BEHIND THE ECLIPSE Summer Spectacular, Part I

Finally, after some delay, we present to you the BEHIND THE ECLIPSE SUMMER SPECTACULAR! For those of you new to this feature, for the first two season of "Heroes," CBR presented a weekly Q&A series with show writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite -- collectively referred to as "the guys" -- where you, the faithful viewers, would ask questions of the guys and they'd do their best to answer them without spoiling the rest of the season and falling under the wrath of their fearless leader, "Heroes" creator Tim Kring.

When the Writers Guild of America went on strike in the middle of Season Two, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE had to stop abruptly as it wouldn't be right to continue promoting "Heroes" while its writers were walking picket lines in Los Angeles and New York City. That said, the guys asked us to keep taking your questions so that once the strike ended and things settled down, they'd be return for a giant-size Q&A session prior to the start of Season Three.

And here we are.

As to the future, look for loads of "Heroes" news to come out of Comic-Con International in San Diego and Season Three this fall on NBC -- and yes, the guys will be back for a third season of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE here on CBR!

Guys, it's good to have you back. To begin with, looking over all the e-mails we received, there were some common themes, including lots of love and interest in Claude, the Haitian, Angela (and what her power is), Claire's mom, plus a lot of support for the WGA and the strike.

Several people wrote in to ask about this question in a previous edition of BTE: Rich Drees asked, "My friends and I are wuxia film fans and we dug that Monica was learning some moves from what looked like a classic Shaw Brothers film, though for the life of us we couldn't identify which one. Can you divulge which film it was?'

Your answer, "We need to research this - if there's no strike we'll have an answer soon.

A number of our regular BTE readers wrote in with the possible answer, but the first one to answer was Dash-Dot, who said, "I wanted to write in to let you know the name of the movie Monica was watching is 'Fight or Flight.'  It's actually not a Shaw Brothers at all - it's 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story' directed by Rob 'The Fast and the Furious' Cohen, starring Jason Scott Lee.  It's also not a particularly good example of martial arts for Monica to learn from, not being terribly faithful to Bruce Lee's own style of fighting." Got to love when the fans lend a hand like that!

Well, so far this interview is easy. Thanks, Dash-Dot (which we think might be Morse code for helpful Martial Arts enthusiast.)

With that out of the way, we move on to the best of the best questions from our faithful readers and your fans. We begin with Jenny, who just couldn't be held to one question.

Question One: How long will we have to wait before we find out what happens to Nathan (and Niki)? That is, will there be a flashforward in time like in season two, with a flashback later to reveal what really happened?

We are picking up right from the moment Nathan is shot.

Well, actually, we're picking up a few moments before.

Well, technically, we're starting four years in the future. But that's only until...(sigh)

Man, our show is hard to explain coyly - suffice it to say, you will learn who shot Nathan Petrelli from the proverbial get go...

Question Two: Will any more of Isaac's work appear? I noticed that a loophole was left open when Isaac gave his sketchbook to the fanboy courier. Will the sketchbook reappear, and will Isaac's/Tim Sale's artwork feature again? For me, it was one of the strongest points in favour of the series.

We couldn't agree more. Tim's work had always been, in our opinion, the nexus of comic art and fine art. The sketchbook will indeed appear (pay attention around episodes 9, 10 and 11 this season) - and we will also meet a new artist, soon enough. Whose style is somewhat familiar. And who has a very familiar subject.

Next up is Karen Miller.

In Volume 2 we saw that Adam appears to be immortal, or close to it. Does this mean that Peter and Claire are now also going to live for 400 plus years? Or does Claire's power work differently? And are we going to see Peter and Claire talk about what this means for their future?

Who knows with Peter? Adam's rules may not apply to him - but it does certainly seem to have implications for Claire, doesn't it? We've established that their blood both has a similar quality - so it's a reasonable extension to think that she may also live forever.

Our next question comes from a man with a unique name, Future SNL Writer (never stop dreaming, man).

Which ending (of season 2) did the writer's prefer? How will the alternate ending affect the plotlines that were left hanging? Also, how much involvement do the writers have in the Evolutions related graphic novels?

We were excited about where season 2 was going to end originally. Instead of catching the virus - it would be unleashed onto Odessa Texas. Creating a Quarantined town and having our heroes overcome the adversity of failure.

The season 2 DVD set, (out soon, we imagine) will show some scenes and storyboards from the first few episodes. We'll check with legal - maybe we can leak a few script pages from episodes 12, 13 and 14 as well...

That would be amazing. C'mon, legal, show us some love!

Tarot wrote in to ask:

In Volume 2, we briefly saw Peter enjoying the darker side of his powers as he choked one of the Irish guys. Does this mean you're going to turn him evil? Say it ain't so! For that matter, what clues can you offer on the evolution of Peter's character?

We all know that "With great power comes great responsibility." "But we also know that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." So basically Peter will find himself torn between these two platitudes. It's Lord Acton vs Stan Lee in abattle for the ages. So stay tuned.

Tarot continued:

Several times in Volume 2, we saw that Bob has a whole bunch of files in his office filled with information on the Company founders and their children -- I remember seeing boxes for Angela, Bob, and Elle (even though Elle's had been emptied by Bob.) Are there more files on the Petrelli boys and Matt?


Will we ever see what's inside them?


Count Tarot Ultra-Curious, as he (or is it a she) finished with this query:

I want to know, even if I can't be told when to expect him, if Claude is still alive and safe.  If that can't be answered, can you clue us in to how Claude survived being shot by Noah and whom he was hiding?

Claude is still alive. We cannot clue you into how he survived being shot. And if we told you who he was hiding, he wouldn't exactly be hiding him or her anymore, would he?

There were lots of questions on the following, with screen caps attached, but Bill Turner was first so he gets the prize:

When Hiro comes back from "Five Years Gone" he has Future Hiro's sword. It was broken by Sylar and thought to be repaired in a later episode, but in 'Kindred' in Season 2, when Ando finds the notes in the handle, it is still broken (photo attached). Also, Hiro had Future Hiro's sword at the end of season one and that was the one that was broken. By the time that Hiro returns from the 1600s the sword in Ando's office is not only whole again but it is no longer Future Hiro's sword and is the less worn version that was left in the future in 'Five Years Gone.' Will this ever be addressed? Everyone says I'm crazy and that it was a prop error.

It's probably a continuity gaff. We seem to do that a lot? Why do we do that a lot? But, if you want to believe it's something else - it's a time conundrum. Enjoy!

One of our regulars, Scott Tindall, wrote in to ask:

What's the one power/ability you guys would love to have on the show that's just not logistically possible or in the budget? With the wide spectrum of abilities that have popped up in comic books over the years, I would imagine there would be a couple.

Many, many, things we'd love to do, but cant.

Joe: I'd love to have someone made of rocks - like the Thing- but I don't think anyone has perfected that art yet (my apologies to Mr. Chikilis) - buit that's just one of a few. We just had an issue with an earthquake power we gave to new character. It turned out that to fully realize it, it would take too long to shoot and reset and do perfectly. So we adapted it slightly (you'll see to what happens in episode 3)

Aron: Green Lantern. Would love to do something like that, butwe'd just make it look like crap. And I'm fully jealous that one of our own writer's Michael Green is writing the Green Lantern movie. Jerk.

Kyle asks:

I'm curious as to the Company's founders. How did the remaining four die? What were the other founders' powers? Will we see Arthur Petrelli, possibly in a flashback? I find that this group was very cool.

We will see Arthur in a flashback by episode 8 this year. As far as a flashback episode of the company founders - it's already happened in an alternate universe. Episode 15 of season 2, "1977" was to do exactly that. Powers in the time of Disco. Angela and Arthur Petrelli. But now it's up for grabs. Fan-fictioners, start your engines.

Xyvri asks:

The online comics provided a fascinating back story for The Haitian.  Will his beginnings at the company be explored more in season three; what developments can we expect to see with his character in the upcoming season?

Tim Kring (OFL) has been known to call the Haitian the heart of this show. He's the closest to a classically mythological character as we have. And we will most certainly be delving a little more into his life and character this season.

LM has the following for you:

One of the most compelling storylines of season two was Angela, Matt and Nathan. One of the things that really saddened me about a truncated season two was the loss of finding out more about the previous generation. Can you give us any insight into what we can expect in that area? I know many of the fans really want to meet young Angela and Arthur Petrelli. Any way we will see the elders when they were optimistic young heroes, before the madness took them over -- the ultimate cautionary tale for our band of heroes. Angela is such a fascinating character who I believe loves her children, but seems to believe in the company doctrine over her own feelings. I hope you will delve more into that. Long story short: more Angela.

You want more Angela? Done.

(and see above re: "1977")

Mdiogorp - sorry, there was no name included other than an e-mail address - asked:

Will we ever see Claire's Mom, Meredith Gordon, again? She had a wonderful power and now that Claire might have lost both her dads, it would be interesting to learn about her. It's ironic that all of "Origins" had nothing about her. It also seems in the future, "Five Years Gone," when Peter and Syler face off, Peter may have come in contact with her since he now has her power."

Interesting - did he actually get her power from her, or are we forgetting someone else who may have contributed that power to Peter's repertoire?

You want Merideth Gordon Back? Really? What would we do with her? Bring her back so Claire can bond with her biological mom about having powers while she pushes her own mother aside - because of their biological difference? Where's the drama there? (and in case you don't get sarcasm, stay tuned)

(and Peter absolutely got his power from her - great pick-up)

That's a good place to stop for today. We'll be back with more BEHIND THE ECLIPSE SUMMER SPACTACULER tomorrow right here on CBR!

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