Welcome back, "Heroes," fans to BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, Comic Book Resources' exclusive weekly question-and-answer session with the dynamic duo of "Heroes" producers/writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski, where they answer the most important questions about the hit NBC television series, yours!

Last week in "Blood And Truth," we found out exactly who survived the airplane crash in Russellville, Arkansas. Parkman gave viewers a glimpse of the future with the help of a box of crayons. Daphne discovered she may not be faster then a speeding bullet. Sylar met a kindred spirit named Luke, a boy whose power does not make him a good friend to those with a pacemaker. Tracy tried to lure Nathan into a trap, only to be captured herself. The Hunter demonstrated that his ruthless idealogy doesn't exactly line up with Noah or Nathan's plans. Claire was contacted by the mysterious "Rebel," and Peter went underground to start a rebellion of his own.

Without further ado, we take you BEHIND THE ECLIPSE!

CBR: With Volume 4 kicking off we've been bombarded with e-mails on who might be appearing this volume, so lets quickly go down the roster:


Joe Pokaski & Aron Coliete: Yes.






Uh, the dude turned into dust.



It didn't seem like Peter knew he was going to get Tracy's power, so can Peter control whether he absorbs a power, or does he just get the powers of the last person he touched?

It sure didn't seem like he meant to blow open a hole in the airplane. So, yes - he's still trying to get a handle on his powers. Just like during the first season, it's gonna take him some time to get a handle on these powers.

Gives us a peek inside the Writers Room. How far along into Volume 4 are you? Have there been any "Charlie Arguments" of "150 Hour Tests" of late?

As of answering this question, we're all done with Volume 4. Lots of arguments along the way. But we're not one for airing out our dirty laundry, so we're gonna keep our fights to a minimum. But we'll give you a couple of tidbits to mull over. Bridge. Tunnel. 1961. Sylar's Father. Enjoy!

"Trust And Blood" was written by one of the newer additions to the "Heroes"-verse, Mark Verheiden, of "Battlestar Galactica" fame. What has the experience been like with him on board, and what has he brought to the team? Has he spoiled the ending of "Battlestar Galactica" for anyone yet?

Mark Verheiden is a friggin genius. He's brought the love and intensity from "BSG" all over to "Heroes." Mark's an amazing writer and a great creative force for the staff. Can you tell - we love Mark. Or check out our new blog, welovemarkverheiden.com.

Robin wrote in to ask you about the youngest hero, Molly:

"In BTE #12, you guys left us with a tantalizing bit of information.  You mentioned that a scene was cut where Arthur takes Molly Walker's powers.  Will we see Molly again, and if we do will she be powerless?  More importantly, I'm curious about how Arthur found Molly.  He needed to find her to get her ability to find people, so obviously he didn't have a finding-people ability of his own.  The only person who knew where she was is Mohinder.  So did Mohinder sell her out to Arthur and will this be brought up again in future episodes?"

Yep. Mohinder did sell her out. The weakling. What an A-hole. But... since that storyline was cut from the show, it was cut from continuity. So no - you won't be seeing any ramifications from that storyline.

On a more important note, Arthur didn't get to Mr. Muggles, did he?  He hasn't had any airtime in two episodes.  Is he hanging out with Molly?

Nope. He's in Costa Verde. Just chilling.

Javi from Texas also wrote in:

"On the premiere of Volume 4, we see that most of our heroes had been caught, tied up, and put on a plane. We know that Peter, Mohinder, Matt, Tracy, Hiro, and Claire were definitely some of the captured, but there were a lot of other "specials" captured too. Are we ever going to meet those people? Or did they all die in the plane crash?"

No plans yet. A lot died. Especially that one that got sucked out through that hole. Poor bastard.

Jamie wants to find out more about the fate of Hiro's nemesis, Daphne:

"My question is concerning Daphne. Is she dead?! We saw her get shot in the shoulder, just like Matt's drawing. Then she collapsed and Matt was dragged away by the others. But is she really dead? Every other time a death has been predicted through the drawings, the corpse is shown in the drawing. Matt's drawing, however, only showed Daphne being shot in the shoulder, not actually dead."

More on Daphne next week. The story's not over yet.

Caid comes to us all the way from Glasgow, Scotland to get some clarification on Peter's abilities:

"I'd just like some clarification regarding Peter's ability. When he injected himself with the formula, he appeared to absorb Nathan's ability the way he used to do with Empathic Mimicry and then took off, grabbing Nathan in the process but now he needs to physically touch people to absorb their ability. Was that intended or was it just a little hiccup on the writers' part?"

No hiccup. This is all just an expansion of Peter's powers to absorb them on at a time. It's going to take some time for him to get used to them.

Jamie Kirkland has a question about Sylar and his sidekick Luke:

"Since Sylar understands and seems to empathize with Luke, does that mean he would've acquired, or can acquire, his microwave powers through empathic mimicry?"

Yes it does. But is he toying with Luke? Why did he save him? Is Sylar finding a little protege?

Brett Farley from Dallas, Texas needs to know if The Rebellion is going to find some unlikely allies:

"With Sylar seeming to be the most powerful of all of the Specials, since he can still hold many powers at once. Are we going to see The Rebellion track down Sylar and convince him to join their struggle against Nathan? And if so, could this still lead to Sylar taking Nathan's place as seen in the flash-forward episode from Season 1?"

Interesting theory. That's all we'll say. You're not right. But you're not wrong. You're right on!

James Anderson wants to know if he found a loophole in getting Peter back to his full potential:

"If Peter were to touch Sylar and absorb his ability would he then be able to take on more then one power at a time?"

Hmmmm. Interesting theory. We gotta get those two together and see what happens.

Louis M., who watches every week with his father, is curious about the manifestation of Peter's powers:

"I have a question about Peter. So far, both the natural and synthetic powers all manifest themselves in terms of both need and personality. Peter's powers were originally empathic in nature. Which makes sense, him being a hospice care worker. Why did Peter regain the ability to absorb other abilities yet only through touch, and even then, only one power at a time? Is it a meta-message, like in the movie 'Crash,' where the idea that all humans crave contact and comfort and Peter provides that? It's also interesting to note, it's also a variation on Arthur's ability, only Peter copies and doesn't steal."

It is interesting. You're on to something Louis. Peter needed to reconnect with his empathy. Something he's been sorely lacking since this adventure began. Maybe this is the universe telling him he needs to go back to his old ways.

Brainlock is curious if Parkman might be pulling an Eli Stone:

"aMatt as the Heroes Prophet; are we talking prophet like Isaac Mendez, or Prophet like a modern day Moses? Or both?"

Like Isaac.

Kyle K. wants to dig deep into the Company's files for the answer to this question:

"The webcomics and television shows gave the impression that the Company was a rather large global-spanning organization with many employees and technical assets. I'm wondering how such a complex group could, as Angela indicated in the 'Fugitives' premiere, vanish overnight. Did all the people just get new jobs? Are all the computer and satellite systems now just sitting in a dark, sealed rooms across the world? Surely they weren't so fragile as to completely collapse from one building burning down, were they?"

Certainly not. But. Angela's definitely certain that the Company is gone. More on this in next week's episode, "Cold Wars," and even more about the company is going to come to light this volume. Keep your eyes out for Episode 323, tentatively titled "1961."

Tommy Cash dropped us a line wondering about your choice of locale:

"So, I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, about an hour from Russellville. Is there a particular reason that you used that town, and will there be a Hero from around here?"

Because of you Tommy Cash. You're our hero.

Ryan Gibson Stewart wonders if Sylar has been using the whole range of his powers:

"Has Sylar ever used Bridget's ability of clairsentience? Thanks!"

He did. He used it on Claire in Episode 305. And then again - he will be using it a lot more in the episodes to come. Especially in two weeks time.

Tarot has a couple questions about The Hunter:

"The Hunter obviously hates Specials for some reason. Will we be shown why this is so?"

Kind of. The Hunter is a complex man. We're gonna learn a whole lot more about him next week.

"Do the Hunter and his operatives now have access to the Company's records or just the comparatively small packet that Nathan had handed to the President?"

Are you reading our mind. There will be more on the hunter and whatever happened to Primatech this next week. "Cold Wars." Coming soon.

Nick checks in to ask a question about a character he relates to, Noah Bennet:

"As a man that would do anything for his family I really identify with H.R.G. Noah Bennet seems really well educated (ex. able to speak fluently in at least two languages), well versed in weapons and unarmed combat. Was he trained by the company or did he already have these skills when he joined?"

He had some skills when he joined, but he gained a lot more as he worked for Primatech. There's gonna be some insight into this. Guess when? Next week. "Cold Wars!" Woot. Be there. You'll enjoy. And hey - it was written by Chris Zatta along with the assistance of Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.

Thanks as always to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about this week's episode, "Building 26," email us your questions for the chance to see them answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, February 19.

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