Welcome, "Heroes" fans, to the one and only BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! This is Comic Book Resources' weekly feature when there is a new episode, column with writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete where we answer the most important questions, yours!

The year's first episode of "Heroes" started off with a bang -- or should that be a crash? Ando got his own secret headquarters, costume and Ando-cycle courtesy of Hiro. Sylar found out his father is not who he thought it was... again. Claire tried to save Peter and Parkman from imminent danger, but failed. Peter found another reason not to trust someone when they asked him for a hug. Suresh took a familiar cab ride before having a run in with Noah Bennet. Parkman got a vision from Usutu, which allowed him to make a few drawings of his own. A hunter was introduced. Tracy, Peter, Suresh, Parkman and Hiro were captured by Nathan. And a climactic showdown aboard a plane left our Heroes feeling a little bit "Lost."

Tonight, Volume Four continues with "Trust And Blood" -- but before then, we take a peak BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with Joe and Aron!

CBR: We start things off with one of our UK readers, Maggie from London. She wants to know about a particular power she liked last season:

"Will we be seeing that strange power Future Peter used at the beginning of 'Villains' again - the one which meant that Peter was trapped in Jesse's body? It seems too interesting and unusual not to come up again."

Aron Coleite & Joe Pokaski: Boy we feel the same way, Maggie. We keep trying to find an opportunity to use that power but there haven't been any character-y reasons to pull the trigger on it. We came close to it happening at the end of villains, but no dice. As a consolation prize - we've got something even cooler in that milieu coming up at the end of the season. So Bob's your uncle, Maggie. (We probably didn't use that right, but we're trying to sound British for you.)

Jake brings us a question about the new hero hunters that showed up in this episode:

"How come Tracy's freezing power didn't work on one of the 'hunters' in the beginning of the episode?"

They were ready, Boy Scout-style. So far in "Heroes," we've seen "mere mortals" unprepared for the powers of our heroes. But Nathan has provided files, H.R.G. has provided insight (and in episode 17 we'll learn exactly how this happened). So "the hunter" and his men have foresight and science on their side as they approach our heroes. That's probably why they're coming after them one at a time.

Hannah still can't get over the loss of Isaac Mendez:

"Can we expect to see anything more of our favorite heroin addict in the near future? Usutu gets to appear as a spirit. I think it's only fair that we get a zombie Isaac and the two fight it out. But seriously, any plans to bring Isaac back into the story somehow?"

That was the plan! It was supposed to be a trio of post-mortem painter-advisors show up to Matt, like at the end of Jedi when Yoda, Obi-Wan, and old Anakin Skywalker are there to give a blue-glow shout out to Luke (we refuse to even acknowledge that Hayden Christiansen revisionist nonsense). But unfortunately, we had two problems: first, Suresh's apartment is only so big, and more importantly, stupid Santiago Cabrera has become a huge movie star (see "Che Part 1").

We'll keep trying, though, Hannah

StSword has sent in several questions this week, so let's get down the list:

"So, did Claire regain the ability to feel pain when she achieved closure against Sylar?"

No. In retrospect, she maybe should have. If you're a Saint, where were you six months ago?

"How the heck did the feds know where Sylar was going to be, did his father know he was coming?"

As we said before, they have insight and intel on all of our heroes - and as we know from the "Villians" arc, Sylar has some parental issues that drive him.

"Is Rachel Mills going to make the transition to the show? The heroes are down two teleporters, after all."

We'll see our friend Rachel in episodes 18 and 19 and possibly one more. Taylor Cole has been great in the webisodes, and she's helped create a character too big for a little viewing box. And her iStory will be a big tie into the whole "Fugitives" arc.

Shalyin had some questions about Suresh's power set:

"Is Mohinder's power just enhanced strength now, or is there still more to it (i.e., climbing on walls and stuff)?"

Enhanced strength is the only ability remaining. The wall climbing was linked to that goo coming off of his hands and the scales. But whereas Suresh is strong physically, he still has his weak morality to deal with.

Carl is curious about Nathan's choice in targets:

"Since the stated Tracy was the first, doesn't that mean they've started a little big? She is tied to the governor of New York. She'd be missed. Also, Hiro is the Chairman and/or CEO of a large Japanese corporation. Wouldn't grabbing him and taking him out of his country have major implications?"

If Tracy is someone who can shake things up in Washington, wouldn't you want to nab her before she got wise as to what was happening? When she could cause some real trouble. And as far as the US kidnapping foreign citizens in their own countries - Carl, we think you might need to wake up and tune into some Rachel Maddow to clear up some of that naivete. And as far as Hiro's power being gone, I'm not sure Claire was sharing much of that - and it's possible that no one was listening if she did. Sucks being a teenager.

Allison has a theory about Angela's and Noah's motivations:

"So, Nathan says, Angela isn't in on Nathan's plan, but she was okay with Peter being taken..? It seems Angela's been trying to keep people finding out about specials for years, she even went to jail for a murder she didn't commit to stop the cops from finding out about them. Is this all apart of Angela's new master plan to stop the bad future she's been seeing all her life, as she implies to Peter in the first episode of vol. 3? And after the way HRG integrated Suresh alone, in that car before handing him in, well, my pet theory is Angela and Noah are working together from the inside? Am I warm? The two of them seem to be better at looking at the larger plan than Peter and Claire do."

First off Allison, you are awesome for nearly everything you said in there. Makes us feel like we know what we're doing. As a reward for your awesomeness, we give you Episode 17 "Cold Wars." Do not open till February 23.

Louis M. is curious about Matt's latest new ability:

"Matt's ability to see the future, was it really like the Prophet said, he has been chosen, or is it just Matt's telepathy growing to the point where he basically grafted part of Usutu's mind or psyche into his own?"

You really want to know? Long story is: Matt's ability is to access the mind - or at least that's how it started. But as he grew powerful and as Usutu opened it up more to the "dreamtime," he began to access that same plane of consciousness that Isaac and Usutu drew from to paint (and arguably the same one Angela accesses from another door). Short story - You don't choose your destiny. Your destiny chooses you.

Sparrow Redhouse's fans are speaking up again, their current representative is Dave Deas who asks:

"Hey guys! There was an unidentified woman on the plane with the rest of the heroes. Could she possibly be Sparrow Redhouse, who's name appeared on Chandra Suresh's 'List' from Volume 1? If the woman is not Sparrow will we ever get to see Ms. Redhouse on the show?"

That was not Sparrow. But Bob's uncle be our witness, we will see her on the show.

Joshua has a question about Sylar's survival:

"Is Sylar's survival going to be elaborated on later on?"


Iron Muggles had a rather villainous question about this season:

"With 'Fugitives,' and the new Hunter character, are we seeing a new heavy for the show? As an on-again, off-again fan of 'Lost,' the introduction of Benjamin Linus got me reinvested. Arthuer Petrelli, Sylar, Linderman, Parkman, Sr. and even HRG each had their turn as a heavy, but were all too quickly killed or revealed to have a softer side. Are we going to see some true evil with 'Fugitives?'"

Oh, Iron Muggles, with a name like that, you probably know how we feel about terms like "true evil" or "purely good" - they don't exist in the real world, and they are not informed by character so we don't take to them. That being said, this guy is one heartless motherf$%#%@r. Wait till you see what he does tonight. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Jamie Kirkland is requesting to see Sylar use a couple different powers:

"Are we going to get to see Sylar use sound manipulation or alchemy? Bob never really got to use his power, so I was wondering if Sylar might show us what it can do. And Sylar using a sonic scream would be quite awesome."

We don't think we'll see Sylar use them in the next few episodes - but in episode 23, we will see Bob use some Alchemy. That's right. Who's your uncle?

Daniel P. noticed a few scenes, like the scene in the taxi, that were callbacks to the first season and was curious about one of them:

"I was wondering, was Tracy's capture a part of that? The lighting, the shots, and even some of Tracy's dialogue (Her whole 'beg' bit) reminded me of Niki back in the season premiere, especially how Niki stood up to Linderman's henchman. Was this something you guys were going for, or was it all just some crazy coincidence?"

Nobody does a beautiful strong woman in duress better than Ali Larter- so we might be guilty for going to that awesome well again. But that's it.

The legion of Ando fans took the week off, but we did have one question from Robert M.:

"My question isn't about Ando but his sweet ride, the Ando-cycle; how long does it take to go from zero to sexy?"

Let's see - in the pilot he was downloading porn at work - so that would be... 49 episodes.

Say goodnight, Uncle Bob.

Thanks as always to Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A about tonight's episode, "Trust And Blood," email your questions for the chance at seeing your question answered right here in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, February 12.

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