Greetings and salutations, "Heroes" fans, and welcome to another edition of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with "Heroes" producers/writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski, where they answer the most important questions about the NBC television series, yours!

We took a trip down memory lane last week in "Cold Wars," which saw BEHIND THE ECLIPSE's own Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski pick up their pens again for the first time in Volume Four. In the episode, Noah was telepathically interrogated by Parkman, revealing exactly how he came to work for Nathan. To stop Peter from shooting Danko, Nathan may have endangered the secret he's been hiding from the government, that he has abilities himself. Daphne's still alive, escaping from what was thought to be a fatal gunshot wound. Mohinder had a face off with the government, resulting in his capture and a mission he couldn't refuse: find a way to permanently remove special abilities. In the shocking final moments, Matt painted a brand new exploding man, this one with a much more familiar face and a different city on his mind.

Now, strap yourselves in as we take another journey BEHIND THE ECLIPSE.

CBR: The dynamic duo of Coliete and Pokaski got some help for "Cold Wars," that of writer Chris Zatta.  How did the addition affect the way you two would normally write a script? 

Joe Pokaski & Aron Coliete: Zatta is amazing.  He makes an excellent referee in settling our bets and fights.  But more than that, he's an excellent writer.  It's always a joy to work with Chris.  He's an adult, while Pokaski and Coleite, we're just children. 

Mohinder brought up a good point when Parkman was trying to read Noah's thoughts. A person's memory is very unreliable.  It can be shaded by bias, time and is susceptible to the power of suggestion.  Since Matt was a cop, shouldn't he know that?  Or does Matt somehow see past those things and see what actually happened? 

Matt was just desperate.  It didn't matter if Mohinder was right or not.  Or based on his cop training.  Matt was simply angry and out for revenge. And that makes a man do some crazy things.   

Now with the exploding man and the painting of a city being destroyed, we see even more echoes of Volume 1. Are we going to see more callbacks to that Volume as we get further along into Volume 4? 

Not necessarily.  You'll know more what we mean by this by the end of the night.   

Talk of "1961" has captured the imagination of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE readers.  What's the significance of that year?  Has it anything to do with Primatech Paper being founded in 1962?  


Our first reader question comes from Caleb Warren who'd like to see the Heroes-verse go a bit more Morrison-esque: 

"In Grant Morrison's run on 'New X-Men,' we saw mutants emerge as a major minority group, even developing their own sub-culture. They had their own bands, movies, etc. Any chance we can see something similar happen in 'Heroes?'" 

Probably not.  But we never say never ever.  Maybe in Season 10.   

Allison knows it's only rock and roll, but is curious about young Angela: 

"Can you give us some hints on Young Angela in 1961? Her hopes, her dreams? Did she love Elvis or  The Beatles? I say she was an Elvis girl. From Season One, it always seemed to make sense to me that Angela had manifested at 16 like Claire? What was young Angela like? And who is playing her?" 

Sheesh.  Why don't you ask us to give away the whole show?  We've gotta keep some secrets for the actual show.  It's episode 23.  You'll have a lot of answers then.  However, we can tell you that the young actress playing Young Angela is Alexa Nikolas. 

Nonredhead writes in again, this time with questions about "1961": 

"Will the show stick to Linderman canon established in the graphic novel in the 1961 episode? Also, are these all origin / manifestation stories, or a slice of 1961? Any hints to what you are trying to accomplish. It always made sense to me Fugitives would be perfect to show Nathan how his parents and the elders we're once young and wanting to do the right thing." 

Sheesh.  You guys really love this whole 1961 business.  Sparked something.  All I can say is - you'll see.  We've tried to steer as close to the graphic novels as possible.  And all I can tell you is that it implies a lot more story that is yet to be told. 

Laurel wants to know about something that may have been better off unsaid: 

"Great scenes between Cristine and Jack - I look forward to more. But what was so interesting was how Angela went to speak at the end of the first scene and then couldn't or decided not to say it - was that in the script, or was that all Cristine 'I rock the unspoken moments' Rose?"  

That was actually in the script.  We'll send you the pages if you don't believe us.   

Alistair Way is wondering if he should add two more victims to Sylar's list: 

"First of all, at the end of 'Our Father,' Peter sends the Haitian after Sylar. We see Sylar escape, but what happened to the Haitian? He hasn't been seen since then and I've heard he won't be around in Volume 4 (at least). Has Sylar killed him? And if he has, has he taken his ability?"

The Haitian is still out there.  Ability intact.  There was a scene that was deleted from the script.  Maybe it will be a DVD extra.   

"The second thing is actually very similar, this time involving Danny Pine. We see Pine's severed arm, but did Sylar also kill him and take his ability too? Or was Sylar preoccupied with his plan at Primatech? Or did Pine manage to escape?" 

Pine is dead.  That we can assure you of.   

Deborah David is thinking that Peter and Sylar's next encounter may be "explosive": 

"Last week, you stated that Peter and Sylar would fight in the season finale and that 'we don't think you'll like how this one turns out.'  Does this have any connection with the explosion in Washington D.C. that Matt painted?"

Nope.  Something else in store for their final encounter of this volume.  And we can assure you, it doesn't end with a ka-boom.   

Carl Rood has a couple questions concerning last week's episode: 

"One thing I've noticed about Mohinder is that he seems to ultimately go along with the strongest personality in the room (Thompson, Noah, Bob, Arthur, etc).  He never really takes much responsibility for his decisions.  Will this pattern continue and will he ultimately help Nathan?"

Mohinder's noticed that about himself as well, and he's going to try to find the reason why.  Mohinder's got a little digging to do.   

"How big of a mistake did Nathan make in coming to stop Peter from killing the Hunter?  Will he be able to explain how he got to the apartment so quickly?" 

That question is going to pop up in Episode 19.  Shades of Gray.  And it's gonna be answered too. 

Jake wants to get a better idea of what the writer's room is like: 

"How many writers are there total?  And how many collaborate for one episode?" 

Let's see:  There's the amazing Bryan Fuller.  Tenacious Mark Verheiden.  Rowdy Rob Fresco.  Awesome Adam Armus.  Fantastic Kay Foster.  Chivalrous Chuck Kim.  Zippy Chris Zatta and Yeoman Yule Caise.  Including us and Kring.  That's 11.  And we all try to collaborate on every episode.  From breaking to writing.   

Sarah wants to know more about the most underused Bennet, and no, not Mr. Muggles: 

"We've seen how the long term effects of being a Bennet have affected HRG, Claire, and Sandra, but what about Lyle? Here's this teen kid who's been involved with some freaky people over the show's span, but how has that changed his life? Also, how does he cope with the ultimate older sibling shadow: a sister who can't die?" 

He sobs quietly into his pillow every night.  He tries to behave like normal.  But, it's obviously very difficult for him.   

Shiloh Fred can't wait till "Shades of Gray" and wants to see if he can get a tease: 

"I have a question about Sylar's father. Can you at least give us a hint to what his ability is? I want something to work some theories on. Thanks."

It's Sylar's Father.  That's not enough of a hint? 

Eric Luong has a question about Parkman's limits: 

"Matt has displayed considerable power - he bested his father, he fooled Knox (well, presumably), and after the crash he took control of one of the shooters.  Is Matt still unable to control these farther reaches of his power, or is he reluctant to use them?  Why doesn't he take control of some of those operatives and take control of the situation?  Or, why doesn't he throw some illusions around to hide out?  Does he need to make eye contact? Can he only work his magic on one person at a time?" 

I think a lot of those questions were answered tonight with "Exposed."   

The Zomb has two questions, one concerning Ma Petrelli and the other about Danko: 

"Which is the true motivation of Mrs. Petrelli?, if synthetic abilities are not mass produced anymore, did she had a new dream-vision about a future of chaos created by Nathan Vs. Specials? Or she is just seeing how her Son is following the madness of her dead husband and wants to stop that?"  

You'll learn a lot more about her and her motivations as the season progresses, especially in episode 20, Bryan Fuller's "Cold Snap."  

"Does the Hunter have a 'personal vendetta' with someone with abilities? He is way too cold; perhaps a member of his family was killed by one (he practically denies the statement done by Noah about '20 years keeping the existence of special individuals away from people like him')?" 

It's not exactly what you expect.  But I can tell you you'll lean more about it at episode 22.   

Tarot is curious if sometimes a watch is just a watch: 

"In 'Cold Wars,' there was a watch exchanged between Angela and HRG.  Is it just symbolic of HRG's temporary retirement or is there something more significant here?"

Gold watch.  Retirement.  It doesn't shoot lasers or anything like that.  But that'd be cool.  Laser watch.   

"Those pumping units that the Hunter and his operatives use to subdue Specials, are they pumping a gas or a liquid?  I only ask because the tubing seems too short to be nasogastric tubing; I'm a nurse and I have had to deal with those.  Whatever the substance is, I think it must be similar in content to the 'Haitian pills' that Peter was made to take back in season 2."

Liquid.  As derivative of the same drug that they shunted Sylar with in Season 1.  And Peter in Season 2.   

Ben Wahlberg needs to know if Mr. Muggles' face might soon show up on the big board: 

"I'm really worried about Mr. Muggles.  I was wondering if you could assure me that The Hunter (Mr. Danko that is) does not know about Mr. Muggles, because if he did, wouldn't the fate of the world be at stake?" 

As you saw tonight.  Mr. Muggles is just fine.   

Laura wants to know if Peter somehow lost his "touch": 

"Guys, can you explain how when Peter swoops in to save Matt, the two of them don't fall to the ground to their deaths?  Shouldn't Peter have lost his flying ability when he touched Matt?"

Peter's gotten better at his "touch."  He can now pick and choose who he gets it from.  It just took some time and effort to get it under control.

Thanks as always to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "Exposed," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, March 5.

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