Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Thirteen

Last week's return of "Heroes" with the episode "Godsend" got things rolling very quickly. The episode featured every single main character and even most of the ancillary characters, meaning there was a lot going on with plenty of new questions for us to ask. Tonight's episode, "The Fix," looks to answer many of those new questions and pose a few more, for sure.

As we do each and every Monday when there's a new episode, "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite stop by to field your questions and those from the CBR staff. This week, George Tramountanas and Jonah Weiland round things out on the CBR side.

"Heroes" airs Monday's at 9:00 PM on NBC.

Guys, this week we had more reader questions than we've had any week previously. Clearly "Godsend" put the thinking caps on the heads of our readers.

That's awesome. We're so happy to be back on the air. It's great to be back and these are some of the best, most perceptive questions yet. Your readers rock. We knew we had a smart audience, but these questions blew us away.

Us, too. There were some very smart questions in this mix, so let's get right to it. First up is B. Brus who asks, "Concerning family lines and genetic inheritability, a wild guess: Peter Petrelli's mother is the source of precognitive visions he's been having, isn't she? Is he tapping into her ability and just doesn't realize it?" Interesting theory. Guys?

Wow. We can honestly say that hasn't crossed our minds. And a lot has crossed our minds. Peter did however cross paths with a guy who painted the future.

"And maybe I can whistle the Star Spangled Banner out of my ass!" -- Audrey Hanson from episode "Godsend"

Mary E writes, "The Haitian said that Peter Petrelli is being watched, so Claire couldn't go see him. Could this mean that assuming 'no one sees' Claude, that he's been off the HRG radar until now? If Peter was being watched and disappeared, that's got to raise some alarms with HRG and/or Linderman... wouldn't it?" Interesting thought and points out how truly useful Claude could be to have around.

Mary E, Mary E. Why you Buggin' E? There's so much we want to say in response to you, so so so very much but can only say this - We think you're really going to like episode #17.

Now, as a follow-up, in the video previews we showed on CBR for "The Fix," we saw an interesting scene in which Peter asks Claude to train him in the use of his powers. Claude said he's done so many times before. Is Claude the "Yoda" of the group? He also seems to be living a rather lonely life - how long has he been living invisibly? That's got to affect your mind a bit.

No kidding, it's got to mess with your mind. Claude is not the Yoda, but a lot more he know than Peter he does? (Yes, that's our lame Yoda impression.)

Someone call Frank Oz, stat!

To be honest, Robert, Claude's all he's got right now and Claude knows more about these abilities than anyone we've met thus far. Peter has to trust someone. We'll find out whether or not it was a good idea.

Matt L. writes in with some praise, then takes you guys to task (gotta butter folks up before you give it to 'em, huh?). "Firstly, great episode this week. Anyway, I'll just get right to my question. In 'Godsend,' after Hiro swipes the fake sword, he ends up in a dinosaur exhibit. He sees a dinosaur statue, and whips out the "sword" and play fights with it. Is that, in fact, what Isaac painted? If so, that seems kind of like a cheat, but at the same time, you can't really have Hiro fighting dinosaurs in the past, what with the age old dilemma of changing history and all that. So, what's the deal?"

It seemed to look a lot like the painting, didn't it? But Cheat? Isaac drew Hiro with the sword facing a dinosaur. And in the next episode he's facing off against one in a museum.

Jaryd Weiss had a bunch of questions, but one he brought up was very interesting. "Will we see more of Micah's powers? Will he possibly be interfering with Hana's techno-powers?" Now, in the preview of "The Fix," it appears Micah will explore his powers a bit more. We'll also meet Hana, a new heroine who has a certain connection to electronics as well. Do Micah and Hana have the same powers? Is there a connection between the two?

I would bet on Hana/Micah connection somewhere down the line. And yes, we will be learning a lot more about Micah's abilities. That little boy will become extremely important.

Writer Andy Mangels had two questions for you. "Howdy - Tim Kring recently commented on the resolution of the 'is Zach gay or not' controversy that arose when the actor balked about playing a gay character (and then left the show). The implication seemed to be that it would be dealt with in 'Godsend,' but it was not. How and when will this be dealt with, and will we see any gay or lesbian characters on the series? I know you have at least one gay writer on your staff...

To be honest, we're not sure what happened behind the scenes. I was told by a friend that the brilliant Mike Ausiello at TV guide seemed to have a good handle on the real story. But you should absolutely expect a gay or lesbian character in the future , regardless of who was on staff. As Suresh said in the Pilot "We're all special." All of us.

Andy continued, "Also, why was the scene with 'Hardwire' (introduced in the online comic) not on the episode of 'Godsend,' but instead broadcast during that awful game show beforehand?"

Andy. Admit it. You're a closet "Deal or No Deal" fan. It's understandable, the show is hard to turn off. Our theory is that you were yelling at the TV so hard, you read the word "WIRELESS" wrong.

Reader Patianne wrote again this week (full name Patianne Powers, btw. What a cool name!), did some research and discovered something interesting. You guys mentioned in a past BEHIND THE ECLIPSE that the number nine was important. Patianne wrote, "I've researched the number nine and one of the constant answers I come up with are the nine muses of Hercules in Greek mythology. The muses gave man fire, and helped them gain independence from the Greek Gods. Is this the significance to the number nine and 'Heroes?'"

This is but a tiny part of it, Miss Powers. Make sure you expand your mythology search to the subcontinent, Miss Powers. Powers. Powers. Wow, it really is a cool name. There's no way its real.

Interestingly, a number of readers wrote asking us to ask you not to kill off any more regular characters. Unfortunately for them, we're all about the death and mayhem, so, keep it coming! But, on that note, Randall Barber asks, "Will there be any characters that last through the entire series, or is there going to be a point where none of the original cast is in the show?" Of course, Randall's looking long term and things will evolve over time, but it raises an interesting question - how dramatically different could the cast of this show be in season two? Season three? Is anyone safe?

Mr Muggles. Safe. Signed on for the whole run.

Jim Loder wrote to say, "I loved the flashback '6 Months Ago' episode, and was wondering if that type of episode could be a staple of the show? Maybe an annual event?"

Absolutely. Jim is not alone in his praise for "6 Months Ago", and he can expect one or two of what OFL calls "tent pole" episodes like that a year. It really allows us to explore the characters in a cool way. As for the rest of season one, we're mussing up the format a little in episode 17 and then in a bigger way in episode 20.

Scott Tindall had a fun question for the two of you. "Shows like 'Heroes' and 'Lost' generate large, loyal and rabid fanbases that's constantly analyze and speculate on the big mysteries in the show's universe and I was curious as to what's the craziest fan theory you guys have heard yet?"

We had a lot of good ones at the beginning. Niki is Sylar. Nathan is Sylar. Micah is Suresh's son. But our favorite has to be all the speculation about Uluru, the Kirby-esque monster on the first 9th Wonders cover we see. I think he might have been Sylar for a while. Our favorite was the theory online that tied it to the aliens that ruined Christmas in "X-Men" issue #143. That fan had vision.

That all being said, as Uluru is our witness, this cover will be paid off.

We had a number of other reader questions this week, but it's time for us to have our fun. Thanks to all our readers for sending in their questions. To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question."

OK, between his purchase of Isaac's paintings, his "investment" in Nathan Petrelli's campaign, the "favor" that D.L. owes him, and Hiro's sword, Linderman is intricately connected to many of our heroes. He seems to want to "own" them. When will we find out what he truly wants? When will we get to see him? And is he someone we already met?

You will meet Linderman very soon. This is "Heroes," after all. We're not very good at hanging onto mysteries, because we like answering questions.

As you both have demonstrated these past couple of months! Thanks, guys. OK, moving on and following up on that last note, Eric Roberts has been announced as joining the cast, to play an "associate" of HRG. Now, cmon, is "associate" code for Linderman?

Nope. Associate is code word for associate. We're not good with code words.

HA! You got us! Allright, now the symbol on Hiro's sword seems to be the same as the symbol on Jessica and the computer screen in Mohinder's father's office and seen elsewhere throughout the show. How much of its meaning lies in "Great Talent - Godsend?" Any hints as to where else we should look for this symbol?

"Great Talent - Godsend" is the closet we've heard to an explanation - so far. As for looking for it, did you see it in the pool in episode 2? When Hiro came into Isaac's apartment right before the bomb? And how about that necklace the Haitian wears?

Right, right. Noticed that upon a second viewing of "Godsend." You guys really should market those for sale in the NBC store.

Hiro talked about Takezo Kensai and made it sound as though he had powers. Between this and the recent Entertainment Weekly article where you indicated that there was an earlier generation of "Heroes," it seems you're establishing an entire mythology/conspiracy. Can you give us a sense of how big this mythology is?

It is beyond the scope of even the understanding of Patianne Powers.

Now, we had an interesting theory going around the office about Takezo Kensai - Hiro is Takezo! Considering Hiro can travel through time, this doesn't seem like such a far fetched theory! We know you can neither deny nor confirm story elements, but hey, we thought we'd throw that out there to mess with ya.

Consider ourselves messed with.

Also, who did the painting of Takezo Kensai? Is Tim Sale flexing his artistic muscles in a serious way, or was someone else used for this?

We're pretty sure it was Tim. Guy can kind of do anything.

The more we find out about the "Heroes" and their mythology, the less the eclipse seems to be tied into things. Has the idea of the eclipse as a catalyst been abandoned? Or could it be another eclipse in the past that is the key?

The eclipse is a huge part of our mythology, but like eclipses in real life, they only happen when the planets align, literally.

OK, now that's interesting. Must think about that a bit.

In the "Entertainment Weekly" article, you also mentioned that most of the names in the show have deeper meainings. Now, we went ahead and did some Google and Wikipedia searches, but at this point the Web is so in love with "Heroes" we're only finding info on the characters themselves. Care to share one?

OK, but just one: Gabriel.

Allright, folks, we've been given an assignment here! Let's track down the meaning of Gabriel!

Niki said "Jessica is real." If this is true, does that mean Niki goes someplace when Jessica appears? Is there more to this split personality than we're currently seeing?

You'll find out pretty darn soon.

As you can probably tell, we're not patient people.

Can you define the Haitian's powers? He can erase memories (but can't restore them) and he can cancel out the powers of others. Anything else yet to be revealed?

He also makes a mean Mojito. The key is crushing the mint leaves with a morter and pestle.

Mohinder said his Dad's formula doesn't work - what formula is this exactly? The screen saver one? And do we know what this formula is supposed to tell us yet?



Whew! Mohinder's safe. Or is he?

We noticed an interesting piece of art on the wall of D.L.'s house - a Rorschach design. Not your typical choice for wall art and with his wife's split personality, it popped out to us. Anything deeper going on there, or just a fun way to dress up the set?

Why does it have to be one or the other? With our ridiculously brilliant art department, nothing is by accident. Wait till you see a featured taxi light in an upcoming episode.

You guys seem to be heavily influenced by a lot of different mythologies and are blending them together nicely on the show. Are there any ancient mythologies our readers should be looking into that's inspiring the writing staff?

All of them - which is to say Joseph Campbell is a good place to start.

In tonight's episode we get to meet Hana Gitleman, played by Stana Katic. What can you tell us about Hana the character in advance of the show? And what about Stana the actress?

What can we tell you about the character?!! What can we tell you about the character?!!! Someone hasn't been reading the online comic…

(Quickly heads over to NBC.com to catch the latest installment!)

As for the actress - she nailed the audition and we're excited to welcome her to the family.

Whew, we're finally at the end! Time for the final tease. Yahoo! TV's listing says of "The Fix," "Hiro's search takes a turn when his father (George Takei) appears; cleaned-up Isaac dedicates himself to stopping New York's destruction; an invisible man with a mysterious past may have something to teach a would-be hero." Anything to add?

What, that's not enough? Ok, let's think… Sylar has a Shunt. Micah has an awesome line. Suresh gets a visitor. So does Niki. Hiro hops a fence. And oh yeah… Manatees.

Thanks, guys. See you next week.

Before we let you all go, don't forget that Masi Oka has a guest appearance on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" immediately following "Heroes" on NBC tonight. Don't miss it!


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