Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week 17

We're running a little late with this week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE due to CBR head honcho Jonah Weiland traveling home from New York City today, so we're going to skip the usual openings and get right to it.

As always, these questions were written by Jonah Weiland, George Tramountanas and you! To participate, simply send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Wednesday morning and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Guys, you won't believe the number of questions and the amount of feedback we got this week. We got three times as much as usual, with loads of feedback on DVD inclusions and more guesses on HRGs name. Since this list has filled up quickly with questions, we'll get to the DVDs and HRG guesses another week so that we have plenty of room for the questions.

This week, Mike starts us off. "Just a bit about the Pneumatic Injector – the drawings have popped up on the net and in the notes section (upper left corner) where the revision notes are, it references that no manufacturing is to commence with out the verification of revision and explicit approvals of 'Division 33 Directorate.' With years of drafting under my belt, the only thing a note like that means is that 'Division 33 Directorate' is the company ordering these. Would this be the parent company of Primatech Paper and the organization we all should actually be worried about? Any significance to this or am I reading into things a little much?"

You will learn more about the organization and Primatech Paper in tonight's episode "Company Man" and throughout the rest of the season, but Mike – you're accurate as to the significance of the parent company. We all have bosses. There's always someone to answer to. Always.

Siggy and Eric write in with some questions about that isotope injected into some of the heroes. "If the needles are used to inject an isotope to track people, why didn't they know that Claude was still out and about? Siggy pointed out that Claude's scar is a bit different from the others, so maybe they were about to inject him with the isotope, but he somehow avoided it and escaped?"

You'll learn a lot more about the tracking system this season, but Siggy and Eric are keying into something very important – Clude's scar is different. Some of those questions will be answered tonight. Some will be answered this season. But both of them have a very good eye.

Eric & Siggy continued, "Another theory - is there more to the Haitian's powers than we've seen? Sylar ran away from him. I don't think he can negate every power, just ones involving the mind (persuasion, telepathy) - but maybe he can cause physical pain in someone's head?" Is there more to the Haitian than we know thus far?

Lots and lots more. Not only in regards to his powers either. That Haitain has lots of magic up his proverbial sleeves.

Ohhh, very interesting. Clearly the Haitian is more bad ass than we know! Daniel asks, "Am I the only one that finds it odd that Linderman is investing a lot of money in Nathan's campaign after he tried to have him killed six months ago?" We're guessing Linderman is a mad who hedges his bets. Guys?

Don't forget, Nathan was going to start a case against Linderman when he had his accident. It was after that, that Nathan took Linderman's money for his campaign. So, yes – Linderman is a man that likes his bets hedged – but the real question people should be asking is why would Nathan take money from the man who put his wife in a wheelchair?

Of course, we'd ask that question, but we're guessing we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the weeks to come. We'll be patient.

Erica (do people not use last names anymore?) brought up some interesting thoughts about the writing of the show. "It seems to me it's pretty clear that Bryan Fuller writes Claire. Her character brings so much of the Fuller sensibility to the table -- and we viewers love that! So who writes the Petrellis? Peter and, especially, Nathan? Nathan has so many amazing lines. (The ones about not insulting his intelligence, people dropping collective bricks, "lucky us" and so forth spring to mind.) Who's responsible for that?" For that matter, are the various character story arcs assigned to specific writers in the writers room, or does this float?

Although the amazing and talented Mr. Fuller has written lots of Claire – Michael Green, Myself and Joe have all written our share of Claire stories. We can't say this enough – we all write every character – it's the best way to keep us on our toes and keep the writing fresh. Erica should address her fan letter to Jesse Alexander for writing the "dropping a collective brick" line.

Gregory Sanders has a couple of questions and appears did some good detective work concerning the number 9. "In relating to The List, we know there are 36 names on that List. Was it taken into account that 3+6=9, 9 being the magic number?"

That's a good theory – or maybe someone's been watching the trailer for the movie "23" too much.

Jeff Dawkins goes back to the beginning of the season with his question. "What powers did Pete pick up from Simone's Dad? He seems to be more a part of this than most folks think. His daughter works with Linderman, and Claude hangs out on his deck, and why cast a heroic figure like Richard Roundtree for a couple of death bed scenes if he isn't a character with a heroic past? I figure he and Claude and HRG go back to another generation of heroes. When will we become aware of Simone's powers?" Now, if Simone has powers, that would be interesting especially after her death scene. Guys?

That's very observant. Connecting a lot of the dots. There are some more dots to help either confuse you or keep the mystery going. But, there will be answers before the season is over.

John Jones wrote in with a need for some clarification, "This last episode had many scenes that made me jump right out of my chair, so great job! But one scene had me confused, and a little weirded out. When Hope pointed the gun at Hiro, he clearly went into his 'strain face' and slowed down or stopped time. But then what made Hope's arm fly back? My take on it is that he somehow managed to reverse time just for the bullet and sent it flying back into the gun, making her arm recoil." So, in addition to stopping time and flying around time, can Hiro also reverse it?

First of all, John Jones, the Martian Manhunter. Awesome. Second, since you're the Martican Manhunter, you're obviously a very perceptive detective. Hiro did in fact make time reverse, causing Hope's gun to misfire… so maybe Hiro's powers aren't as gone as he'd imagine.

Peter Terry had an interesting question about aging. "Does Hiro age normally during the time that he freezes time or goes back in time? Does that mean he's actually aging faster in our timeline due to all this time he's spent elsewhere?" Oh, man, here we go again with the time line stuff. Head hurts!

Yes, Hiro is aging at a normal rate – so if he lived a year in the past and returned to the present time he'd be a year older.

Wow, interesting. That's an interesting consequence to his power. Now, Janet Ordiway wants to know if we'll ever be able to buy our own Primatech Paper jackets. That could be a fun bit of "Heroes" merchandising.

Sounds great to us, we'd like some ourselves. We're passing Janet's request along to NBC – maybe we'll see some jackets at NBC.com soon.

Rich Drees (you're one letter away from being a radio disc jockey, Rich) asks, "Here's something that occurred to me last night while watching Peter's dramatic escape from HRG on the rooftop – can Peter only access one power at a time (a la Ultra Boy in the Legion of Super Heroes) or can he use more than one power in tandem?" Looking at that fight between Peter and Isaac in "Unexpected," it appears he could be using both TK and Eden's power of persuasion. So, what's the story on Peter's ability to use these powers?

Let's not forget, Peter's just learned about his abilities – and he's got some pretty major powers to master. It's going to take him some time to get this all under control – that's why he wanted to get to Claude.

Benjamin Spears writes in with a whole host of thoughts and questions. "Thanks so much for the BEHIND THE ECLIPSE series! What can you tell us about the Uluru creature that has been subtly referred to in the series and seen in one of the graphic novels? Also, what's the significance with the Heroes' voices changing? Aside from Eden (whose voice changed when she used her power of suggestion) we've seen Sylar and Peter's (last episode) voices change. Is there a deeper reason for this or should we just chalk it up to the 'coolness' factor?"

The Peter and Sylar changes should be credited to coolness factor. And as for Uluru – we know that it is the native name for Ayers Rock in Australlia. Maybe people should look into the mythology of Uluru and then ask the question again.

Joe & Aron have given you all an assignment, folks. Drop us a line with what you found out and we'll include your findings in the next BEHIND THE ECLIPSE.

Re Liamg brought up a couple of interesting points. "In the PrimatechPaper.com deal, Hana tells us that HRG's access code for his voicemail is 42307, so is that a hint that in the 'Hereos' schedule, Episode #20, which should air on April 23rd, 2007, is going to be a significant ep, or maybe that in the 'Heroes'-verse (storyline), something is planned in HRG's life for the 23rd of April?"

Some things warrant further investigation. Some things don't. This falls under the category of do not.

Sorry, Re. Nothing on that one. But, Re continues on his quests for answers with some speculation about the year 1962 being significant. There's apparently some photos on the NBC web site with a birth announcement on June 11th, 1962. Now, Primatech Paper was also establish in 1962 according to this logo. And, if we recall correctly, HRG was born in 1962. Is that year a significant part of the "Heroes" universe?

That's a good question. 1962, eh. We're going to have to look into that. Thanks for bringing that to your attention.

Oh, see Re, persistence pays off!

A number of our readers brought up HRGs ability to travel from NYC, where he was seen on the roof top, back to Odessa, Texas in near record time – or was it really that fast? Are we, as viewers, simply not seeing the compressed time that's often used in television? Or does the Haitian have teleporting abilities we don't know about? Of course, it could be as simple as Linderman's got himself one sweet private plane that HRG can use at a moments notice. So, what might the actual answer be?

Two words. Boom Tubes. It's really efficient. Actually, it's just compressed time. The flight from New York to Texas is not that long. Even on a regular airline.

Fair enough. Landman's back and has an interesting thought going back once again to Future Hiro. "Future Hiro said Peter looked different without his scar, but Peter has Claire's ability now so how does he get a scar?"

Well, then – that's a damned good question. If Peter could heal, how could he get a scar? Is it something more powerful than Claire's ability? Or is it something to do with Peter's ability? Take that Landman! Answer that!

Landman, them's fighting words. Are you up to the challenge?

While we'll get to the full list of requests for the DVD another week, Moi wants to know whether a BluRay or HD DVD boxed set is in the works.

We'll check into it – see who knows what …

Sharleen Harlalka has some thoughts on the Haitians powers. "Is it possible that the 'Memory-wipe' powers of the Haitian simply don't work on Claire? We've seen that memory wiping a brain damages it in some way. This is why the Haitian cannot reverse memory wipes. Isn't it possible that Claire's brain automatically regenerates this damage? Thereby recovering her memories. To prevent this from leaking out too soon, it may have been decided from a plot point of view to have the Haitian decide to let Claire remember."

It's possible – a good theory even – unfortunately we won't have the opportunity to test that theory as the Haitian has taken Claire into his confidence. But you never know when allegiances may turn.

Allright, there were plenty more questions from readers, but we don't want to weigh you down too much, so we'll include them a bit next week. Maybe a bonus edition with just fan questions is needed during the break? Allright, let's close this out with questions from the CBR folk this week.

Simone is dead (at least she looked that way – gunshots to the chest are usually fatal). Now, we've been told by the NBC promo machine that nobody is safe and someone will die. First off, is Simone the big death, or should we be waiting for more of our favorite characters to take a dirt nap?

Simone is a big death. She was with the show from the beginning. And Peter may have never attempted to be something more without her love and support. She will be missed – but… she is not the only person who is going to be pushing up the daisies before the season is over.

Ohhh, good to know! Let the betting pools begin! Now, as a follow-up to that, how early do you notify an actor that their character is going to die? Or do they know that when they take the role?

We try to do it as delicately as possible. These are all tremendous actors and they've done a helluva job all season long. And just because people die – it doesn't mean they're gone. This is "Heroes."

Indeed! Now, earlier in the season, Peter had a vision about the big explosion and Simone was there? So, the question is are these actually visions or just a dream? Or are we getting into another time paradox here where things change around as the season progresses?

Peter's dreams are not always accurate and sometimes they're premonitions of things to come. In the dream, I believe Peter sees Simone dying. Did the dream mean that it happened in the bomb? Or was it simply telling him that she was going to die. Hmmmmm?

Peter can now access everyone's powers that he has had contact with - even Sylar's and Hiro's. He seems to be getting better at using the powers too, as evidenced by his fight with Isaac. Now, with that thinking, shouldn't he be prepared to stop the big explosion now?

Peter has just started getting control of his abilities – and just because he kicked Isaac's ass doesn't mean that he's totally under control.

So, we have now learned the mystery behind the hash marks on the necks of Matt Parkman, Ted Sprague, and others: Bennet's group has irradiated their blood so the powered individuals can be tracked. Is there more to it than that, though? And if that's what they're doing, why didn't they do it to Sylar so they could track him down now? And why didn't the Haitian wipe Sylar's mind so he would forget about his powers?

How can you be so certain that they haven't been tracking Sylar? Or maybe there's something more to this tracking system. As to why the Haitian didn't wipe Sylar – HRG and Primatech were planning on doing something much worse to Sylar, but… they under estimated our good friend Gabriel. Hopefully that won't come back to bite everyone in the proverbial behind.

Claude has the "marks" and the irradiated blood (we assume). When will we learn why Bennet wanted to capture him again? It seems once someone has been "tagged," they are set free again. So why would he need Claude again? Especially when it seems that Claude doesn't want to bother him?

What're you doing tonight? All Claude secrets shall be revealed. Well not all. But you know, most.

And if they are tracking the Heroes, shouldn't they be keeping track of Parkman, who already confronted Bennet? For Parkman and Sprague to appear in Bennet's home without the knowledge of Bennet's organization seems surprising...

Hmmmm. Second tracking system question. There must be something interesting behind that tracking system.

For sure! Allright, moving on, Claire is pissed at her Dad, and rightfully so. Did Mr. Bennet or the Haitian know that the damage caused to the brain was a possibility? And will we see how the Haitian feels now that he realizes his powers can leave lasting damage?

Judging by HRG's reaction, it seemed like he honestly had no idea what he was really doing to his poor wife by wiping her so many times. Now the question is, will HRG do the right thing about it – or is he going to have his allegiance with the company?

I get the feeling we'll know at least part of the answer to that question with tonight's episodes.

Super-hearing is a cool power, as evidenced by the latest Hero (who died). Is there a master list or wish list of powers you guys have in the writers room that you look to work into the show? If there's something like, can you clue us in to what some of the upcoming powers new characters might display are?

There is no master list that we know of – but the beautiful Missy Peregrym will be showing up with a very uh "glamorous" ability.

The Stan Lee appearance was brief, but great! Any chance we'll be seeing more of him in the future? And do you guys ave any stories from the set about his appearance?

No plans yet. But we were all thrilled to have him on our show. We all owe a great debt to Stan Lee.

Heroes has made reference a couple of times now to the TV show "Lost." A pseudo-crossover, if you will. Gannon Car Rentals was featured first on "Lost" in an episode showing Hurley's back story, we believe, and a brochure for Gannon appeared in a recent episode of "Heroes." Then, of course, Nathan Petrelli made some comment about assembling all the superpowered folk and sending them to a deserted island. So, what's the story behind this cross-over? Should we be keeping an eye out for more? Or was the island comment a reference to Muir Island from the X-Men universe?

Or could it be to another island in the X-men universe? Whoever said Genosha gets two points.

Woops! You got us on that one. OK, finally, the weekly tease. Tonight's episode looks like it will answer a lot of questions for your viewers. Here's what Yahoo! TV had to say. "Matt and Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong) take H.R.G. and his family hostage in their search for answers, which leads to an explosive showdown." Any final thoughts to add?

Any questions remaining about HRG being good or evil will be decided tonight. It's a great episode. Enjoy!

Looking forward to it. I'm guessing after tonight's episode, our readers will have a lot of questions, so send an e-mail to Jonah Weiland with the subject line "Heroes Question" by Wednesday morning and we'll do our best to fit you in.


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