blood' aired, and I'm curious if we'll ever get to see more of this character? I'd really love to see his characterization continue, and see how he grows as a character. He's the confused teen dealing with not fitting in and not being wanted, and he's lost without any guidance both figuratively and literally since Sylar left him in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go since going home really isn't a viable option. I want to know what happens to him. So is there any chance we'll get to see Luke turn up again, even in the graphic novels?"

Absolutely. He's such a great character that we left him in the wind for exactly that reason - so look out in the graphic novels.  

Renah is trying to be diplomatic but needs to know: 

"In 'Exposed,' Peter and the media made a big deal over the fact that it was American citizens whose rights were being violated without warrants - but shouldn't it actually be an even bigger deal that Hiro was abducted out of Japan? Is the Japanese government complicit in Nathan's organization, or are they seeing this footage for the first time as well? If it's the second, is there going to be a diplomatic blow up over the international prisoners like Mohinder and Hiro?" 

We always imagined there are dozens of citizens taken from their country that nobody ever finds out again about.  So we've always considered Mohinder and Hiro in that category.   

Kam has a feeling that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree: 

"For all the kills Sylar made to date, was his M.O. - slicing open people's skulls - just that repressed memory at work without him fully realizing it?" 

Bingo. Kam, you hit the nail on the... well, you know.  

Nonredhead is sad to see Sam Tyler's journey come to an end and is hoping Heroes might be able to help out: 

"Now that 'Life on Mars' is canceled, I need my '70s fix - please tell me you have '70s elder flashbacks in Volume 5's future?" 

We would still love to do a '70s flashback.  So we hope so.   

Richard Sanders is rethinking Sylar's powers: 

"It looks like Sampson Gray has Intuitive Aptitude; why else would he cut his wife's head with Telekinesis? So does Gabriel have Empathic mimicry and just absorbed Intuitive Aptitude while seeing his mother killed by him?"

What are you doing tonight, Richard?   

Glenn Simpkins can't see the future so he is asking the following questions: 

"Your statement in the Season 3 week 13 edition [of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE] regarding Matt and his new precognitive ability raises two related questions: 

"One: You said that by Usutu exposing Matt to the precognitive plane with that paste made with Tamboti tree, Matt can now access the ability of precognition. This raises the question, could a person like Claire, Mohinder, or Noah develop Precog in a similar manner by being exposed to the plane, being coached, and having sufficient mental discipline? Or can only other persons with mentally-based abilities (like Matt and his Telepathy) gain the precog ability?"

No, Claire wouldn't get much from the paste.   Mohinder and Noah would just get a bit of a high.   Matt, much like Isaac, had a dormant ability, that the drugs brought out.  Perhaps you're right about other people with Mental based abilities.  Maybe Angela should drop some acid.  

"This ties into question two: If it was Matt's telepathy that allowed him to acquire Precog, can he acquire other mentally based powers, like Molly's power, in a similar way, i.e.. by being shown the way telepathically and then coached?"

We don't think so. But it's a theory we can put to the test some day.  

Joshua is still fascinated with 1961: 

"Will we be seeing Kaito Nakamura, Carlos Mendez, Charles Deveaux, Victoria Pratt and any of the other company founders as teenagers and will we finally find out the rest's abilities?" 

No.  No.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  Kinda.

Emily Dacosta thinks the Big Bad needs a bit of a feminine touch: 

"Any plans to introduce a major female villain at some point? Seems like all the Big Bads on 'Heroes' have been male (Sylar, Linderman, Maury, Adam, Arthur and now The Hunter)."

Stay tuned, Emily.  We got something in the pipeline for episode 25 that will make you very happy.  Get it, "Pipeline?" 

Oh.   No.  I don't suppose you would.  

Carl Rood wants to see Mr. Grey go to Washington: 

"Once Sylar resolves his 'daddy issues,' will it occur to him that a government facility stocked with powered people would be like a candy store to him?" 

Carl, we're excited for you to check out episode 21 - "Into Asylum" - because what kind of people would we be if we didn't explore that very idea?  

Carl's also curious about Danko's plan: 

"I understand that a public panic and witch hunt can be started by almost anything, but how does strapping a bomb to Matt accomplish anything?  It doesn't really highlight that his power is dangerous.  Anyone with access to explosives could do the same thing.  Is Danko planning to cover up the cause of the explosion?  If so, why leave Matt out in public with the bomb visible?" 

We were a bit confused on this one from the start, too, Carl.  Best we could piece together, Danko was trying to sell a brand of American terrorist without powers.  

Sam McKenzie is trying to figure out exactly how Sylar works: 

"Why did Sylar spare Luke? I mean, he initially seemed to connect with him and kept him around for the information regarding his dad, but when he found out Luke was just using him for a way out of his life, why didn't he kill him? We know Sylar hates being used, and Luke's power seemed to intrigue him, so wouldn't the Hunger have compelled him, combined with his rage at being used?"

Sylar's focus is pretty singular right now, especially after that flashback.  Best metaphor is that he's starving himself for thanksgiving.  

Andie misses the rest of the Petrelli clan: 

"I was just wondering if the fact that Nathan has two sons is ever going to be addressed on the show and if they will ever manifest abilities?" 

Yes it will. And one will most certainly. But we can't tell you then.  

The Zomb is curious about what side Rebel is actually on: 

"Rebel: so far, the rebel guy seemed to be an ally, but helping Doyle? Is this rebel a character with a hidden agenda, or perhaps he is just too altruistic?" 

Why not both, "The Zomb?"   Why not both?  

Tarot was impressed by Sandra this past episode and needs to know more: 

"After seeing Sandra Bennet's impressive actions in 'Exposed,' it's clear she knows a lot more than she has let on previously.  Will we be seeing more of her hidden talents in Future episodes and does Sandra have a power?"

Sandra's Power is awesomeness.  And dog training.  And fake IDs.

Thanks as always to Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "Shades Of Gray," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, March 12.

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