Greetings and salutations, "Heroes" watchers, and welcome back to this, our eleventh installment of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE -- CBR's exclusive question-and-answer session with "Heroes" producers/writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete.

Last week, viewers were stunned and amazed as they watched the fall of Arthur Petrelli, but not before Nathan took his place at Pinehearst. Claire spent some time with her younger self as she convinced H.R.G. not to allow her to become the Catalyst. The previous bearer of the Catalyst was revealed, and the past was altered when a new bearer was chosen. Mohinder completed his work and creates fifty doses of the formula that gives other people powers. Sylar found out he may not be a Petrelli after all, and acquired a new power that made him a human lie detector. The last issue of "9th Wonders" is found by Parkman, Daphne and Ando, which prompts Ando to head to Pinehearst in search of a way to rescue Hiro, who is lost in time and powerless.

Now, on with the show...

CBR: There was a lot of time traveling last week and a few breaks in the "standard" time travel rules, like not being able to touch a previous version of yourself. What are the time traveling rules in the "Heroes" universe?

Aron Coleite & Joe Pokaski: I think we've established that people can touch their former selves in the "Heroes" unverse. In "Five Years Gone," Hiro and Hiro. Peter and Peter. And now, Claire and Claire. No black holes appearing or the entire universe unraveling. So, while some think that this goes against all the rules of time travel and physics, we just think it makes better storytelling.

We also got a lot of questions about the confrontation between Peter, the Haitian, Sylar and Arthur. If the Haitian's abilities gave out and Sylar was able to use his abilities, why didn't Arthur? Can you give us a quick blow-by-blow of that scene?

We're no John Madden, but the way we saw it as this - the Haitian was so entirely focused on stopping Arthur, that he could not contain Sylar's abilities as well. We've shown time and again that the Haitian isn't perfect. Plenty of people have broken through the Haitian's power. Nathan. Matt.. And Remy Minnick. Turducken.

Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with "Heroes" writer Bryan Fuller about returning to the show, and he said "Heroes" has become "too dense and fell into certain sci-fi trappings." What are your thoughts about what he sees are things that need to be changed for Volume 4?

We're just happy to have him back. It's a great opportunity. God willing, we take it one episode at a time and we'll make it through the rest of the year.

Louise, who writes from London, asked:

"I was just wondering if there were any special plans for 3x16 as its the show's 50th episode?"

We'll be having a party at Louise's house. In London. So I guess we should call it Louise's Flat. Thanks for inviting us over. We'll bring the chips. We mean crisps.

Cookie had two questions this week:

"How does a healer die? if Hiro's mom is a healer, why was she not able to heal herself? Will we see more of Hiro's mom?"

Don't you think if she could heal herself that she would? Apparently that didn't work. Maybe it's a mystery Hiro will be looking into later. However, there are no immediate plans to bring the talented Tamilyn Tomito back.

"Is the 'catalyst' alive? If the host body dies - is the Catalyst able to save itself by jumping into another host or can it only be given or taken from one body to another?"

Catalyst is dead.

The Ragnarok wanted to know:

"Are we going to learn more about Sylar's past or will his history be complete by the end of 'Villains?'"

More to come.

Thepoohguy asked:

"When the catalyst left Arthur, Peter was the only one there. Does this mean that Peter now has 'the Light' or is it lost and the only piece of it left is the formula Arthur touched?"

Hey poohguy, talk to cookie above - Catalyst is dead.

Corey wanted you to look at something (don't worry, it's not a script or story idea).

Now we know what to get Jonah for Christmas. Thanks Corey.

The Zomb wants to know about the future. Or the past. Or the present. Wait a second ...

"Regarding Isaac Mendez and many other precogs: we have seen different timelines, Angela's dreams change when the timeline is affected, Usutu although able to predict "time anomalies" (the way he beat Hiro) he recognized when a painting was no longer accurate (Matt Parkman's future). So for them, the future is not written in stone. But for Isaac he left so many accurate paintings that still survive all the changes. Is there a reason why Isaac's paintings seem to have better accuracy then the rest?"

Seems like Isaac was just a lot more prolific than Usutu. Isaac had paper and canvas and the whole comic medium to utilize as awell and Usutu - well, he had rocks. So - that might be a big part of it.

Daniel M wanted to know about a different kind of eclipse:

"We know what happens when the moon passes in front of the sun, could we ever see what happens when the Sun blocks out the Moon?"

Or how about a Lunar eclipse? Is it only one sort of eclipse that has an affect on our cast of characters?

We hope not. Like blue kryptonite, we can't wait until the lunar eclipse turns all our Heroes into children. Our own spin on the "Muppet Babies"

Roy wanted to know:

"So far we've seen two people with the ability to paint the future. Isaac Mendez, who created a comic book based on the adventures of Hiro Nakamura. And Usutu, who painted many portraits of Matt Parkman. Would it be safe to assume that a person with this ability follows the life of a specific someone?"

Isaac painted a lot of different Heroes. Peter. Claire. But, it seems that certain lives become important to certain artists at certain times, Usutu's relationship with Matt will be explored more in Volume 4.

Cathy W has two questions for you:

1) "Was there a reason Linderman didn't heal Mrs. Nakamura?"

We love all this love for Mrs. Nakamura. Everyone wants her to survive. Sorry. But, if Linderman, who is a healer and Mrs. Nakamura who is a healer - couldn't "heal her" - then it seems like even Heroes have limits.

2) "Did Claire and Hiro change the past, or did they simply play their parts in a past that had already happened?"

They changed the past.

Eric Luong wrote in with two important questions and one super-duper important question. We'll let you decide which one is which:

1) "What was the original source of the Light, and is there any more of it somewhere out there that can be retrieved? Does the loss of the Light mean that no more of the completed formula may be produced? And is there any formula sitting around from 16 years ago that Hiro might bump into?"

Going for the third time now, the Catalyst is dead. And nope - no formula just hanging around in the past. Hiro will have to find another way to get back to the present and get his powers back. One happens this volume - the other does not. Can you guess which?

2) "When we discovered that Nathan's power was synthetic, an interesting reveal was that they were successful with Nathan because of his lineage, and that his system would be able to 'handle' the power/formula. Will Scott and the other marines (if they are injected) be able to handle the powers, or are there side effects we haven't yet seen?"

You'll have to wait and see this week. But, there are no bug men coming into the show.

3) "And finally, in the last episode, Sylar seemed to express his love of cake. Was he always a cake person, of was his original love of pie tainted by Elle (who brought him pie shortly after they first met)?"

You guys really have too much time on your hands. Christmas pies are coming.

Allison asked:

"I heard on the Heroes 10th Wonder Podcast you guys had a storyline in episode 11 with Angela and Arthur 'reconnecting.' I can't tell you how much it breaks my heart to lose such a great character moment - any chance you can share the scene with us? Or have Rose and Forester read it for the DVD? It was great to see Angela have real (although twister) relationships with characters her own age. I feel her character is ripe for so much history to explore."

Request noted. Angela has a lot more history coming to be revealed in Volume 4.

Mj1cu (how exactly do you pronounce that?) asked:

"Was the cause of Ishi Nakamura's death at all related to the cause of Charles Deveax's death? Was either death originally going to be related back to the Company and the Virus, before this storyline got scrapped in season 2?"

No. In both cases, disease was just disease. Ishi was simply dying before her time (Ironically, we know) and Charles was old. He loved a full life.

Rebel asked:

"Can you tell us why Sylar killed Elle when with his powers fully on he allowed her to blow his skin off ('Its Coming') and clearly loved her as Gabriel? Did the Eclipse, plus Elle not being immediately frank about his parentage, remove the empathy developed between them? Did it ignite his Sylar persona as a defense mechanism?"

Sylar tried to be someone else. For Angela. For Arthur. And for Elle. He truly did love her. But, if the eclipse proved anything - it's that people are incapable of changing. Elle saw him when he was weak and that he didn't want witnessed. But more importantly, Elle messed with him, tried to change him and she suffered. Arthur also tried to manipulate him, and he suffered. Next up - Angela.

St. Sword wanted to know:

"Now that Arthur is dead, does that mean the current batch of formula is all that Mohinder can make, or can he just use that batch to produce more as needed?"

That's it. He better not waste a single drop.

Goldoa wants more catalyst info:

"If the catalyst was indeed in Hiro, what was it exactly that Sylar saw in Claire's brain? And if it was the catalyst Sylar saw, why then were events not thrown out of whack? Or was that event not an influential enough butterfly to step on?"

If Sylar looked at our heads right now he would see exploding from that question. Let's go "not an influential enough butterfly."

Mr. MichaelT wanted to know:

"Will Eric Thompson Jr. ever appear on television rather than the Heroes Evolutions content? And do you have any updates on when Sparrow Redhouse will return?"

No plans for either to appear yet. Sorry. But, it looks like there are chances for both to appear in the yet untitled Volume 5.

And SacValleyDweller asked the final question of the week:

"When is Mr. Muggles' feline nemesis gonna show up?"

Mr. Muggles' nemesis has already appeared. But it's not feline (that would be obvious). Can you guess who it is?

Thanks as always to Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete for taking the time to participate in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. For those of you who want to take part in our next Q&A following tonight's episode, "Duel," email your burning queries to heroes@comicbookresources.com for the chance at seeing your question answered right here in next weeks BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Please make sure to get in all your questions in by 6:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday, December 18.

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