Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Fourteen

Another week, another episode of "Heroes" with lots of answers and loads of new questions. And, as we do each and every week, we check in with "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite to get some answers to nagging questions.

This week, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE is being published on Tuesday instead of its usual Monday afternoon spot because the guys were busy working on the show, but ever the troopers here they are. So, time travel back a day and pretend like you didn't watch Monday's episode. For those of you who haven't watched last night's episode yet, here's your spoiler warning! The guys mention some of the big reveals from last night's episode, "Distractions," so if you're worried about being spoiled, you might want to watch the episode first, then come back and read what they have to say.

Once again this week's questions were asked by George Tramountanas, Jonah Weiland and you! To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Thursday at Noon and we'll try to fit you in.

Images on this page are from Episode 16, "Unexpected"

Guys, another week, another great batch of questions from our readers. Their enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Craig B. checks in with two questions. "Regarding Claude - it seems like he's more than just invisible. He's also inaudible, since it seemed no one near him and Peter could hear their argument. It also seems that whatever he picks up becomes invisible as well. How far can he extend his invisibility? Could he make something invisible from across the room?"

He's invisible, certainly, but definitely not inaudible. I think the people around him were just too confused to figure out what was going on with the stuff knocking over and such. As to the range of invisibility, I think it's limited to touch.

Craig continues, "Also, regarding Peter, it seems he can see the future more easily than Isaac, as he doesn't need to paint it. Does he have the ability to 'pick up' the person's ultimate ability, even if that person hasn't perfected it yet? And how long can he keep that ability - can he still read minds like Matt? Has he picked up Hiro's powers yet?"

This is Craig Byrne, isn't it? The famous host of Herosite.net. We love ya brother. The hunted becomes the hunter. As best as we know, Peter picks up the raw material, if you will, of the ability. What he will do with that ability, or what that ability does with Peter remains to be seen.

Our next reader, one Mr. Al Zen (bitchen name, dude!) asks, "Did anyone else get this bit of info from the meeting HRG has with Suresh in 'Godsend?' I was on the NBC 'Heroes' site and saw an add for the Primatech Paper Company. The site has an 800 number on it and when you call it asks for an access code. Could this in fact be the access code HRG puts on the back of the card he hands Suresh? Will this lead to any important clues?"

Al Zen, you ain't zeen nothing yet. Some of the geniuses at NBC.com are putting together something online that will reward people like you who pay attention – you can follow all the links to uncover new inside information – www.primatechpaper.com. Have fun.

Jeff V from up in the Great White North asked, "Sylar's original gift seems to be the ability to study and manipulate on a fine scale, but he still had to use his hands. It seems sensible that combining that with telekinesis, he could study others with ability and then use the telekinesis to augment his own DNA. The question that remains, though, is how he got the telekinesis in the first place using just a paperweight (or whatever that was). What can you say about Sylar's 'first time' taking someone's power?"

All we can tell you is that was indeed his first time and we gave you exactly the right amount of information to come up with questions exactly like this. This is not the last you'll discover about Sylar's ability.

Yeah, we don't read books – so we're going to have to wait for the "Dark Tower" to come out in comic form. Like that's ever going to happen.

That's right … wait a second. Mike Moyle had a question we had on our list, but we'll let him take the credit. Mike said, "Hiro admits that his power started fading after Charlie died. But, really, it was after he went back to try to save her. Now, while he tries justifying 'having' to save Charlie and 'needing' the sword as a focus for his power, his motives in those two instances may have been slightly selfish - things that he simply wants. And since he so much so identifies himself as being a 'good guy,' is he actually blocking himself from accessing his power because his subconscious knows that his motives aren't 'pure?'" Basically, Mike's asking is Hiro's lack of confidence or depression following Charlie's death impeding his ability? How much does the state of mind these characters are in affect their abilities?

Very. Very. Very. Very. Much. (great question)

Landman postulated two questions, one we know you can't answer ("Is Linderman Claire's real father?"), but his second one amused us to no end and we hope the answer is yes! "Does the Heroes DNA effect only occur within humans, or are we just as likely to see a super-Lassie make an appearance?" We want a super monkey! Please!

What is with you people and Super animals? First you want indestructo-muggles and now this. And what would you even do with your Super Monkey? I really want to know.

We're trying to keep this somewhat PG here, so we'll have to skip your question! OK, last week after you threw out the name "Gabriel" as a name worth looking into, it got our thinking caps spinning, as well as reader Erica, who was traveling the same road with us. Gabriel, like Hana, Isaac, Matthew, Micah, Nathan, Peter and Sarah are all from the Judeo Christian bible. Pretty much every super powered individual has such a name. Now, Claire's adopted and does not have a biblical name, but we're thinking that's not necessarily the name she was born with. We're not sure where Jessica and Nicole derive their names from biblically and Erica reminded us we don't know what DL is short for, but she posited "David" as a likely first name. Of course, with Hiro and Mohinder not being westerners, the rule doesn't necessarily apply to them.

(You know that gesture where you put your finger on your nose to insinuate someone just hit something on the nose? We're doing that. Right now. To Erica. Just to be clear – we don't think she smells.) Erica, we hope you feel that all your time in Sunday School and/or Hebrew school was not wasted. But we worry it may have eaten into you movie time in the '80s. Because if you watched the classic movie "The Breakfast Club", you would understand the true origin of the name Claire. It's a fat girls name.

Alright everybody, time to break out those "The Breakfast Club" DVDs! OK, so, continuing with the names thing, OK, so we don't know HRG's first name, and it's been consciously left out of the show thus far. We're thinking HRG's gotta have a pretty good Biblical name, but we're not quite ready to make any guesses now. Then Erica reminded us that Tim Kring earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies, and, well, it's clear we all need to go back to Sunday School for a Bible refresher course. This is all a long way of not asking a question, but saying we're working on this. So, how about this – what's our reward if we guess HRG's first name correctly? And how many guesses do we get?

Jonah – if you promise to collect the names, keep them in real good order Jonah, and Jonah if you can keep them on file for down the road, then Jonah – we will let you be Kring for a day. Sound like a good deal, Johah. BTW, it's not Jonah – but that is one of our favorite biblical names… Jonah.

Of course, this may all be moot for those of you who watched "Distractions" already and freeze framed a certain scene with a certain drivers license. To those of you who did, could you read the signature on the drivers license? What did you think it was? We'll explore that further in next week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Allright, guys, our turn. This past episode, we saw Mohinder go into detail about Nathan and Peter Petrelli's powers. Could you clarify where he got these files from? Are they the ones he got from his father's "secret drawer" in India?

His dad wrote a book called "Activating Evolution." Think it might be in there.

Right, right. OK, now that Mohinder has this list, when will he begin chasing down more heroes now that he has these files? Are we looking at a road trip anytime soon?

What're you doing next week?

We're a bit confused about Matt Parkman's meeting at the LAPD - was he under investigation for punching a cop? Or for his involvement in the failed FBI bust? What were the charges they were bearing against him?

Man, what hasn't Matt done? Both punching the cop and leading the FBI on a wild goose chase got him in this hot water.

Also, Parkman seems determined to find where Mr. Bennet's secret office is. Will he bump into Isaac soon, who can just say, "Yeah, they kept me there and then just let me walk outta there."


Excellent. No easy outs for Matt. Now, continuing with Matt, if we can make a suggestion to the guy – look, so, yeah, you're no longer pulling in a paycheck, but who needs the LAPD when you can make a fortune as a fortune teller! Just a suggestion.

Between you and me, I think he'd look a little silly in a turban. But Matt in another line of work? Seems like an idea worth exploring.

D.L. says he can't get any money because no one will hire him. But, with his powers as they are, isn't he tempted to just walk into a bank safe? Or just reach inside an ATM and grab some cash? Of course, both of those choices could have serious repercussions for them – another example of something you guys talked about weeks ago, how these powers can also be a huge curse.

DL's been to prison. Now his wife's in there. For now he's going to do all he can to keep his nose clean and be a good role model to his son. But that absolutely is the curse.

Will we see any hero soon who uses their power publicly for personal gain (i.e. winning a contest) or famous (like David Copperfield – although we have no proof that he has any extra normal powers)?

Absolutely, we will.

When will we get the chance to learn more about Claude and the "others like (Peter)?" Also, thanks for having Eccleston say "Fantastic!"

Episode 17 gives us a little taste of where Claude was coming from, and from there on in, you'll get a little taste here and there.

Before we finish up, you guys are going to be appearing as part of the William S. Paley festival through LA's Museum of TV & Radio. We've got our tickets – any idea what you guys have planned for that yet?

None – what does everyone want to hear about? We'd love to know and we'll make it happen.

Allright, as we wrap this stuff up, we finish with the Yahoo! TV teaser for tonight's [last night's] episode, "Distractions." "Hiro struggles to make his father (George Takei) understand his new calling; Claude (Christopher Eccleston) tries to teach Peter to control his abilities; Claire goes to a Texas trailer park in search of her birth mother (Jessalyn Gilsig)." Anything to add? From the video clips, we know Jessica's gonna scare the crap out of us!

Since you guys have been so great – we're going to give you the whole ball of wax, one time only. Nathan is Claire's Father. Isaac is still talking to H.R.G. Peter still can't fly.

Thanks, guys! We'll talk with you again next week.

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