Behind The Eclipse Spring Annual #1

Wow, what a finale, huh? The final episode of the first season of Heroes brought viewers answers to many long pondered questions and set things up nicely for season two, as we find Hiro's gone back in time a little over 400 years to what may be a key moment for all of our heroes. From Nathan's last minute heroic sacrifice, to the parking meter beat down, Claire flying out a window and going splat to the reveal of HRG's first name, it was non-stop fun and based on the feedback we received in the last week, you guys really loved the first season of Heroes and can't wait for the second season to start.

Here we are with the final BEHIND THE ECLIPSE of season one. This week it's a completely fan driven Q&A, no pesky CBR editors stepping in with their own questions, and you guys did real good with the questions this week. Since this isn't your normal BTE, we're calling it – in grand comic book tradition – THE BEHIND THE ECLIPSE SPRING ANNUAL #1! Here's your chance to decompress with Heroes writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite one final time before the long summer break.

We've also got some great news for our faithful CBR readers – Joe and Aron will be back for a second season of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! The guys have had so much fun answering your questions and guiding you down the road of Heroes enlightenment that they'll be back beginning on September 24th when the new season begins. We'll also add some new bells and whistles to the site by then to help you, the faithful Heroes fan, follow all the action and not miss a single second of Heroes action.

In case you missed it, last week CBR ran an exclusive post-game report with Heroes creator Tim Kring. We spent a lot of time discussing what he's learned from season one, what the future holds for the spin-off series Origins, what the deal is with those damned cock roaches and much more. Part one is right here and part two can be found here.

Before we go, there's a couple of bits of left over business. First off, in "How To Stop An Exploding Man," Mr. Bennet's first name was finally revealed -- Noah! Rregular readers of BTE know that we tried valiantly to guess what his name might be, but kept coming up short. Well, you know what, out of about 300 guesses, four of you guessed Noah correctly! Charlique was first, followed by Patianne Powers, Tracy Steele and Rod Faulkner. Nicely done, BTE Detectives!

Also, we've given our thanks to Joe and Aron and our friends at NBC, but we overlooked an important part that contributed to the success of BTE – the CBR staff! Yikes! Big thanks to Emmett Furey, Chris Ullrich, Dave Richards and Remy Minnick for submitting questions throughout the season and an extra special thanks to CBR' George Tramountanas who week-in and week-out was a major contributor to BTE. Thanks, guys!

OK, now it's time to present the first BEHIND THE ECLIPSE SPRING ANNUAL! Joe and Aron, let's begin.

David Campbell starts out this final Season One BTE with a question about the music on the show. There seems to be musical themes assigned to certain characters that play over the episode's score. The most notable: Hiro, Mohinder and Sylar. Sylar has his ominous ticking and a bell melody (first heard in Six Months Ago, I think), Mohinder has his little five-note piano melody we saw in the first episode, and Hiro's theme seems to be the theme of this show. Do any other characters have 'theme songs?'

It’s great that David is noticing the subtle, but difficult work it takes to create a mood for each character. One of the many ways we try to do this is in the score. The one that most people notice is “Claire’s Theme.” It’s that kind of wistful piano with the voice of Shankar behind it. But, everyone has their own theme. When you all buy the DVD in August – you can replay and listen for yourselves.

August can't get here soon enough! Scott Tindall wants to know what you think of more real world comics. We know you guys have talked about publishing the online graphic novel and a possible manga adaption, but what about an ongoing monthly comic book series that follows one unified storyline? Would you consider that overkill? Me personally, I see the dollar signs, gentlemen.

It’s not about overkill – it’s about manpower. At the moment – we’re writing season two, doing a web-comic every week, plus creating games, trading cards, novels, action figures and a new series – Origins. So the answer is, yes – we’d love to have an ongoing book. For the fans of the web-comics, you’ll notice this summer we have very special guest writers – Joe Kelly, Steve Seagal, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau.

We promise Scott isn't trying to kill you guys with more comics, he just loves himself some Heroes.

Following up on a reveal you guys made last week, Christoph Jensen wants to know, You guys said there's 'Heroes' manga to come – any other clues as to who from and when? Will it contain Japanese style art or will it be more westernized? And how will this be different than the online comics?

Not sure yet. It’s in the early planning stages. When we know more – you will.

I think Victor from Brazil has a crush on Clea DuVall. Any chance we can get Clea DuVall as a regular next season? Audrey and Parkman made a great team in this first volume of 'Heroes!'

Clea will be pleased to hear it. We thought she was awesome. There are no immediate plans to see Agent Audrey Hanson AKA Clea Duvall next season – but you never know in the Heroes-verse.

Heroes-verse. We like that.

BriGuy is looking towards a future sans Linderman. If Linderman is indeed dead, does that mean the end of Primatech Paper as an ongoing concern? Will another organization rush in to fill the void? Will HRG start his own company making Mr. Muggles plush toys? We know how you guys love Mr. Muggles … we even had two questions this past week asking if he'll return for season two!

After hard and often sensitive negotiations, we are happy to announce that Mr. Muggles will be back for season two. While he worked last year for kibble, his agent was really pushing to up that to kibbles as well as bits. Without getting into the details, a compromise was reached.

Yes! Our prayers have been answered! Now if only we could get Mr. Muggles to blog …

Second of all, just because Linderman is dead, that doesn’t mean the company goes away. A lot will be revealed about the company in the very first episode of season two. Stay tuned.

The Ninth Doctor (ohh, very clever name there, Doc) says, I have a theory on Kaito Nakamura's power. When Nathan is speaking with Linderman, when Linderman heals the plant he states that he knows 'a few things' about healing. When Hiro asks his father what he knows about killing, he also responds 'a few things.' Am I on to something?

Nope. But, like the company above – you can expect some revelations about Nakamura-San in the very first episode of season two.

Pauul from the UK (yup, the letter u is twice in his name) wants to know, Is it likely that in season 2, 'Generations,' or 'Origins' that we might see heroes with duplicate powers? It'd be interesting to explore the different ways different people react to possessing the same ability. Also as he is mentioned on the List, is it possible that in 'Generations' or 'Origins' that we might see the return of Amid Halebi (as played by Omid Abtahi) from the original pilot? And if he was reused would the 'Engineer' retain his radioactivity powers or be assigned a new ability? For those not familiar with Amid Halebi, check out our interview with Tim Kring where he talks about the terrorist storyline that was ultimately excised from the pilot.

I think you can bet on seeing duplicate powers next season. And we loved Omid, so hopefully well see some more of Amid.

Pauul also asks, Some fans have speculated that Lyle Bennet might be adopted like his sister. And since Claire was placed with HRG because she was an evolved human that Lyle may be one as well. Is this a storyline which the writers have considered?


Good try, Pauul.

Corporal Otter wants to do some Heroes sight seeing. Where is the real 'Kirby Plaza?' Is that big, red spiral staircase sculpture a real place that fans might visit?

We’re pulling back the curtain for you on this one, Corporal, and only because we respect the brave work you and other otters are doing overseas. The real Kirby Plaza is the Arco Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles. We picked it because of it’s NYC look and the DNA Sculpture was a huge bonus. In fact, if you go back (or forward) and look at Episode 20, you’ll see we thought ahead and a devastated version of the statue sits next to Nathan as he gives his Ground Zero speech.

OK, the next question is easily the most asked question concerning How To Stop An Exploding Man. About 40 or 50 different people asked this, but Shaun was the first to ask. We think we know the answer to this, but we'll go straight to the experts on this to make sure. Shaun asks, Was the fact that Nathan was needed to fly Peter away just done for dramatic effect since Peter has flight, too, or does this prove Peter only has access to one power at a time?

It’s the later. Peter even says, “I can’t stop it. I can’t do anything.” Peter was helpless. There were two options. Kill Peter. Or Nathan could fly him away and try to save them all. Now, if Peter or Nathan survived and how – remains to be seen.

Jason Aiken wants some hints as to what's coming next for Heroes. This person who Molly fears worse than Sylar, it wouldn't happen to be the Haitian would it? He was really one of the only major players absent from the finale and he has those weird mental powers. If not him, is it someone we've met already or could she be referring to someone we haven't met?

You will have to wait until next season Jason Aiken, but just because we love giving you some hints and spoilers – we can assure you it is not the Haitian.

A number of readers speculated that the big baddy could be the Haitian, so this will certainly get them thinking over the summer.

Wire-Framed Glasses (nice name, dude!) wants to know about cockroaches. Twice now we've seen cockroaches in relation to Sylar 'dying' (first while held captive by Primatech Paper, and now after he's apparently crawled into the sewers). Is this possibly a link to one of Sylar's 'unseen' abilities (since he presumably has six from the people he killed prior to the 'start' of the show that we haven't seen), or is it just a bit of fun little symbolism to show that Sylar's like a human cockroach — he's darn near impossible to completely get rid of? We also touched on this question with Tim in last week's interview– anything to ad?

Yes. Sylar did not turn into a cockroach.

OK, likely the second most frequently asked question this week was about Candice. Treads asked first, so here we go. In 'Landslide,' it seemed you guys went out of your way to make sure we knew Candice's true form wasn't that of a beautiful, skinny brunette. Yet when Candice gets knocked out cold by Nikki, she reverts back to the cute brunette. If she was unconscious and seemingly unable to control her power, shouldn't she have reverted to her true form, which presumably would be an overweight or obese person?

OR – she was still barely conscious – OR – her subconscious so strongly desired to be thin that she was able to maintain that form – OR – people might be over thinking this.

There's always that!

If the question really is, “Are we going to get to see what Candice really looks like?” The answer is – yes. Sooner than you think.

Memnarch needs some casting news. Are there any guest actors from this season who will be made regulars next season, i.e. Zach Quinto, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Adair Tishler, etc.?

Can’t comment on who will be regular – but you will see Zach Quinto, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Adair Tishler next season – along with several other fan favorites (and some of our personal faves as well.)

Memnarch also asks, Where the heck has the Hatian Sensation been? Wouldn't he have been able to stop Sylar? Or was he ordered not to be there...?

The Haitian was doing something incredibly important which will be revealed in Season Two.

Karen Miller wants to know about some team-ups for next season. One of the things I love about 'Heroes' is that you continually give us unexpected combinations of characters that have great chemistry (Peter and Claire, Nathan and Hiro, HRG, Matt and Ted). One such pair that I noticed in 'How To Stop An Exploding Man' was Mr. Bennet and Peter. I could totally see Mr. Bennet acting as a mentor figure to Peter in the 2nd season and I think Jack Coleman and Milo Ventimiglia would knock it out of the park. Is there any chance that this will happen?

Dear Karen, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate how much you like our team-ups – but if we told you our secret team-ups for season two – that would ruin everything.

Charlie Anderson wants to know, My question is about the appearance of Charles Deveaux in Peter's dream/vision in the finale. He says that Linderman may have backed the wrong son and he tells Peter that he has potential and that looking at Peter gives him hope. Was Deveaux just talking about the events in the finale? Because it seems to me that he was referring more to long-term developments — possibly things that could happen in Season 2. Am I right?

You could be right. The relationship between brothers is complex and changing. Peter was a very good guy. Nathan had his dark streak. Their story is not over.

Janet has more questions about Deveaux's appearance in the finale. In the finale, Charles Deveaux appeared in a vision or dream and told Peter that he is going to be important, that he's going to save everyone, because 'there has to be one who is good.' But in the end, it seems like it was Nathan's unconditional love that saved New York. So was Charles wrong? Or was he talking about something more than just the bomb?

But, Nathan’s unconditional love would not exist if Peter wasn’t there to influence him to do the right thing. But, see the above answer – the Petrelli Brothers story is far from over.

Not Alan wants to know about possibly the grossest moment in season one of Heroes (although we should add Claire on the medical examiner's table was pretty gross, too). D.L.'s power is phasing - what exactly did he do to Linderman? Did he reach in and pull his brain out? If so, why did it leave a hole in the back of Linderman's head?

D.L. reached into the back of his head and materialized his hand into Linderman’s brain. As Claire on the autopsy table and glass-sharded Peter illustrated, this is a certain weak spot for our heroes – healable and healing a like.

G. Neeb wants to know, Since, the show is more than willing to play with comic and science fiction tropes, will it ever deal with the possibility of extraterrestrial life or resurrecting the dead?

Our Fearless Leader likes to never say never, but we’re pretty sure those storylines are not in the cards, but then again Jeph Loeb is one of the writers on the show, so…

Sarah wants to know some more about Sylar. Will we ever find out what Sylar's original power is? We know he has acquired things like telekinesis, super hearing, etc, but is it his original power that allows him to acquire these? When he met his first hero - the one with telekinesis - he said something like 'I see how it works. I can fix it.' Is Sylar somehow able to see how the powers work on a cellular level, allowing him to know how to 'consume' them (literally and figuratively)?

A mystery yet to be solved… and yes – the mystery does have an answer, but not one that we’re going to reveal in the pages of CBR – we love you Jonah, and it’s been an amazing year – but some secrets we have to keep for the show.

Oh, we had to try and thanks to Sarah for putting it so nicely!

Continuing with Sylar, Jeff from Philly wants to know, Did Sylar crawl into the sewer or was he dragged? Is it safe to say we haven't see the last of him?

Look at those marks – did they look like crawl marks or drag marks. Is there even such a thing as crawl marks? The answer is on the film.

TheJamesCode wants to know, Could it be Uluru who is the bad guy that can see Molly Walker and who saved Sylar at the end?

It could be.

DozenDeuce has thrown himself into the Heroes 360 Experience and wants to know about events in the online comic. In 'The Death of Hana Gitelman' web-comic, Wireless survives the death of her physical body. First, was this an ode to the awesome Manga 'Ghost in the Machine?' Also, how could the virus affect her physical body and would her consciousness still have been able to survive and transfer into the net if she had died on Earth?

Dear DozenDeuce – when you tell me how a woman can intercept and emit wireless communication with her brain, I will tell you how a virus can affect her physical body.

Jacob Feldman wants to know about Hana's future. What is her current state (as of 'The Death of Hana Gittleman')? Will she be making more appearances on the show or is she now confined to the comics?

You never know where you might see Hana again, but her little IM message might pop up where you least expect it.

Ohhh, that's interesting. Liam Patterson is looking for some new jewelry to wear. When is the Hatian's necklace going to be for sale? Seems a lot of us want to buy that necklace, surely NBC will capitalize on that?

It should be available at the NBC.com store any minute now.

Robert Salgado has also immersed himself in the 360 Experience, having explored the Yamagato Fellowship's Web site. Got to thinking about next season's theme of 'Generations.' Since we're going to see a link between Kensei and Hiro, I started wondering who else we might see. Then, I realized that we've seen Mrs. Petrelli speak French and she wanted to take Claire to Paris. Any possibility that Mrs. Petrelli might have a connection to Joan of Arc? Joan is listed on the Yamagato Fellowship's website, along with Kensei.

That’s some interesting thinking Robert. But, there’s a whole country that speaks French, and they’re not all related to Joan of Arc. However, our Heroes will be traveling to France next season.

Greg Sandwers has a question about Mr. Bennet's first name, Noah. Was that always intended to be his name? Did it ever go through any changes? Why reveal his name now? And could you elaborate on why it was Noah, specifically. I have my own theories, but I'm curious what your thoughts are.

I’m curious to what your theories are. Why did we reveal it now? Why not? The mysterious HRG was becoming less mysterious and more of a concerned father. Fathers have names. His name is Noah. Now, a lot of our names our biblical, but some of the names have deeper connections and meanings. Do you think Noah means something more?

There's your summer homework, guys and gals.

Alice wants to know if the ending to season 1/beginning to season 2 is an homage or not. In the final episode for season 1, Hiro lands between two opposing 'armies' - this reminded me alot of the opening scene for 'Army of Darkness.' Is this an homage to one of the greatest cult movies of all times or do I just have Ash on the brain?

Ash on the brain, I’m afraid. I heard there’s a cure for all that Bruce Campbell worship. It’s called Bubba Ho-Tep.

Alright, we also got a large number of questions regarding the final fight sequence in How To Stop An Exploding Man. The majority of our readers wrote in very satisfied, but there was a very vocal group who were hoping for more, we guess. Courtney Ashton wrote in with the best put question along those lines, so here we go. The season finale was a real nail biter, but I must say I thought there would be a bit more action in the fight between Peter and the heroes vs. Sylar. What was the thinking behing not making a big, comic book-like 'flashy' showdown?

To stay true to the show, we wanted to make sure everything rested on character, and that all the choices made, finale or not, seemed true to our characters. Claire jumping out the window. Niki stepping in to help Peter’s fight with Sylar, Hiro’s fight with and then stabbing of Sylar, and of course, the final moment with Nathan. No matter what we put forward, we suspect it may have fallen short of the high expectations – but for the people who thought we could have leaned into the action a little bit more, we hope to make it up in spades when we get back.

Ron from Long Island may have spotted another easter egg we didn't mention last week. Speaking of easter eggs. I spotted the number on Peter's apartment door from an earlier episode as 1407, as in 1407 Graymalkin Lane, the home of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. Was that a coincidence or did I just find another easter egg? If I'm correct, then my wife is right when she says I'm the biggest comic book geek alive.

Congratulations, Ron. You get a big-fat No-Prize.

Landman is back with his final question for the season, Is there any truth to the rumor that Ted Sprague is also the caveman from those Geicko commercials?

Not true. But we read on Page 6 that Christopher Eccelston was almost the voice of the Gecko.

Dave Rich wants to know about the death of Sylar. Is there any significance to the odd, animal-like shape of the bloodstain left in Kirby Plaza where Sylar's body was? Specifically, some folks on Heroes Wiki have speculated that it's shaped like a Nue, a mythical beast of Japanese origin, consisting of the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake instead of a tail. Apparently legends say that Miyamoto Musashi, one of the inspirations for Takezo Kensei, killed a Nue. Personally, I think the whole thing is pretty far-fetched, and that the bloodstain is just a bloodstain, but is there any truth to this idea?

As the old saying goes, sometimes a bloodstain is just a bloodstain.

Yeah, I remember when my Dad used to say that when I was a kid …

Suburban Hobbit wants to know, Has Peter now acquired every power of those present at Kirby Plaza? Or only those that got very close to him? What’s his range, anyway?

With everything we’ve seen in the show so far – Peter has every ability he encountered in Kirby Plaza. That would make him one powerful guy. But, a lot of that depends if he survived the big boom or not.

There is that. But, wow, if he still had all those powers, well, Peter would be one bad-ass mutha.

Nytwyng wants to know about time lines. The events of season one covered about five weeks, with the finale set in early November (2006, one would presume). Will the 'present' of season two pick up there, in November, 2006, or will it jump forward almost a year for our heroes, and show them nicely established in whatever their new status quo is?

Yes. We will jump forward in time. You’ll just have to wait and see how much.

MagicMushrooms asks, Greg Beeman said in his blog that, 'We are all ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to not repeating ourselves next season – but in bringing you a freshly conceived show.' Does this mean a change in format, or new storylines, or entirely new characters? I hope it's not the last, because I love the main characters we've got now and I want to hear more from them!

We love our characters, so expect a lot of them back. What Mr. Beeman means is that we’re going to get cooler, broader in global scope and tell some stories that we hope will knock your socks off – putting our guys in places where you’d never expect them, with new characters that bring out a different side of them. And we hope to keep surprising you so much that you yell at your television sets. In boxing terms - we’re going to make you think you’re smart as you start blocking our left jab, then we’re going to sucker punch you with a big right hook. But in a good way.

Jeff Barnes gets the last question because it made us laugh our asses off. Is there any truth to the rumor that you traded Damon Lindelof to J.J. Abrams for Greg Grunberg and an actor to be named later?

It was actually Greg and a writer to be named later. That writer was in fact Jesse Alexander. Personally, I think we got the better end of that deal. Greg is an incredible actor and Jesse Alexander is the heart of the series.

We agree. Guys, thanks so much for all your time spent this past season answering questions from our readers and your fans. Based on the feedback we get, it's truly appreciated and they enjoy being part of the process. It's been fun being part of the excitement of the first season and we'll see you back here on September 24th at the beginning of Heroes Season 2, Generations!


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