Become Expendable With This Distressed Star Trek Red Shirt

The red shirts were the unsung heroes of the original “Star Trek” series. The anonymous crewmen that beamed down to hostile planets and served as security aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise were always the first to get killed when trouble erupted. Now you can honor the crew members who gave their lives to ensure the success of the five-year mission with your very own pre-distressed red shirt, complete with Federation insignia.

Stylin Online’s “Start Trek TOS Dead Red Sublimated T Shirt” (say that in one breath) is a printed t-shirt that is “pre-damaged” with simulated rips, phaser burns and exposed seams that create the illusion of having been gored by a Gorn, crushed by a Horta, or vaporized by a homicidal space probe intent on purging the universe.


Fans of the original series may remember that color-coded shirts represented the various divisions aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Greenish-gold was for command and helm personnel, blue was for science and medical staff, and red was for operations -- engineering and security. “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” however, reversed the top and bottom roles, with red going to command and yellow to operations. Science and medicine remained the same,

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If you ever wondered why an advanced military and scientific operation like Starfleet would go for color tunics instead of something more utilitarian, it was simply because color TV was still a relatively new phenomenon in 1966 and "Star Treks's" colorful sets and uniforms were meant to take full advantage of the emerging technology. However, the original uniforms proved to be so vibrant that Gene Roddenberry expressly asked that the redesigned ones used in 1979’s “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” be muted in tone, lest they distract big screen viewers.


And just in case you’re wondering, a total of 26 red shirts were killed over the three season run of  “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

The pre-damaged “’Star Trek TOS Dead Red FB Sublimated T Shirt”  is available in sizes Small to XXXL. You can order it here.

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