Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Fifteen

The bullet train that is "Heroes" keeps moving at high speed as we enter week fifteen of the series. Writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite are here once again to answer a whole boat load of questions we posed to them after watching last week's episode, "Distractions."

Once again this week's questions were prepared by George Tramountanas, Jonah Weiland and you! To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Wednesday evening and we'll do our best to fit you in.

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align=" "> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align=" ">All images from the February 12th episode of "Heroes," entitled "Run."

Hey guys, lots of questions from our readers this week. So many, in fact, that we had to cut a few (sorry, folks.) Clearly "Distractions" got them thinking, especially that reveal at the end!

OK, let's get started. Damon Capehart wants to know how Mohinder would know about Claire. "Dr. Suresh's list is based around the Human Genome Project. Now, as far as all but the most secretive of secret organizations is concerned, (a) no one knew who Claire's parents were, (b) Mom 'died' in the fire, and (c) Some baby (supposed to have been Claire) 'died' in the fire, and (d) the Claire we know is 'adopted' with no public record of who her parents were. So how could Dr. Suresh or anyone have found Claire based on the Human Genome Project? Or any source, for that matter?"

If you'll recall in Episode 10. "Six Months Ago" – HRG says that Claire's mother Sandra put her DNA on file with the national database which some parents do for their children – fearing that they might be abducted or winding up as a Jane Doe in some morgue. A scary reality, but true.

There you go, Damon.

Allright, Landman's up next. "In 'Distractions' we got a good look at Isaac's balcony and painting showing a statue with an oval opening in the center. This seems somewhat reminiscent of the time travel episode in the original 'Star Trek' where the opening was a portal through time. I'm guessing that particular statue is not just a random element and has some deeper meaning - how about it?"

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The rooftop that you're talking about is actually Simone's father's roof. Makes one wonder about Charles Deveaux. The portal through time is an interesting theory, not necessarily true, but the rooftop is very influential in people's present live, their pasts and their futures.

Jennifer Alber brought up an interesting point about Sylar. "Why is Sylar so determined to get Claire's power? It appears that he's already invulnerable. First, he tells Eden while she's holding a gun to his head that the gun won't hurt him, and now we've seen him take two bullets to the chest from HRG without a scratch. Why would someone invulnerable need quick-healingegenerative abilities? Or is he just an obsessed completist, wanting everyone's power so he alone is 'special?'"

Wouldn't that be great if Sylar wear a completist, "I just need 'X-Men' #141 to finish my collection." The truth is Sylar can get pretty messed up. HRG did a number on him when he has sticking him with all sorts of needles and things. Sylar's telekinesis seems to get him out of some tough spots, including some involving guns, but if he had Claire's ability – then he would truly be unstoppable.

Gregory Sanders also has a question about Sylar. "In one of the online comics, right after Sylar has killed Eden, HRG and Haitain are there to take him down, but in the episode, Haitain is with Claire, and HRG is heading home to Claire. So how does that happen in continuity? Or was it just told out of order?"

Sometimes the best laid plans of the writing staff meets with the problems of a production schedule and some scenes don't ever get shot. It's heartbreaking, but it's true.

Patianne Powers is back (she's assured us it's her real name) with a follow-up to your clue that the number 9 is important. "As there are nine planets in our solar system (Pluto is still one in my book), is that tied into the phrase 9th Wonder or the importance of the #9?"

So… we meet again, Ms. Powers. Another stellar question. It's certainly one of the things that we thought about with that number. Don't forget the eclipse in the pilot isn't just window dressing – everything is important.

Oh, man, you didn't just say "another stellar question."

Adam Neace likes playing detective. He asked, "I've been thinking that Parkman has started off his quest to find the truth behind Primatech all wrong (I'm starting to understand why he's failed his detective exam three times). What's the first rule of detective work? 'Follow the money.' Will Matt figure out that he should be looking into Primatech's paper trail? And, if so, can we expect that someone named Linderman is at the end of it?"

The trail begins in Episode 16 – where it leads will surprise everyone. Our boy scout detective Matt is going on one helluva ride.

KJ wants to talk about Peter's vision of the future a bit. "During the overload scene last week when Peter was going critical, he activated a number of powers, during which there was the sound of a modem. What power is that? I don't think it would be Matt – maybe Peter absorbed whatever other powers Sylar absorbed?"

I didn't hear that modem. I wonder what it could be. I did hear other people's thoughts in Peter's head – definitely Matt's powers coming to the fore. But, who knows what else Peter might have picked up on his travels.

Erica's back with more questions following up on your answer last week. "With regard to 'the Breakfast Club,' are you guys saying that there two kinds of 'special' people in 'Heroes?' Are there the ones that were born to be special and whose abilities develop young (like Micah), and are there special people who were once ordinary, but if you look at them right, you can sorta see that special person inside and some triggering event (whether an eclipse, or virus, planetary alignment, an excess of donuts) allows their abilities to emerge?" Guys?

Honestly. Just quoting a movie. But hey, way to read into things Erika…

None of us can help it! As long as you guys keep referencing things that happened weeks ago, we'll keep reading into everything!

Justin Mancini had a handful of questions for you guys. Justin, take it away. "It seems to me that every painting of Isaac's has come true; they've just been misinterpreted. Are we going to find out that it's impossible for these heroes to change the past and future? That they can only fulfill the predictions made? Hiro, in one episode, did explain his inability to save Charlie as his power being greater than himself."

It certainly makes one think that our Heroes are not going to be able to stop that exploding man from incinerating New York. But, we hope they can…

Justin - "Did Sylar succeed in stealing Eden McCain's power of persuasion ability? I only ask because Sylar's voice briefly echoed hers in the episode 'Distractions.'"

Nope. That was just our friends in Editorial slowing down the scene from poor Sandra Bennet's POV. Eden heroically killed herself before Sylar could take her ability. It was her last heroic act.

Justin, again - "And finally, I just can't contain myself, I'm going to boldly go where no man has gone before: Isaac Mendez is the regular who is getting killed off, isn't he? I mean, we already know that he is killed by Sylar in the future, which fits in perfectly with Sylar's convenient escape." Interesting detective work there, Justin. Maybe he can coach Matt on his Detective's exam?

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="left"> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="left">Batman would be proud of you Justin. But, you're going to be shocked at who lives and who dies before the end of the season.

Kevin (no last name) wrote in not with a question, but thought since "Heroes" doesn't really have a theme song, he'd write one for you. So, fire up iTunes and download the MP3. It's only about 20 seconds long, 500k or so. Solid gold, huh?

H-E-R-O-E-S, Heroes, whoah – great. Now that songs going to be stuck in my head for weeks.

Allright, that's it for the reader questions this week. Thanks to everyone who wrote and keep 'em coming! We're happy to send them on to the guys for their consideration.

Now, it's our turn.

Nathan is Claire's Dad? That was a fantastic and unexpected twist. Most of us around the office (and several other fans) were betting that it was Linderman. Did you want the audience to assume that? And how long have the writers planned to have her father be Nathan? Was that part of the character's origin when you created her?

We knew that it was Nathan from day one. Actually, we were worried that it was going to be too obvious, but we were committed to that direction. We loved it when people started speculating that it was Linderman. It made the reveal that much more surprising.

Now, Between Claire and Micah, it seems you've almost established an unofficial "rule" that if two people with powers procreate, they will have a child with powers. Will Mohinder's research eventually take him in this direction?

H-E-R-O-E-S, heroes, whoah – I'm sorry, We've still got Kevin's song stuck in my head… What was the question?

Uhhhh … interesting. OK.

Now, this also got us thinking – when, if ever, will we learn more about Nathan and Peter's father and the circumstances surrounding his death? We're guessing the senior Petrelli's had some powers, and considering his connection to Linderman, we're thinking there might have been a super powered battle in the past that the senior Petrelli lost.

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right"> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">You will learn more about Mr. Linderman and his plans before this run of episodes is over.

Excellent – you read that here, folks! They won't be making us wait until season two to get those answers, although you know they'll have us asking more questions before the season's over.OK, you almost almost had Claire's Mom reveal Mr. Bennet's name, but then stopped. Very cute, guys! How much longer will you tease us fans?

As long as it takes.

Evil!But wait, did you guys actually reveal his name? Viewing the show in high def, we paused the moment when Sylar held Mr. Bennet's drivers license up to the window. While it simply said Bennet on the license, the signature seemed to be "Gregory Hughes Bennet." But, then again, Gregory's not exactly a biblical name. Oh, we're so confused!

It's not Gregory. It is biblical. Thought we were going to be taking a poll on this? What happened to our betting pool?

No guesses yet from our readers. If you, the reader, have a guess, send it in and tell us why you think it's that name.Moving on, Niki is out of jail thanks to Linderman. Was this something Linderman did to "own" Niki once again? Or was this something arranged by D.L.?

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="left"> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="left">Or was it something arranged by someone else… someone else who didn't want to be inside the prison… someone else who didn't want to be trapped…. Someone else who… H-E-R-O-E-S, heroes, whoah –

Damn, we should never have sent over that MP3 – it's ruined you guys!We've now learned that Peter keeps the powers he absorbs. As Peter was in contact with Sylar for a bit, did he absorb Sylar's powers, including those he's taken from other "Heroes?"

H-E-R-O-E-S, heroes, whoah

OK, we officially hate that song!

The Haitian has now mind-wiped Mrs. Bennet several times now. That can't be good for the brain. And she's got a kind of odd personality. Lyle, Claire's brother, also indicated after his mind wipe (was it his first?) he had been getting "absent-minded." Will we discover that there any long-term side effects from mind-wiping?

What're you doing tonight? Watching "Heroes?" Good for you.

Ahh, excellent! We'll get back to this next week, then.

Claire's mom was in Mexico for some time. Will we eventually learn more about the reason she went there? Or are we reading too much into this?

Yes and no.

It sounds like Mr. Bennet knows Claude fairly well. When will we discover more about the nature of their relationship? Also, how come Peter isn't on Mr. Bennet's radar considering the fact he saved Claire?

The title of Episode 17 is called "Company Man." Another title that we tossed around was "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About HRG But Were Afraid To Ask." It just seemed too wordy.

George Takei's performance in last week's episode was just wonderful. He sold the very stoic Mr. Nakamura quite nicely. And nice touch with the license plate for his car – NCC1701! Any chance we'll get more of Mr. Nakamura in the future?

H-E-R-O-E-S, heroes, whoah

Hey, music guy Kevin, see what you did? You destroyed Joe & Aron!Continuing on, Hiro's sister was a pleasant addition. We wouldn't mind seeing her again. Any chance of that? And if she is, can you give us any indication of what sort of role she might play?

We think both George Takei and Saemi Nakamura (can you believe that that was her real last name?) – did an amazing job. They were a pleasure and are welcome back anytime.

We all know Mr. Bennett is also known as HRG (Horn Rimmed Glasses), but what is the origin of the glasses and why horn rimmed? Sure, it's better than RGG (Ray-Ban Glasses Guy), but what is it about them horn rimmed glasses that Tim Kring made them an important part of the show?

I think Tim just has a fetish for Horns or Rims or Glasses. Actually, Tim liked the look and it felt reminiscent of 50s era G-Men. That's FBI for you kids out there. We'll get to see the origin of the glasses pretty soon.

Even the glasses have an origin story? Wow!

Allright, let's bring this baby to a close. Tonight's episode is titled "Run" and here's the description from Yahoo! TV: "Claire's adoptive mother faces a crisis as the truth about her biological father comes out; Matt takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked lawyer; Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword." Anything to add?

We can talk about cool things like Matt reading two sets of thoughts from one person, and a meeting in Virginia, but at the end of the day, I think this says it all.

When all is said and done, we can't argue with that. Thanks, guys. See you next week.

Want more? Well, then why not check out some video previews from tonight's episode right here on CBR!


November 20th, 2006

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