BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: Season 2, Week 5

In the last episode of "Heroes," members of the cast were forced to confront new found powers, battle a a new threat that resulted in the death of a friend, and father figures played a pivotal role in the story. What are the intentions of Parkman's father? What's H.R.G. doing in a far away land? Does Suresh realize the dangerous game he's playing? To help you make sense of it all, CBR brings you "Heroes" writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite every Monday to help you sort out your questions.

Before we get to those questions, we've got the network description for tonight's episode, "The Line."

AT SCHOOL, WEST CONVINCES CLAIRE TO TEACH A BULLYING CHEERLEADER A LESSON -- West (Nick D'Agosto) convinces Claire (Hayden Panettiere) to teach head cheerleader Debbie (guest star Dianna Agron) a lesson after she deems Claire too ordinary to join the squad. While Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) faces a serious moral dilemma with the Company, H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) pays his Russian mentor a visit in an effort to locate Isaac's last prophetic paintings. Meanwhile, nearing the U.S. border, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) becomes increasingly uneasy about Sylar's (Zachary Quinto) intentions, especially towards Maya (Dania Ramirez) . Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Caitlin's (Katie Carr) search for a mysterious doorway he painted ultimately leads them to a surprising place. In feudal Japan, while attempting to repair history, Hiro (Masi Oka) struggles with his feelings for Kensei's (David Anders) "princess" Yaeko (guest star Eriko Tamura). Noah Gray-Cabey, Dana Davis, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter, James Kyson Lee and Adrian Pasdar also star. Jimmy Jean-Louis, Adair Tishler and Stephen Tobolowsky guest star.

Show Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar, Noah Gray-Cabey, Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Dana Davis, Dania Ramirez, Zachary Quinto, Kristen Bell, David Ander

We've also got video previews of tonight's episode right here. Now, how can you get involved in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE? It's easy, simply e-mail Jonah Weiland with the subject line and we'll consider your questions and remarks for inclusion in next week's edition. This week's questions were by George Tramountanas, Jonah Weiland and you!

Lady Vincira starts us off this week and wants to know more about Sylar's lineage. "Loving Season 2 so far! You lot are awesome. This season, we're hearing about Papa Petrelli, Papa Parkman, Papa Suresh, of course - seems like a lot of daddies! My question is - will we get to hear more about Papa GRAY? Sylar almost seemed a little regretful in that car, using his real name, and I believe you did mention going back to that "confessional" in the closet. Is dear Gabriel's daddy going to make an appearance to throw another wrench in Sylar's clockwork? This IS 'Generations'...."

Sylar's clockwork – very clever, Vincira. Very clever indeed. There are a lot of secrets that will be revealed about the previous generation, but they don't currently include meeting Papa Gray. That mystery will just have to wait.

Or – maybe it was one of their children! I think the more interesting question that no one has asked is why did they gather to meet on the Deveaux roof that night? What was so important that they had to get together? We'll let you stew on that.

Good point, guys - let the speculation begin! Reader Shawn is asking for a little fan wish-fulfillment. "I know there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not Nana Uhuru (brilliant casting, by the way) has any superpowers or what have you. I kinda dig that she doesn't seem to, so far - but that doesn't mean she can't have an interesting backstory, right? What are the odds that we're going to find out that many years ago she had a fling with Kaito Nakamura? C'mon, you can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome, just for the mental picture every Star Trek fan would get. Imagine thousands of Trekkies clutching their heads and screaming all at once. How can I make this happen, people? How? It must be done!"

Must it? Must it really? As much as we want every Star Trek fan screaming and clutching their head – we thought we already did that by allowing Zach Quinto to go and play Spock. You're welcome.

Kyle has a question about the creepy-crawly things that occasionally show up in "Heroes." "There were a lot of rumors that the cockroaches were related to an as yet-unseen new villain. Could this still play out, or are they really more symbolic representations of evolutionary survival?"

Sometimes symbolic representations of evolutionary survival is just symbolic representations of evolutionary survival. Although, you'll have to remind us one day to tell you the original pitch for the character of Nathan….

What are you doing come episode 207 Doc Knock – sit back and enjoy…

"Also, do the other historical figures featured at the Yamagato Fellowship site also have powers? Would any saints or religious figures or demigods be visited by Hiro?"

Hiro's discovering that his time travel ability is pretty dangerous. I don't think that he'll be taking historical tours anytime soon.

Peter Dawson is enjoying the addition of David Anders and Kristen Bell this season. "I couldn't help but notice David Anders and Kristen Bell were listed as main cast members. Does this mean we should get used to seeing Kensei and Elle throughout the season?

This is "Heroes." You shouldn't get used to anything. People can die way before their "contract" runs out (re: Simone, Isaac, etc…)

Peter continues, "On a small side note, are Elle's powers just electricity or is it electro-magnetism? A guy who appeared in the comics had electro-magnetism, so I'm just curious if it's the exact same power or just good old electrokinesis."

Good old electrokinesis. She's no Magneto. More Living Lightning. Yes. We said Living Lightning.  

Four months from November 8 – is March something or other – right? You can do the math. And if you want flashbacks – Episode 8 is titled "Four Months Ago" – taking you right back to Kirby Plaza… How's that for flashbacks?

Memnarch seems to send in a good question each week, so he's back this week with another. "In the last episode we saw Tatsuya Atsumi, played by Mio Takada, of the 'Heroes 360' Kensei documentaries. Any chance we'll see more people in any 360 features pop up in the future?"

We certainly hope so. 360 means all encompassing. Right?

Adam Neace asks, "In the last episode, Micah showed Monica the issue of '9th Wonders' that seemed to introduce her character to the book (btw, can we assume that this was the last issue of '9th Wonders,' or was Peter writing/drawing it during his four month blank spot? It would explain his memory loss...). Anyway, the title '9th Wonders' - Hiro has just found Kensei in 1671 - would this make the current generation of heroes the 9th generation?  Also, one last question about Hiro - will he ever travel to 1962 and encounter The Twelve (isn't that a cool name for a supergroup)?"

That's a great name for a super group. And a great group of theories. And that's all we can say about that – does that mean that you're on the right track? Or does this mean that we're spreading misinformation? You choose.

You have to keep us guessing, don't ya? Louis also has questions about the "9 th Wonders" comic. "As we saw from Micha's comic book cover, the hero on the page is called St. Joan, and she happens to be a muscle mimic. First a little history - St. Joan of Arc was a female soldier in Orleans, France, who heard voices from God and helped lead the French to victory. Well, we know that Monica is in NEW Orleans. Should we be looking for Joan of Arc parallel's in Monica Dawson's storyline?" Yes. Oz Mendosa loved the introduction of Kristen Bell and asks, "Is Elle's full name Elle O'Tricity? Oh, someone had to say it."

Evilwig goes back a few episodes for his question. "In the episode where Peter attacks the gambling place, we saw an ad for McFarlane Beer. Does this have anything to do with Todd McFarlane?"


Okay, this is a question we've received countless times, so let's help everyone put some speculation to rest about "the photo." Dave from the OWI Web site asks, "There has been so much speculation at the OWI about the pictures of the group of 12. Many of my posters have noticed some subtle and not so subtle differences in each photo. An example is the single head shot of Kaito Nakamura. The person standing next to him (only a shoulder visible) seems to be wearing a tan jacket, but in the group shot Bob is next to him in a black jacket. Also the smaller head shot of Maury cuts out the woman standing next to him. Should these be chalked up to production errors or is there something more going on here?"

Chalk it up to production. Making that photo was incredibly difficult and was dependent on casting. So, we had to piece together the photo as we went. We tried our best to beat our continuity demons into submission, but sadly – sometimes our demons beat us.

Okay, that question has officially been put to rest. Now, we turn things over to Rich Drees who has some questions about Monica's TV viewing last episode. "My friends and I are wuxia film fans and we dug that Monica was learning some moves from what looked like a classic Shaw Brothers film, though for the life of us we couldn't identify which one. Can you divulge which film it was? Also, with the talk of Hiro and friends going up against someone named "Whitebeard," should we be watching 'Executioners from Shaolin' before this week's episode?"

We will have to look further into this – we promise to post the answer next week. And sure – if you have time to watch the "Executioners from Shaolin" – go for it. The next two episodes of the Hiro story are rock and roll – brace yourself.

Father/Son is the classic Joseph Campbell heroes archtype. Or it's because the writers all have father issues and we use the show as a form of therapy. We report. You decide.

Josh had a question about possible heroes from the Company that we received a lot of inquiries about this week. "I found something a couple of months ago that said something about the Heroes Mobile Game saying who some of the founders of the company were. They mentioned ones like Linderman and the Petrellis, but also mentioned two unknown names at the time. One was Maury Parkman, whom we have now been introduced to, but the other one was named Adam Monroe. Now, I won't ask too much about him, but I do wonder, is he the guy with white hair in the front row in the picture? He just looks like an Adam Monroe to me. Is there anything more you can tell us about him? "And one more thing - are we ever going to see Claude again? I miss him."

More on Adam Monroe tonight. Stay tuned. And how do you know Claude hasn't been around all season? The guy's invisible.

He may be invisible, but does Eccleston still get paid when he's invisible? Joanne has a question about Peter's status on his passport. "We saw Peter's passport in 'Fight of Flight.'Was his sex listed as a female a joke, an accident, or some sort of huge clue to something I don't want to know about? " Here's a screen grab of the passport:

Another production gaff – that seems to be a trend these days. We actually reshot that insert with the proper M – but it was not put in the cut. When you watch Season 2 DVD – it will be corrected.

Kaite likes playing in Matt's nightmares. "Was the cop in Matt's nightmare talking backwards because he was made to face his biggest fears/nightmares/guilt and because he is dyslexic? Someone on the awesome 10th Wonder Podcast Forum website played it backwards and he is saying: 'You know the drill, hands against the wall.' 'You abandoned your kid... You're a deadbeat, and now you're gonna pay.' 'No one's supposed to be here.' If that's the case, I love those little callbacks and little details put in by the writers."

You're brilliant. Yes. It was a nod to the dyslexia. It was also scary. Can't discount the scary.

Okay, now it's CBR's turn to play! We don't know if many fans are aware, but Noah Gray-Cabey is a gifted piano player and has supposedly played since he was eighteen months old.  And yet, this was the first time we've had the opportunity to hear him play piano on the show.  Have the writers been looking for a way to fit this in somewhere?


The power of Parkman's father is interesting…and dangerous!  When they talked, was the father implying that Matt would one day wield the same kind of power he does?  And when the door slammed on Matt in the "scary room" – can we infer that his dad has telekinetic abilities as well?

Yes and no. We'll let you fight over which answer is for which question.

Nothing planned in the near future. But, Matt's said that the baby is not his, but in Episode 120, "Five Years Gone" – Matt's protecting a boy, his son. Same child? Different? You guys think about it.

This week, we got a good look at Nathan's "scarface."  Will we see a resolution to this soon?  And should we expect him to be sharing a padded room with Niki/Jessica?

No pads. Yes revelations. It will probably be revealed in the events that happened four months ago. If only there was an episode titled four months ago coming soon.

We actually miss the DL character this season.  We believe we heard somewhere that he wasn't supposed to make it to the end of season one, but the writers changed their minds based on audience response.  Did the writers always plan on having him dead at the end of season one?  Did you have to let him go to make way for the new characters?  Or was it a combo of the two?

Lots of factors figured into it – but a lot of it was our own storytelling purposes. We wanted to create a mystery about what happened four months ago. If only there was an episode titled four months ago coming soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for the return of DL – It will happen where you least expect it.

More and more, we seem to be witnessing the duplication of powers this season:  Nathan and West, Claire and Takezo, Matt and his Dad.  Is this just multiple coincidences?  Or is this notion leading somewhere later on down the line?

Nothing is coincidence.

We got some really great questions from our readers this week. Sorry we can't use them all, but if you sent in a question in the past that didn't make it in, try again with some new questions. Simply send them to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" and we'll consider them for inclusion in a future edition of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE.


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