Beetle Bailey marches down the runway with new fashion line

Cartoonist Mort Walker's lanky and lazy Beetle Bailey -- so lazy that he's remained an Army private for 60 years -- has become, of all things, the inspiration for a  limited-edition line of designer clothing.

Working with King Features Syndicate, designers Darren Romanelli and Hitoshi Tsujimoto developed an Americana- and military-infused collection of T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, shoes, pants and bags -- many of which will feature Walker's original cartoon designs. Among the items are authentic G1 leather jackets (shown at right) featuring an image of Gen. Halftrack's secretary Sheila Buxley sitting atop a bomb beneath the words "Blonde Bombshell." The line will be unveiled Jan. 16-18 at the apparel trade show PROJECT New York.

"It's an Americana type of clothing line," Walker told The Associated Press. "It's real authentic clothes that people wore — jackets, blue jeans and stuff like that. All sweaters, all the stuff that the ordinary guys wear, not the fancy guys."

In addition to the debut of the clothing line, the show will feature a retrospective dedicated to Walker and Beetle Bailey.

Beetle Bailey made his comic-strip debut on Sept. 4, 1950, as a college student named Spider. Six months later he accidentally enlisted in the Army, where he's remained ever since. The strip appears daily in more than 1,800 newspapers worldwide.

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