Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Sixteen

Each week our resident heroes, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, stop by to answer all of our question concerning the hit NBC television show "Heroes." They're at it again this week, answering questions posed to them following last week's episode, "Run," with a look forward to tonight's episode, "Unexpected." Plus, this week, did the guy's reveal HRGs first name? Well, no, but they help narrow things down a bit.

Once again this week's questions were prepared by George Tramountanas, Jonah Weiland and you! To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Wednesday morning and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Once again, our readers check in with a big load of really great questions. Let's begin.

Peter's going back a few episodes with his question. "Who is the Takezo Kensei legend based on? Its been more or less established that its fictional, but determining whether or not the popular theory of it being a reference to Miyamoto Musashi or some other famous swordsman would really stop the flame wars going on between 'Heroes' fans."

The Kensei legend is "Absolute fiction inspired by the vague recollections of various swordsman legends (Including Mr. Musashi)" by our own Michael Green.

Marina Sheshenina (say that five times fast) has a question about Niki/Jessica. "Nikki/Jessica hasn't interacted much with other characters, but she has many scenes, witch is a hint that she is very important. Is she this important because of her powers or because of her dual personality? And is the dual personality just a mental problem or it's another power she has?"

Man, anything you don't want to know? We can tell you that you're right, Niki is very important. But if we came out and answered your next couple questions, she wouldn't be so very much mysterious. And what fun is that?

Well, it would be fun for us, but I supposed we can't be that selfish. Rich Dress has a question about Claude that I can't believe we haven't asked already. "Does Claude stay invisible all the time, perhaps involuntarily? Or does he 'de-cloak' and become visible in moments of privacy?"

Claude is invisible most of the time, but that's only because he chooses to be. He can and does enter the real world when he pleases, but he's got trust issues that keep his power set at hermit most of the time. Next week, in episode 17, we'll learn a big reason why.

Rich has a follow-up question, too. "If he is invisible all the time, how does he keep his beard trimmed?" Is there a Norelco Invisible Shaver we're not aware of?

Yes. It's at Target next to the Haitian's shampoo.

Idallia, who's a big fan of the 9th Wonders Web site, has a couple of questions for ya. "We know Niki and Jessica share the 'same body' and that the tattoo on Jessica is a 'visual' cue to show the audience when Jessica is control instead of Niki. But, is it really there? Or is it a visual device much like whenever we've seen them talk to each other as two 'separate' people near a reflective surface, whether it be a mirror, or a stream, etc."

The tattoo is really there, Idallia. The visual device of seeing them both does take some poetic license – but as you saw last week when Jessica was putting make-up over it, the tattoo is the real deal. And a dead giveaway.

She continues, "Also, will the online comics continue through the 2nd hiatus, as it did with the 1st hiatus?"

Absolutely. We wouldn't leave you guys hanging. We don't want to give too much away – but the break will begin with our friend Hana, as her hunt for vengeance will lead her to discover a story from the past, (which, of course, we'll also learn) and ending with a revelation that will effect the on-screen story for many of our characters.

Wow. Allright, all eyes on Hana.

We haven't heard from Tom Galloway since our second Q&A, but he's back and wants some answers! "So, Stan Lee's making an appearance this Monday. Should I be doing the Snoopy dance of joy as the inspiration for it due to my question about him doing a guest shot back in the second one of these sessions?"

So Tom only shows up when we meet his demands. Is that how it is? You should definitely do the Snoopy dance, Tom, as it seems to make Willow very happy, and it is an occasion to dance. Stan Lee is on "Heroes!" Hell, we're going to dance along side you! We'll have to check the dates against your request, but here's how it all went down. The two of us went with Jesse Alexander (was there anyone else there? No, think that was it.) to "Marvel Then and Now," a night with Stan Lee and Joe Quesada. We ran into Stan and he said he was a fan of the show. We're obviously gigantic fans of him, and we all thought it would be great if we could make this happen. Hiro seemed the logical character to cross and Stan shows up tonight after Mr. Nakamura makes an important and sad personal decision. Stan Lee at a moment where a hero has a problem in their personal life. Seemed about perfect. Tom, keep dancing.

Tom continues, "And I'm probably reading too much into this, but could the name 'Primatech' have (pardon the pun) evolved from 'Primate X' to 'Primat ech' to 'Primatech,' with a 'primate X' being the first powered entity they discovered?" Interesting thinking there and we had five other readers ask that same question last week. Guys?

You're totally right! You are reading too much into it.

Good try, Tom. Moving on, Dave Rich says, "The scene Joe and Aron refer to in 'Six Month's Ago' about Sandra Bennet putting Claire's DNA on file didn't actually air! Are there plans to include some of these filmed-but-unaired scenes on the DVD's?"

I think what we were referring to was Chandra Suresh telling H.R.G. that is how he found Claire, and Dave is right, it may not have made the cut. In just such cases, we hope the DVD is going to have everything we can legally throw in there to make the second time you experience "Heroes" as new and exciting as the first. In fact this is a good time to ask the fans – What do you want to see in there? We'd love your input as we continue putting this together.

You heard Joe & Aron – if you've got some ideas for interesting additions for the DVD, feel free to e-mail us and we'll forward your thoughts on to the guys.

Dave also asks, "In 'The Fix,' Mohinder said the list had 36 names on it. The names that have been shown (34), plus the people who have been mentioned as being on the list (James Walker, Sarah Ellis, Peter) and those who are almost certainly on the list (Brian Davis) add up to more than 36 names. Are you guys only counting the live ones?"

Sure. Yeah. Let's go with that.

Coty Ellis brings up a fanboy dream match possibility. "What if Peter and Sylar went into an all-out slugfest? Is this just wishful, fanboy thinking, or can we expect a Peter/Sylar fight through New York, powers on high? Now that one thinks of it, a fight of that caliber could go on for days." That could be some nasty, nasty, fun stuff!

Peter and Sylar fighting huh? You think America is ready for it? These two will fight more than once by the end of episode 23. Technically, more than twice. That's all we can say without giving up the farm. But how's that tickle your fanboy fancy?

While we can't speak for Coty, the fanboys in the office today are salivating pretty heavily now. Actually, it's kind of gross. Must get a mop.

B.K. Delong has questions about the list. "We know Sylar has killed at least six people on the list according to Mohinder. Who of the following people has he killed? Or were the below people already deceased before Sylar got to them?

Nicholas Datre, Noel Menzies, Leonie Pinkham, Felipe Acerra, Linda Tavara, Norman Ventris, Ethan Kimball, Frank Cavanaugh, Diego Vela, Jess Murphy, Pam Green.

Some of these people were indeed killed by Sylar. Some were not. We can't tell you which ones. Yet.

And he continues, "Is Pan Green from the Map the same as Pam Green from The List?"

Yes. And B.K., you need to get out more.

B.K. has a certain attention to detail, doesn't he? Landman checks in again this week with a handful of questions and before he got to his question he offered up a big thanks for doing this Q&A week in and week out. "When Peter met Hiro from the future, Hiro's powers were much more advanced than they currently are, so the question is does Peter absorb powers at full potential when he meets someone or only to the extent that the hero understands his power, if at all?" Interesting. By this thinking, is it possible Peter already has Hiro's powers at the height of his abilities?

A big "you're welcome" to your big thank you. Week in and week out, it's been our pleasure. We mentioned last week about Peter inheriting, for lack of a better word, the "raw material" of someone's abilities. So, if we're not full of it, meeting Future Hiro and regular Hiro might yield the same effect. So Peter, probably has Hiro's abilities in a less developed form than present Hiro – since he has not practiced with them. In fact, he might not even realize he has them.

Landman also asks, "In the 2/12 episode, Niki and Jessica were standing together in the stairwell talking to each other. Matt 'heard' them both. If he had opened the door at that precise moment would he have seen both of them?"

Nope. (See Idallia's Incredible Insight above)

The guesses on HRGs name are coming in like mad. We've had two gueses for Michael, one for Lucifer, one for Noah, a couple for Michael (with Sylar representing Gabriel), but the majority of guesses for HRG's name are – drum roll please – Gabriel! And, considering you guys teased us in an earlier Q&A by mentioning the name Gabriel, we're thinking our readers have found you out! Or, it's just a bit more misdirection to mess with us.

Gabriel is his first name! Sylar's first name -- Gabriel Gray. Now we're pretty sure that made the cut in "Six Months ago..."

Allright, folks, I guess that's your answer -- if Sylar is Gabriel, then it's unlikely that HRG shares the same name. So, let's go for round two on the guesses, dear readers.

That's it for the reader questions this week. Once again, if you have any questions you'd like to ask Joe & Aron, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Wednesday morning (gotta get 'em in early this week folks) and we'll consider them for inclusion in next week's Q&A.

Now, we get a chance to play.

Hiro gets punched…again. Will he be learning how to fight anytime soon? Please?

Yes. Over the rest of the season he will. In fact, we're going to show how good he eventually gets, and then begin his training. Why? Because we can. Man, we love this show.

Jessica told Niki that she made the deal with Linderman to get them out of jail. Considering Niki was locked up, how did she do that? Or will we be learning this soon?

Jessica, as we've learned, not only takes care of the situation when she's active, but sometimes creates contingencies for when she's dormant.

She's a resourceful one, ain't she? Now, fellow hero Matt Parkman could hear both Niki and Jessica, which is kind of a cool facet of his powers. How soon will he encounter Niki/Jessica again?

They'll meet up again before the end of the season, that's all we can tell you.

Matt Parkman took the diamonds. With his powers, he really could make one very scary "bad guy." Talk about the potential of this character to upset the balance of power. Also, where is he going to find a fence for those diamonds? That's not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Absolute power corrupts, absolutely, so we'll see what it does to Matt somewhere on our journey. As for the diamonds, hold tight.

Claire's birth mother seems to be kind of a meanie. Why does she want to keep Claire away from her birth father? Is it just so she can keep more money?

Poor Meredith. She lives in a trailer park. Impregnated by a rich boy, and told to handle it herself. Somewhere along the way, as best we can tell, someone came for her, and took her baby instead. Understandably, she's got trust issues and feelings of entitlement. That's probably why she asked Nathan for $100K and offered Claire half of $50K.

Between D.L. and Micah's powers, their family could get a bunch of cash anyime they want. Why isn't Jessica having them do that as opposed to taking chances with killing? Or does she just like it a lot?

A lot.

Do Niki and Jessica have to "allow" each other to come to the forefront of their personality? If not, why can't Niki break through and stop Jessica? Is this a question of inner strength or confidence?

This is a struggle between two personalities, in which both inner strength and confidence play a huge part.

Sylar took Zane's powers. Specifically, what were those powers? Can he just "melt" things? Or does he have control over things on an atomic level? And how far reaching is his power? Does he need to be in close proximity to the object? How does it work?

From the looks of it, he melts things, at least so far. It also looks like he has to be close. We'll see a little more of it tonight to speculate on.

The Sylar/Mohinder match-up is rife for potential … disaster! Wow, we didn't see that one coming. What more can you tell us about the journey this dynamic duo will be taking?

We can tell you it will get a lot more interesting, and that like all journeys, it will come to an end.

That sounds rather ominous. Let's hope it doesn't mean bad things for Mohinder. Mrs. Bennet's not looking too good from a mental standpoint. Her husband has to start questioning his own actions in making this happen, doesn't he? Will we be discovering in upcoming episodes that HRG is in far deeper than he ever thought?

How's next week for you? For anyone who wanted to know what was really going on with Mr. Bennet, I would not miss it.

Allright, time for the weekly tease. Yahoo! TV said of tonight's episode "Unexpected," "Peter learns that someone close to him may have betrayed him and Claude (Christopher Eccleston); the radioactive man (Matthew John Armstrong) and Hana Gitelman (Stana Katic) drop in on Matt." Anything to add?

For those of you living in a cave, someone indeed does fly and someone else, well you know…

Thanks, Joe & Aron. We'll see you back here next week.

Want more before tonight's episode airs? Check out some video previews of "Unexpected" right here on CBR.


November 20th, 2006

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