Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week 18

In last week's episode of "Heroes" titled "Company Man," viewers learned a lot about the mythology behind the series. How long has HRG been working for the organization? What's the relationship between HRG and Claude? What does the organization do? And what's the origin of those horn rimmed glasses? That and much more was address in last week's episode, with tonight's episode "Parasite" promising to answer even more. As we do each and every week here in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite stop by to answer your questions about the show. As always, these questions were written by Jonah Weiland, George Tramountanas and you! To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" and we'll do our best to fit you in. For a full index of past installments of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, click here. Now, onto the Q&A.

All images from "Heroes" episode 18, "Parasite"

Gentleman, first off, a big round of applause for the writing staff. Pretty much every question we received in the last week included praise for last week's episode, "Company Man," which was the water cooler show of the week! Or as we nicknamed it here at CBR Global Headquarters the "Holy-Shit-Oh-Fuck-Duuuuude" episode of "Heroes," because those were the comments that kept coming out of our mouths while watching the show. And it appears that it's not just us die-hards who enjoyed this episode – over at TV.com "Company Man" earned a 9.73 rating, the highest of the season. Looking over similar type programs, it's rare a show rates that high, so nicely done. Take a bow!

Thank you.  We've said it once, we'll say it again. We couldn't do this show without the fans.

Absolutely, and after seeing the response from the fans the past couple of weeks, it's clear they want more. Allright, now onto the questions from your readers and your viewers. First up, Brian Winkleman wants to know, "Are there any plans to film the online comics and maybe incorporate them into the DVD?"

We hope so. There are plans for the online comics moving to other mediums. We should have some announcements in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to that. John (AKA SerfPunk) went back a couple of episodes with his question, "When Nikki (Jessica) goes back to see her Dad after he leaves her and DL, he is reading 'Slaughterhouse Five' - any significance or just a cool 'time travel' homage?" Nice catch, John.

Actually, SerfPunk – you have a great eye – but, the Vonnegut novel that Niki's Dad was reading was "The Sirens of Titan." And yes – the time travel homage reference is significant. It's an episode containing our own chronally displaced Hiro.

Fleming found something cool on the NBC Web site and wanted to discuss that. "Through 'Heroes 360,' many participants have been led to what appears to be an art gallery of Mr. Linderman's. One of the pictures in the gallery depicts Nathan in the Oval Office. Is it just for the game, or could this painting have something to do with an upcoming episode this season?"

Is that Nathan -- that's really an interesting theory. He is running for Congress. Is the White House that far in his future?  Clues will be in tonight's episode.

My personal favorite is to drink whenever Suresh says, "My father's research." But, we'd also like to see someone come up with a rule for Mr. Muggles.

Rocky did some looking into the Uluru legends after last week's Q&A and came up with some interesting stuff. "Most legends of Uluru involve a battle that occurs on or near the area that Ayers Rock is located. Could these battles be linked to the powers? A spiritual connection to former Gods? A extra-terrestrial presence granting powers dating back to the origin of civilization? I know you can't say, but is this along the right lines?"

First of all, it's so cool that you did the research. Rocky, I bet you were a good student. And we love your theories. There's a little something from each of them. Spritual. Battles. Civilization. If you look a little further into Australlian mythology, you'll find one part that you're missing.

Brian Hayashi added, "Might Uluru simply be a manifestation of Mother Earth? It might look like a dinosaur, come to life at the grief of the war between normal people and heroes."

We liked that one too – and in some ways – you're right Brian.  And in other ways, not so right.  There's a part of the Uluru mythology that no one has tapped into – not yet.

We got a lot of feedback on the 1962 connection, beginning with Marek 14 from the Czech Republic. We're going international here, guys! He asks, "Is part of the significance of 1962 that it is divisible by 9 (1962 = 9*218)?"

Then what is the significance of 218? Marek? We ask you. What does 218 mean. Is 218 divisible by 9?

In addition, a number of people wrote it with the same 1962 thoughts, but Brian Summer had all the details. "During the new moon and solar eclipse of February 4-5, 1962, an extremely rare grand conjunction of the classical planets occurred (it included all five of the naked-eye planets plus the Sun and Moon), all of them within 16° of one another on the ecliptic. At the precise moment of the new moon/solar eclipse, five celestial bodies (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) were clustered within 3° of each other, with the Earth in close conjunction with them. Taken in totality though, this grand conjunction included the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, with the Earth also in alignment with the Sun and Moon at the exact moment of the new moon/solar eclipse (eight celestial bodies in total)."  Wow, that's pretty crazy. So, is the eclipse referred to in the logo actually referencing this event, versus the event in the first episode? And will we ever travel back to February, 1962 in an upcoming episode?

First of all, Brian – we love you. Seriously. We love you. Take that for what you will.  And, we did an episode six months in the past. Time is not an issue for this show. Take from that what you will, too.

Brian Summer once again had an interesting thought about Peter's powers, and which one came first. "I've often thought the first ability that Peter picked up was the ability to communicate in dreamtime, a rather common ability of Australian aborigines. This would explain why his lucid dreams, like his brother flying, started about the same time he started taking care of Mr. Roundtree (AKA Charles Deveaux), who many have suspected had abilities of his own." Interesting theory there, Brian, with an interesting thought about Charles Deveaux's own abilities. Guys, will we be learning more about Peter's "first time" before season's end?

Yes. And Brian, did we tell you how much we love you.  You are paying close attention to all the clues. All of you Uluru theorists should listen to Brian. And Brian… if we find that you've put listening devices in our office, we will revoke our love.

Watch out, Brian. They're on to you!

Omri has a production question for you guys. "How did you manage to make Jack Coleman and Hayden Panettiere look so young in this episode? This is more than just makeup or hair style."

Actually, it is just makeup and hair.  Hollywood trade secrets.  OK, and maybe a little of them being genius actors.  

That certainly helps. Ted Foltz sees an ever growing conspiracy operating behind the scenes. "After seeing 'Company Man,' are we possibly looking at two or more organizations that are trying to 'help' the heroes? After seeing Mr. Nakumura holding Claire back in the day, I'm getting the feeling there are different organizations all around the world that are in contact with each other. If so, we've already seen in Japan Mr. Nakamura's company, and then there is Linderman and HRG, and what about Mrs. Petrelli or Mr. Deveaux?"

You're definitely getting on the right track there. What else are you noticing about our friends, Nakamura, Petrelli, Deveaux and Linderman? What do they have in common?

Speaking of Deveaux, we've been reading here and there on the 'net about The Deveaux Society, a group set up by Charles Deveaux played by Richard Roundtree. But, we're not sure it's been mentioned on the show thus far. And considering Simone's "condition" as evidenced by the preview of "Parasite," it's looking more and more like Charles may have been powered himself (with his offspring Simone getting powers from him). Will we be learning more about this group soon?

We know they sponsored Nathan's speech way back in episode 3. And we will learn more about Deveaux before the end of the season. It's great what you're all keying into.

Sam Kite has two interesting questions for you guys that you may not be able to answer, but we'll try. "The reason HRG had to shoot Claude was because he was 'hiding' a hero – do we know the hero he was hiding? Also the Haitian was 'working with someone close to Claire's life...' is he secretly working for Nathan Petrelli, or someone else?"

Yes. We know the Hero that Claude was hiding. And you'll find out tonight who the Haitain was working with. How's that? Is that soon enough for ya?

I think that'll take care of our curiosity nicely. C.J. Lightbourn may have caught a fun comic reference in a recent. "I noticed how in 'Unexpected' Ted's screenname was 'TeddyBear616.' Was the 616 an intentional reference to another universe belonging to the guest star of that episode?"


For those non-comics readers out there, in Marvel Comics history, the Marvel Earth is known by the designation Earth 616 universe.  With Stan Lee guesting in "Unexpected," it was certainly a fitting tribute. Nicely done, guys.

I'm sure all of you on the production are aware of the huge online following for "Heroes," but what David Deas wants to know is how closely you follow it. "Have any of the plotlines been influenced by the online community? Have the writers seen an idea online and run with it and tried to mold the story that way?"

We like to go online to see all the positive and negative criticism for the show and we're always impressed by the creativity of people's theories – but we don't let it influence the path that we're on.

Finally, Eric Matson has asked probably the most important question in the BEHIND THE ECLIPSE series thus far. Eric asked, "I am among the millions who are wondering when we will see the Dunder-Mifflin ('The Office') vs PrimaTech ('Heroes') crossover?" Cmon, we all know Dwight Schrute has to have powers – how could you be that annoying without powers!

We want to see that cross-over, too. Maybe one day, some way – we'll make that happen. It would be gigantic (that's what she said).

Don't steal Michael's jokes!

Allright, thanks to everyone who sent in questions this week. We got a lot this week and could only use a sampling of them, but keep 'em coming. To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" and we'll do our best to fit you in. Now it's out turn.

Knowing now that Hiro's father is one of Mr. Bennet's superiors – and that he made him adopt Claire – it makes us wonder if Hiro is actually his son. Any comment?

Hiro is his son. You will find out more on their relationship this season.  You've not seen the last of Mr. Nakamura.

Good news, as we've really enjoyed George Takei's performance thus far. More Takei is a good thing.

Now, Hiro's father told Mr. Bennet that if Claire ever exhibited any powers, he had to "bring her in." Why hasn't he brought Hiro in? Or does he truly have no idea that Hiro has powers? Hints, please, we're dying over here! (In case you're worried, we're not actually dying, but, you know, it feels like it!)

Again – more to come on this. And never underestimate the relationship between a parent and child.  It makes people do the craziest things.

At the same time, while we know Mr. Nakamura was involved in the past, does that necessarily mean he's still involved with "the company" today?

No. It doesn't. Does it? That was fourteen years ago. A lot happens in fourteen years.

Eric Roberts AKA THOMPSON said each agent in the "company" has to be partnered with a powered individual. So, 1) is Eric Roberts an agent or someone who requires a partner, and 2) is Hiro's father his partner?

That's a fun theory. Isn't it. We love that. All we can tell you for sure is Eric Roberts, aka THOMPSON, is an agent. And like H.R.G. – he's had multiple partners during his tenure with the company.

We're not sure we understand the recruiting process in Mr. Bennet's organization. They take a wild drunk like Audrey and a drug-addict like Isaac, but they didn't take Parkman the first time they nabbed him. Why not? And when will we find out more about this organization and its intentions?

H.R.G. had reasons for not taking on Parkman. Maybe it was his attitude? His lack of killer instinct? His lack of control over his ability?  Or maybe, he felt that Matt would be better off in his normal life. We'll touch on this soon.

Claude said he was against the vivisection of powered individuals, which the company had been doing. We also know that Eric Roberts talked about cutting up Sprague to find out how his powers work. This almost makes the company sound like Sylar, who cuts people's minds up to see how they work and steal their powers. Could Sylar have a relative working at Mr. Bennet's organization, like a parent?

Nope. But, it's interesting that you brought up Sylar's parents. Very interesting.

Oh, looks like we stumbled upon something! We'll follow-up with you guys in the comings weeks on that one.

Now, according to Mr. Bennet, Claude was in trouble because he "buried" a powered individual. Will there be any upcoming episode where we find out what this means?

It means that Claude was hiding someone – and we'll tell you this much. You all know who he was hiding.

The Haitian told Mr. Bennet that he worked for someone whose "authority supercedes yours in your daughter's life." Is there a Linderman connection here? Or is the Haitian voting for Nathan Petrelli in the upcoming election?

You will find out tonight.

In tonight's episode, "Parasite," we get to meet Mr. Linderman for this first time. Would this also happen to be the episode where we first see the great Malcom McDowell show up? Hrmmmm?

Hrmmm indeed.

The special effects and makeup people did a great job on "Company Man." Was this episode particularly tricky considering the explosion and burning at the end? Was this episode that much more challenging than previous ones?

Thank you. We are all really proud of Company Man. This episode had 177 effects shot.  And each one was trickier than the next.

With this episode, you gave your viewers a lot of answers to long running questions and naturally you set things up so that there were many new questions to ask. This is somewhat unusual in this type of program with a large mythology – usually, the answers are drawn out with the audience ultimately just giving up (see "X-Files"), yet you guys have put a lot out there. Is there ever a concern you won't be able to keep up this break neck speed? And when you reveal the back story to large, important plot points, is there a concern that if you keep trying to top yourself, you run the risk of taking a step back by getting too grandiose?

You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Is that what you're saying? We made a choice not to hang onto the mysteries like "X-Files," because it does frustrate the fans. That's the last thing we want, as writers or as fans ourselves. And to be honest, so far this pace has opened up as much story as it has closed off.

That is true. Wrapping up here, in tonight's episode "Parasite," we finally get an opportunity to meet Linderman. Now, obviously he's played a large role throughout the season without being seen, but now that he's being revealed, can we expect to see him in every episode for the remainder of this season?

He will not be in every episode but, plays a major role in the final run of the season.

And finally, one thing we've been wondering about in the office is, will the explosion be dealt with prior to seasons end, or will that carry over into season 2?

This is "Heroes." It will be dealt with this season.

Thanks, guys. For those looking for a preview of tonight's episode, check out these video clips from "Parasite," right here on CBR.

Following tonight's episode, there'll be five weeks of "Heroes" reruns, then we finish the season out with the final five episodes. We'll check back in with Joe & Aron then, but for those of you with questions following tonight's episode, feel free to send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question." We'll hold onto them for ya.

The "Heroes" love on CBR doesn't end there, though. Next Monday we'll be back with a report from the "Heroes" panel at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles next Saturday night. See you all back here then.


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