It's Monday, and that means it's time for another peek BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with "Heroes" producers/writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete, where they answer the most important questions about the hit NBC television series, yours!

Last week's episode, entitled "Building 26," saw Hiro and Ando take a journey to India, where Hiro found it doesn't take powers to be a true hero. With the help of Rebel, Claire met Alex, a comic book store employee with his own special gift. Noah moved out of the Bennet home only to be drugged and kidnapped by Parkman, Peter and Mohinder. Luke handed over the location of Sylar's dad and was captured by one of Nathan's security teams, but was then rescued by Sylar himself. Tracy escaped from her cell, killing a guard before being recaptured and further cementing the threat those with powers pose to the White House.

With tonight's episode, "Cold Wars," only hours away, CBR takes you BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete.

CBR: Everyone is curious about Rebel. The guesses to his or her identity range from Micah to Santiago to Hana to West. Some people have decided to bypass it by asking about Rebel's power set and then deduce back from there. Obviously, you guys can't spoil it just yet, but what can you tell us about Rebel?

Aron Coliete & Joe Pokaski: Well, what do we know? We know Rebel has a phone. And he or she can text. That's about it, so far - but we'll be learning a lot more by way of his or her texts soon enough. But at this point, if you are playing at home - your list of suspects should be about 9 deep.

In Building 26, Nathan has a big board with pictures of powered individuals that he's hunting down. Does everyone on the board have a story behind them? Does the pattern in which the pictures are arranged mean anything?

There's no real rhyme of reason so far, but as we move along, you'll see the board take more form. And the columns of killed/captured/at large firm up. A fun fact you may not know - a lot of those faces in-between, ones you may not recognize, are beloved crew members. The pretty ones, anyway.

What is the order by which Nathan's team is trying to capture these powered individuals? Alex seems like he wouldn't be as much of a threat as some of the others on the loose, or were they thinking he would be easy an easy "win" when they have been failing to capture any others besides Tracy?

Now this question is onto something. This is a government operation - so while the first priority is to apprehend the most dangerous of folks, they need to put up some numbers as well for oversight and/or appearance of doing their job efficiently. (In "The Wire" they called it "juking the stats").

With writing finished on Volume 4, how are you guys spending your days? Are you gearing up for Season 5, still working on last minute rewrites, or is this the time when your mainly wearing your producer "hats?"

D) All of the above. (And sleep. Need much sleep)

Our first reader question comes from Nonredhead who is wondering who really wants to live forever:

"Will Claire ever have to deal with her own immortality - the possibility she may never grow old or have to watch her loved ones die? It seems to me at least Angela should talk to Claire about it - her experience with Adam and all? It seems to be the Elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Or perhaps Noah and Angela are in denial."

Claire will have this talk in the last chapter of "Fugitives." With the only person alive who can relate. Yes. Him.

Allison has a question about Angela's accessories, or lack there of:

"I may be wrong, but it seems as if Angela isn't wearing her big fat wedding/engagement ring? Is this true? If so, that's a huge step for Angela as a character. Will this be explored or at least mentioned on the show. That ring was so much apart of her and what it represents; I can't think she stopped wearing it for no reason?"

Wow. We didn't notice. Probably because we're guys. We'll check in with wardrobe and Christine Rose to see where that choice came from. Good eye, Allison.

StSword is back, with a few more thought provoking inquiries:

"Can Matt only see Usutu because Usutu was a precog, or has Matt's ability extended to mediumship like Ida May Walker? And if so, are you going to extend Matt's ghostly entourage beyond Usutu?"

Right now he can only connect with Usutu - although, as we stated last week, the original idea was that he'd have access to the whole rolodex of future painters. That being said, the pieces of anatomy we'd give to hear Matt Parkman channel the line: "Damn baby... What'you do to your hair?" We would name the episode "Autumn Sunrise."

"Does Ando's ability augmentation just unlock the hidden potential of an ability (which means say Daphne could learn how to time travel on her own) or force them beyond their own potential?"

The second, we think. Daphne cannot time travel. Neither can Peter. Heck, neither can Hiro. But we will find another use of Ando's power by episode 20.

Izzie is wondering if we might see Tracy take a page from Bobby Drake:

"Tracy has never frozen anything without having to touch it, the range seems to be quite short (although lethal). Could that be because she hasn't learned the full extent of her power yet? Can we expect to see Tracy freezing stuff from a distance, making it into a projectile; creating ice from ambient moisture or even lowering room temperature?"

Izzie. We have a feeling you will be excited about episode 20 - "Cold Snap" - written by our returning brother, Bryan Fuller. So dress in layers in three weeks.

Peter Dawson, a.k.a Busterman, wants to know if you have any more guest stars tucked up your sleeve:

"I've got a couple of questions this week. The first one is about guest stars: last volume we had Seth Green, Breckin Meyer and Robert Forester just off the top of my head. Any new big names coming our way this volume?"

Swoozie Kurtz will be appearing as a new character and Ellen Green will be reprising an old one. (Did we mention Bryan was back?)

Busterman is also curious about the newest hero to take the stage:

"Is his underwater breathing limited to just that, underwater, or is it more universal like Bianca from the comics?"


Daniel P. wants to see some more character focused episodes:

"Are you ever going to have a character-centric episode like 'Company Man' again but not on HRG? Maybe on Danko, Ando, Peter, etc.? We always get a future episode or a past episode, but I miss this more focused style. It'd be nice to see every now and then."

What are you doing tonight? "Cold Wars." 9:00PM. If you miss that (don't miss that), stay tuned for episode 23, "1961." You've got a nice month or two ahead of you, Daniel P.

Sho'cye wants to figure out what makes Sylar tick:

Why is it that Sylar was okay with casually murdering Elle - the woman he presumably loved - for no apparent reason, yet rescued Luke - a kid he barely knows - even though Luke no longer has any information to offer him?

Sylar, like any us (to some degree more), is finding himself. Plus, Luke didn't try to work him into something he wasn't while Sylar was being manipulated by people claiming to be his parents. So there's that.

Also - stay tuned - I don't think many of his relationships last too long...

Josh Parker has another question about Ando's augmentation power:

"So if Ando used his power on Peter, would Peter be able to store multiple powers, or would it just amplify the current power he possesses, or something entirely different?"

Awesome question. I suppose Ando would have to hit him for us to find out.

Goldoa wants to know about everyone's favorite de-powered hero, Hiro:

"Given that Peter's new power has traits in common with his previous power, is it possible that if/when Hiro gains another power that his will have similarities to his original one?"

Very possible. Stay tuned, Goldoa.

Joshua is curious if Needle Nose Ned will be making an appearance:

"You've stated Bob will be seen using Alchemy in episode 23 which is (for now) being titled 1961. Will Stephen Tobolowsky be reprising his role? Or will Bob be portrayed by a younger actor? It was sad to see Bob have such a quick send off."

Bob, or "Bobby" as he is called, will be played by young actor H. Michael Croner. It's 1961. We miss Mr. Tobolowsky too - but that's the point sometimes, to have deaths that stick so you feel the loss.

Carl Rood is curious about Hiro's and Ando's travel arrangements:

"How did Hiro and Ando get to India? Considering how the arrived in the U.S., they couldn't have passports and couldn't really use them if they did. They couldn't use credit cards to buy plane tickets. While Parkman might be able to 'brain mojo' them onto a plane (although they'd still get picked up on cameras), they still couldn't get through Indian customs without passports and possibly visas. Did Peter fly them? If so how will they get back since they didn't recover Hiro's powers?"

Hiro is still the multi-billionare heir to one of the most powerful companies in Tokyo. Yamagato's got some pull. So he's got some resources.

Jamie Kirkland just wants to see a fight:

"Are Peter and Sylar ever going to do battle again? The rivalry between them has resulted in a few skirmishes, but never a real all out brawl. Are there any plans to have them duel again?"

Yes. But of course, you may have to wait until the last chapter of the volume. That being said, we don't think you'll like how this one turns out.

John wants more Ali Larter, and who doesn't?

"I noticed in 'Villains' that Tracy didn't get a lot of screentime after 'Eris Quod Sum' and was kind of bummed, since her character really interested me. Any chance we'll learn about her past-- maybe in Volume Five? Like about her parents and her childhood?"

We're in Washington D.C. - Tracy territory. So we'll see her in almost every episode - and as stated before, episode 20 - "Cold Snap" will be very Tracy-riffc.

Addison knows Adam isn't coming back but can't stop being curious about him:

"On earlier BTEs, you guys mentioned that we would be finding out about Adam's family and why he wanted that gold key, do you still plan on doing that if he is not coming back then?"

We still want to get to it - but it may take a while.

Patrick wanted to remind the guys about a comment made in a previous BEHIND THE ECLIPSE:

"Will we ever get an explanation for Future Peter's scar? You told us it would be this season, and yet it was also said we won't be seeing Future Peter again."

We had it in a script, we swear! At the end of "Villains," we swear - but it got cut. We are very committed to seeing how he got (or rather, gets it) - but, for obvious reasons, reluctant to committing to saying when. Because dedicated fans like you who pay attention can call us out on our bull...

Cyrus from Boston pulls out an X-Men reference and we love comic book references:

"So if Ando and Parkman were to use their powers together, could the effect be similar to Professor Xavier using Cerebro on everyone?"

First off, Go Sox. Seriously. We mean that. Secondly, that sounds kind of awesome. We might have to try that. And also, Go Sox.

Daniel Carranza is keeping something from Sylar and needs some help:

"Just like its possible for skillful people to beat a lie detector test, is it possible to beat Sylar's lie detector ability? Maybe some military badass like The Hunter? Or even Noah Bennet?"

I think there are ways to circumvent it. Methods like replacement, or not telling the whole truth.

Thanks as always to Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "Cold Wars," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, February 26.

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